2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington – People arrive at the terminal entrance during the grand opening of Pine Field Airport, Monday, March 4, 2019, in Everett, Washington. (Olivia Vanney/Herald)

It’s $10 for an Uber from Everett’s apartment to the terminal. It’s a ridiculously quick trip through the security line, usually just a few minutes, he said.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

Traffic on I-5 is to be expected and getting through TSA and getting to the gate can take longer than the actual flight, Morgan said.

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“The last time I was at Sea-Tac, it took me an hour to get through the TSA line, and I checked in,” he said.

“Round trips to Phoenix are expensive right now,” Morgan said last week. From Paine Field, $800.

Fans regularly rave about the hotel’s terminal-like atmosphere, small size and proximity. They like comfort. They love the fresh flowers that brighten up the terminal.

Transportation security officer Jerry Drews speaks with a passenger in the TSA security line, Friday, May 27, 2022, at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. (Ryan Barry/Herald)

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“You pay for more than the flight. You pay less for waiting time. Ease of parking, alighting, check-in, etc.,” a traveler recently wrote on terminal operator Fly Paine Field’s Facebook page.

“I would happily pay $100 more to fly in and out of PAE,” they added. “I will do almost anything to avoid having to go to the airport 3 hours before a domestic flight.”

If the prices were lower in the square of Paine! I’d rather go to SeaTac then pay a fortune to fly out of there!” A traveler wrote in April at Fly Pin Field.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

Another passenger said, “If you want people to fly PAE, you need to lower the fares. Random date in May and fares were from Paine to Los Angeles — $229 savings. Sea-Tac, $117; $112 more .”

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However, when it comes to how airlines set prices, “there’s often no rhyme or reason,” noted farecompare.

AAA Cruise & Travel in Lynnwood helped a customer book a cruise from Paine Field to Orange County this winter. According to the travel agent, the flight from Paine Field was $200 cheaper than Sea-Tac.

People watch as the first Boeing 737 passenger flight arrives at Pine Field, Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022, in Everett, Washington. (Ryan Barry/Herald)

The pair offers nonstop flights to 10 destinations, including Anchorage, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Orange County and Phoenix. Although some routes are seasonal. Honolulu will be added to the non-stop Alaska schedule on November 17.

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Sea-Tac, on the other hand, is served by 31 airlines serving 91 domestic destinations and 28 international destinations, making comparison shopping easier.

When the passenger terminal opened in 2019, Alaska Airlines shared Terminal Three with United Airlines. Together they provided 24 daily movements.

Kristen Amerin, vice president of revenue management and network planning at Alaska Airlines, said fares from Everett can be higher than Sea-Tac during summer and other peak times because of high demand and fewer flights.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

In addition, many flights out of Paine Field use smaller regional jets such as the 76-seat Embraer 175, Amerin said. On some routes, Alaska offers 737 service that can seat up to 178 passengers.

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“On average – our fares in Everett are comparable to similar flights out of Seattle,” Amerin said. Starting fares for Paine Field are set close to Seattle rates ($10 average). “However, fares vary with supply and demand.”

Bellingham International Airport is closer to home than Pinefield, but he prefers Everett Airport to Bellingham and SeaTuck.

“I love flying from Penn,” said Morehead, a resident of Bow, Wash., near Burlington. “The people there are so nice, you can’t go wrong.”

A vehicle leaves Penn Field on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022, in Everett, Washington. (Ryan Barry/Herald)

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It’s not a big deal to knock his son, who lives in Edmonds, for riding to Payne Square instead of SeaTuck. (Morehead goes to Edmonds and parks his car at his son’s house.)

If a flight from Paine Field costs more than a similar trip from Sea-Tac, Moorhead said he would gladly pay the difference.

According to Amerin Alaska, when Pine Field flights are more expensive, the benefits outweigh the price difference.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

It’s closer to home for travelers who live north of Seattle. And passengers who hate the middle seat can take heart — there’s no middle seat in the Embraer 175, he said.

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The terminal and sky above the airport are usually less crowded, so Paine Field’s on-time record is also “superior” to Sea-Tac’s, Amerin said.

“We offer Paine Field in various promotions, usually two to four months away from the trip,” Amerin noted.

“For my personal preference, it’s worth the extra money,” said Clark, longtime owner of Travel Time in Everett.

“If you have an early morning flight at Sea-Tac, you have to leave at 3:30 p.m.,” Clark said. “You don’t need to arrive three hours early.”

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(Alaska Airlines and Propeller Airports advise travelers to arrive at their destination two hours before their scheduled flight or one hour earlier with carry-on luggage.)

“And the best part is coming home — when you get off the plane and grab your bag, it’s two minutes,” Clark said.

However, the significant difference in ticket prices can outweigh the convenience. If a family of four can save $400 on a Sea-Tac flight, “that’s different than saving yourself $100 on a ticket,” Clark said.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

Like other travel agents The Daily Herald spoke to, Clark urged travelers to book their flights at least six months in advance to get the best deals.

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Depending on the starting point, the cost of taxis and ride-sharing services can increase. From downtown Everett, a ride to Sea-Tac costs about $130. From downtown to Pine is close to $30.

Cost and time comparison of flights out of Paine Field vs. Sea-Tac International Airport as of July 7, 2023, from Everett, Washington. (Keith Erickson/Herald)

Using Sound Transit from the Everett Station to the Northgate Link Light Rail Station, a direct trip to Sea-Tac is $5.50 one way.

General parking rates at Sea-Tac, which went up June 1, are $8 an hour, $37 a day or $222 a week.

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Recently, a colleague asked me to pick him up from the Payne Square terminal at 10:25 p.m. on a sunday

I parked in the airport’s free cell phone lot, waited for her text, and a minute later, she and her husband were tossing the bags into the trunk of my car.

Now, consider that this is someone requesting a drop off or a ride from Sea-Tac. This is a heavy ask that you don’t want to overdo.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

Clark Travel Agency said Snohomish County residents are more likely to take you to Everett than Sea Tuck.

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“Even if you live closer to Seattle or Northgate, it’s worth it to get away from the chaos that is Sea-Tac, especially,” said Melissa Girard, owner of Cherish Life Travel Services, which is originally based in the country. If you are a worried or stressed traveler. Stanwood

Especially for older people, travelers with a lot of luggage, or parents with small children, taking the bus or train isn’t always an option.

“It might be $100 or $200 more per ticket to fly out of Paine, but you don’t have to deal with traffic, gas, parking at Sea-Tac — I think the difference could be worth it,” Girard said. “

Here’s what we found Monday, July 3, on AlaskaAir.com for the lowest nonstop roundtrip fares to three destinations on Dec. 1, return Dec. 8. Main and first class seats cost more.

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In his “inexplicable 42 years in journalism,” Haley became a legend among sources and colleagues at the Daily Herald.

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Appeals judges ruled that a Snohomish County jury would have been allowed to convict Kevin Rodriguez of a lesser charge.

2 Round Trip Tickets To Seattle Washington

At a public meeting, a group of residents expressed concern about what the reintroduction of bears would mean for safety and salmon.

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