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Agents For Reality Tv Shows

Agents For Reality Tv Shows

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Nigerian Agency Wants Teaching Sector ‘professionalised’

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This agent’s life is no secret in the new reality TV series By: Shelley Fralic Posted: 1:00 AM CDT Sun, Apr 26. 2009

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It can turn the interesting into boring, the pedestrian into interesting, and the tyro into torchbearer. No place is more addictive than the front of the house.

Trailer Released For Real Estate Reality Show Featuring Capital Region Realtors

It’s easy to blame paint chip master Debbie Travis and her Montreal-based production company, Whalley-Abbey Media, for our newfound desire, having tantalized our appetites, long ago, with her popularity.

CNS Vancouver Sun The cast of The Agents, a new W Network reality show premiering April 27 that follows the lives of eight Toronto realtors.

, an impressive line-up complemented by dozens of other shows that draw huge audiences across the dial, shows like

Agents For Reality Tv Shows

Extreme Makeover: House Edition, Mansion, This Old House, House Robbery, Flip This House, Move Up, Pure Design, Sarah’s House, My First House, Property Stairs, Trading Spaces, Dream House

That Crazy Reality Show (dvd) Comedy Region 4

We don’t just seem to care about what goes on inside a stranger’s home — whether it’s restoring or renovating, decorating or designing — we clearly care about the transaction that got us there.

No surprise, really, especially not in Canada, where a large townhouse can cost as much as a small jet.

She’s one of eight Toronto realtors (all but one female) on a new W Network show called

The show, he said, although he wasn’t sure what that meant, was a “docu-soap,” because “it’s not about the house, it’s not about the buyer.”

The Best Real Estate Tv Episodes To Watch While You’re Social Distancing

Instead, it’s about a real estate agent working in Toronto, and each episode features two — one newbie and one professional — as they deal with the roller-coaster housing market, restless clients and their busy personal lives.

The first episode features Janice Rushford, a 36-year-old rookie with big hair and blue jeans who sells an abandoned house on a farm while in a new relationship (with her boss!) and single mom.

The pro is Cook, trim and polished at 55, a mother and grandmother and transplanted Brit who works with her realtor husband, Tom.

Agents For Reality Tv Shows

Cook, a longtime mortgage broker, decided to get his real estate license when, during the boom of the 1980s, “I saw so many people getting hurt by, I hate to say it, unscrupulous agents.”

Selling The Oc’ Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Location

In episode one, filmed a year ago, Cook is looking for a condo for a client while overseeing the construction of his 4,000-square-foot lakeside vacation home.

“I asked the same question,” Cook said. “Why would you want to do a show about real estate agents? They say: ‘It’s a lot of people’s dream job.'”

, which focuses on glitz and glamor and young guns in the trade, when, in fact, there are both lean times and great disappointments in the industry.

“There are big failures in this business, and to be successful you have to find a balance. I think we are ordinary agents doing ordinary jobs in ordinary lives in the big city,” he said. From traumatic experiences to pitiful paychecks, reality show cast members share their horror stories. As Hollywood continues to attack, is now the time to demand change?

Speidi’s 16th Minute (podcast)

When Gemma Rose Barnes, 32, signed up to appear on Married at First Sight (Mafs) – a reality TV show that introduces couples for the first time on their wedding day – she was apprehensive. She told the show’s producers that she wanted to meet the love of her life, and was worried she would marry someone who didn’t attend the show for the same reason. “They told me that the audience now wants to see authentic matches, so I don’t have to worry,” Barnes said.

But what was sold to him as an opportunity to find The One quickly turned into a nightmare. Barnes said she made repeated complaints to producers about her husband. When she asked to leave the show, she said she had been forced to stay – despite Channel 4 claiming she was free to leave at any time. He said contestants were drugged with alcohol, and at one point the producers sipped extra drinks on certain cast members before filming. Channel 4 denied this, claiming that alcohol consumption was at the individual’s discretion, “but it was monitored and limited by the production team”. Other contestants have spoken of being “crushed” during filming after sneaking into bottles of alcohol, as well as dramatic arguments sparked by contestants drinking on an empty stomach.

Another contestant from the series, George Roberts, was arrested after appearing on Mafs, following allegations from three of his ex-girlfriends that he emotionally abused them. Channel 4 said it had no knowledge of the abuse allegations, which were made before Roberts appeared on the show. Roberts has denied all allegations of abusive behavior.

Agents For Reality Tv Shows

“I really believe them when they say they’re going to protect us,” Barnes said. He believes the industry needs urgent change, and a reality TV union for cast and crew members could be the answer. “I worry about this frothy repetitive attitude towards reality TV,” he said. “There should be some sort of organization outside of this show where this can be taken care of.”

Real Estate Reality Tv Myths Explained

He wasn’t the only one who felt this way. In the US, Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is leading the charge to form a union for reality TV workers – last week gaining the support of actors’ union Sag-Aftra. With a US actors’ and writers’ strike that has seen streaming channels and networks increasingly turn to unscripted programming to fill gaps in their schedules, Frankel’s demands include a base minimum wage of $5,000 an episode for reality TV talent and a 10% raise each. season for successful season, as well as talent being paid each time their show is rebroadcast on another platform.

He has asked two high-profile lawyers, Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos, to work with him in investigating the treatment of reality TV contestants. Freedman told

Last month that he had been contacted by about 50 stars willing to join their cause. “Hollywood is on strike,” Frankel said in a video posted to Instagram. “Why isn’t reality TV on strike?”

Jeremy Hartwell, a former member of the cast of Love Is Blind, believes a union can solve the “difference of power” between contestants and the companies behind the show. Earlier this year, Hartwell, along with another former star, Nick Thompson, set up the Unscripted Actors Advocacy Network (Ucan) – a charity that provides members of reality TV cast members with legal and mental health support. They were driven by their experiences on Love Is Blind, where they claim they were given limited access to water and food, rarely allowed outside, and unable to sleep – conditions Hartwell likens to “CIA interrogation tactics”.

The Reality Tv To Social Influencer Pipeline Has Dried Up

After leaving the show, Hartwell filed a lawsuit against Netflix and production company Kinetic Content for “inhumane conditions”, in a case that is still ongoing. “I’m just stuck with this question of how can this be legal? And how can a human being do this to another human being?” he said, regarding the allegation that Kinetic has vehemently denied. “Those questions burned me to the core.”

From speaking to dozens of cast members from other shows, Hartwell realized that complaints about mistreatment were not specific to Love Is Blind. Freedman and Geragos seem to agree, having said they have been “inundated with stories of horror and abuse” from cast members of the show and have sent a letter to US network NBC Universal (whose programs include Below Deck and the Real Housewives franchise) warning them of action the law that will apply. (NBC says the show is a “safe and respectful workplace”.)

Thompson and Hartwell both claim that there was a failure to provide proper mental health support before, during and after appearing on Love Is Blind. Kinetic has claimed that there are “strict protocols” in place to protect the well-being of contestants, but a former cast member has accused producers of pressuring her to stay on the show after she told them she was experiencing suicidal thoughts. After filming, several participants said they were depressed, and enrolled in therapy.

Agents For Reality Tv Shows

Likewise, Barnes said he suffered a “mental breakdown” after appearing on Mafs, and

From Ultimate Wedding Planner To Crazy Rich Agents, Why Is The Bbc Making Such Joyless Reality Tv?

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