10 Best Flirty Text Messages – Flirty texts to send to your special someone and make them smile. 200 funny funny text messages for the people you love. Perfect for starting a flirty convo via text. For him, your loved one or your partner.

Whether you’re just dating or with a long-term partner flirting is an important part of keeping the romance going. However, there is definitely an art to flirting via text. You want to keep the message fun and cute, while playing it cool and not too racy or cheesy.

10 Best Flirty Text Messages

10 Best Flirty Text Messages

That’s why I’ve come up with this list of over 200 flirty texts for you. Whether you’ve been with someone for years, or just started dating these playful texts are a great way to spark flirty conversation.

Flirty Text Messages That Will Make Your Partner High On You Tonight

From cute, sweet, funny, sassy flirty texts to spicy messages. Also, flirty texts to send to your special someone to say good morning. Or whenever you want them to think of you. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect flirty text to send in any situation.

If you want to step up your texting game, and have your significant other thinking about you non-stop, then read on. Below you will find the ultimate list of flirty texts for her. You can send it to someone you’re dating, someone you love, your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend.

These cute flirty text messages will put a smile on their face, and maybe even make them blush:

Break the ice and get the ball rolling with your crush with one of these cute, teasing and flirty text messages that aren’t too forward:

Good Morning Texts For Him

Send your person one of these funny flirty texts to make them laugh (or Him) and smile. Also, having a sense of humor is very attractive:

If you’re looking for flirty things to say to the special lady in your life then look no further. Below you will find a list of the best flirty text messages for her:

Texting with your special someone can be exciting and fun, plus you never know where the convo will lead. The best flirty texts to send the guy you like to make him laugh, smile and think of you:

10 Best Flirty Text Messages

Have you just got someone’s number, or been matched on a dating app, like tinder or hinge but not sure what to send them first? Sometimes texting them a cute but a little cheesy pickup line can be a fun way to break up interest on a dating app.

Flirty Text Messages For Him

For example, this flirty pickup line is a cute way to get flirty banter over text with a potential new love interest:

If you’re texting your loved one and want to be flirty but down-to-earth, you can. Here are some examples of text messages that are innocent texts for him (or her) and subtle but still have fun to them:

As a professional dating and relationship coach, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful flirty texts can be for creating romantic relationships. And, there’s a lot of research that shows that many people prefer flirting over text for a variety of reasons. Includes fun and relaxation.

Another reason listed where they like that texting gives them extra time to compose the perfect message. While others prefer to flirt over the phone because they like it to put some distance between them and their love interest. Which makes them feel safe from emotional rejection if their efforts are not received as planned.

I Built An App That Uses Chatgpt To Generate Dirty And Flirty Texts On Demand! What Do You Think?

However, as a dating coach, I also know that it’s all about the balance you create. While messing around via text can be a lot of fun and feel relatively safe, your phone isn’t a person. So don’t forget to go on dates and flirt with your special someone in real life too!

It’s okay if it feels awkward at first, getting good at flirting takes practice both over text and in person.

In the meantime, you have some ideas on how to write a good flirty text. So be sure to keep this list of flirty text ideas and examples handy for whenever you need a little inspiration.

10 Best Flirty Text Messages

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Simple Ways To Text A Girl And Make Her Want You

Looking for Flirty Text Message Ideas? Then save this list of the best Flirty Texts: 200 Cute Messages To Send Your Special Someone (For Him or Her) for later on Pinterest.

To download a list of flirty texts for him, her or your loved one, right click your mouse on the image and select “save as”.

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10 Best Flirty Text Messages

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Best Flirty Pick Up Lines For Texting: Funny Pickup Lines

If you want to make a girl blush and swoon, I have a great list of flirty texts for her for you!

Knowing how to flirt with a girl over text is the best way to stay close even when you’re not physically together.

I’ve tried and tested tons of sweet, cute, and flirty options, so you’re in the right place if you’re looking for great ideas on what to text a girl.

Why It’s Great: If you’re still thinking about how to get a girlfriend, try sending her a message like this. Even something as simple as this will put a genuine smile on her face and make her blush, feeling like she’s the only thing on your mind! Letting her know that she is always on your mind will make her feel special and wanted. He will be more interested to know how you feel about him!

Good Morning Text Messages For Him (cute, Flirty, Funny)

Time to Send: Sending this text at night before you go to bed is the best time, because it gives you an excuse to talk to her before you turn in for the night!

Why It’s Great: Women love flirting, and especially enjoy it when you reciprocate. So, a flirty message about her latest photo op on social media will grab her attention and earn you extra points too! Girls take pride in how they look, so acknowledging how great they look will get you closer to them!

When To Post: Keep an eye on her social media accounts so you can be the first to compliment her looks! Make sure you leave a like too, so he knows you enjoyed it.

10 Best Flirty Text Messages

Why It’s Great: I’ve always believed that a smile is the best way to a girl’s heart. Tell her that she makes you smile with these flirty texts for her, and you’ll make her smile in turn! Knowing that you appreciate and appreciate his time and company will make him feel wanted. Especially if you express it in a way that makes you look giddy!

Flirty Texts To Make Someone Special Smile

When To Send: Almost everyone will appreciate knowing they’re making someone else grin like an idiot when their name pops up on their screen. Send this to your girl in between conversations to change the mood to a more flirtatious tone!

Why It’s Great: No matter what you’re doing, a quick flirty message like this will make her stop and respond! So, if you want to receive more messages from him, this is a flirty message to send! Admitting that you have things to do, but he’s the only one on your mind, will make him smile!

When To Send: Whether it’s at work or running errands, sending a message like this will make her day no matter what time it is or how busy you both are!

Why It’s Great: She’ll have your full attention and respond to your next message faster. Just make sure it’s worth the hype, and don’t follow through with the message disappointment!

Flirty Text Messages To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy!

When to Post: I recommend you ask this question when you want to bring up something interesting or important to discuss! It’s a great way to start a conversation on an interesting note.

Why It’s Great: This message is easy to use anytime for any occasion, even if it doesn’t seem like anything special is going on. Actually, that’s even better! It will catch him off guard and make so many messages

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