10 Magic Tricks With Hands Only – Great magic takes years of practice and finesse, but everyday tricks are actually a lot easier than you might think. Here are 15 illusions you can create with items around the house (or restaurant or bar) to dazzle those without the power of enchantment.

This one has a basic premise, but it’s hard to master. Grab a foam cup and tell your audience that you have the unique ability to make it float. Make sure you’re a few steps back and as you prepare to impress them, gently force your thumb through the back of the cup and start hovering your fingers around it to a) distract from aforementioned thumb and b ) add some much needed showmanship! It will appear that your magical fingers are holding the cup aloft.

10 Magic Tricks With Hands Only

10 Magic Tricks With Hands Only

If you’ve ever seen this one, you know it’s remarkably impressive when done well. Stand on one side of the room and position yourself so that you are diagonal to the audience – the closest to them should be your back heel. Slowly lift your heels and add some floater-like wobble, then gently lift the entire foot closest to the audience off the ground. This will take some practice, but if everyone else is standing, the foot that’s completely off the ground will block the toe of your other foot (actually keeping you grounded) and you’ll seemingly defy gravity.

Easy Magic Tricks For Kids And Beginners

Cut a slot in the side of a plastic water bottle just big enough to fit a quarter through. Ideally, you want the type of bottle that has ridges to help hide your all-important changes. Show your audience the bottle and a quarter so they can tell there are “no tricks” and count, “1, 2, 3” before slamming your quarter-holding hand against the bottle and slipping in the George Washington piece. The coin will bounce around the bottom of the bottle and will appear to have defied the laws of physics.

Hold a dollar bill between your thumb and forefinger, and place a quarter between your thumb and the bill so the audience can’t see it. Wave the dollar around, grab the other side, and snap it to illustrate that no tricks or weird things happen with it. Low lighting is best for this one, as these bills can be slightly transparent. Fold the bill in half (cut symmetrically along George Washington’s head) and then in half again in the same way. Now you can clamp it down and pretend to shake out a quarter, seemingly out of nowhere. Be sure to talk a big game about being on the road to fame and fortune…25 cents at a time.

For this trick, grab a key ring or even the ring of someone else’s finger and a rubber band. Break the rubber band and pull it through the ring before stretching the band out between your hands – one higher in the air than the other. The key to this one is to stretch out only a small portion of the rubber band and tuck the rest of the loose string into the palm of your bottom hand. Slowly release the rest of the band and the ring will appear to climb up the rubber band by itself. As with all these tricks, don’t forget the theatrics. You have to sell it and take your time.

This is a good one to impress kids. Have them grab a box of crayons, turn their backs to them, and ask them to choose a crayon. Then ask them to place it in your hands, which are behind your back. Turn around while always keeping your hands behind you and explain that you are going to read their minds. While doing this, gently scrape the crayon with your fingernail and transfer it to the other hand. Now it’s time for mind reading. Wave your hand over their heads as if gathering thoughts and sneak peeks at the color trapped under your nail. Then put your hand back behind your back and reveal your incredible omniscient powers.

Easy Magic Tricks For You To Show Off At Parites

Pick a person in the room and ask them to mentally select any item in the room. Leave the room and ask that person to inform everyone else about the selected object. Once the secret is out, you return to the room and choose another not-so-random person who walks around the room, going from object to object. The audience doesn’t know it, but this person is your mole. The key is that you have decided on a predetermined color (usually black) and every time they touch something of that color, the next object will be the one chosen by the unknowing participant.

The prep work for this restaurant trick may need to be done while your companion is on the toilet. Or, alternatively, reserve it for children who may not already know the magic of electricity. Take a paper-wrapped straw and rub the paper up and down a few times to create static electricity. Then place the straw on top of a bottle so that it is parallel to the table. The charge from the friction you just created will be such that when you bring your hands up to the straw, it will rotate like the hands of a clock. With the right movements, you can make it appear as if it bends to your will.

There are a ton of disappearing coin tricks out there, and each one requires a certain level of craftiness. This one is great because it contains a flub. While sitting, pick up a coin and say you want it to disappear. Rest an elbow on the table and start rubbing the coin into your elbow/forearm while playing hype man to your audience. Then toss the coin. It will fall on the table. Now for the most important part of the trick: Make it look like you grabbed it with one hand when it actually ends up in the other. Then put your elbow back where it was and put the coin down the back of your shirt. Continue to rub the “coin” into your elbow and slowly reveal its disappearance. It can be difficult to stand up if you want to maintain the illusion, so consider tucking your top in as well.

10 Magic Tricks With Hands Only

Start with two small items – not necessarily matching, but things that are close to matching in size and shape are best. Place them side by side on the table. Place one hand over one and one hand over the other. Then turn one empty hand and then the other. Here is where the trick begins. Pick up one of the items and do a “fake transfer,” which means pretending to put it in the other hand while secretly tucking it into your palm. It might sound like it would be obvious, but practice makes it very convincing. Quickly clench both fists. Then pick up the remaining object with your thumb and forefinger, while the other is already in the palm, and now both matches are in one hand, although the audience thinks you have switched them, and one is in each hand. Reveal the empty hand for an awe-inspiring moment that makes it seem like you might be doing a disappearing trick, and then the other hand, which contains both objects. Ta-da!

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This one just requires a toothpick and some tape. As stealthily as possible, attach a toothpick to the outside of your thumb with either some tape or by licking the nail side of your thumb and pressing the object firmly into your skin. The toothpick should be parallel to your pendant and within the limits of your thumb. If you bent your thumb, the toothpick would run off the edge of your knuckle. If you gave someone a thumbs up with the print facing them, they wouldn’t see the toothpick.

The audience must be directly in front of you for the main event. Hold the toothpick up with your thumb bent and your fingers wrapped around it to hide the tape, say “

,” and open your empty hand while the toothpick sits on the back of your thumb. It will appear as if it disappeared out of thin air.

Some magic tricks get a lot of mileage just for being surprising. This is one of them. Stick a sponge in the bottom of a coffee mug or other opaque cup and add a few ice cubes. Pour some water into the cup with a jug and demonstrate your ability to turn water into ice before knocking the cup over and letting the cubes fall out. Of course, a quick examination of the cup will reveal your plot pretty quickly, but for a moment you’ll be pure magic.

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The next time you’re on a bad date or simply out of ideas for dinner, grab a spoon to impress your mates. With the handle up and the spoon placed vertically on the table, grasp it with both hands so that the audience sees only the top and bottom of the utensil. Pretend to bend the spoon while you are actually just letting the handle go

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