Alaska Cruise Vancouver Round Trip – Discover the treasures of the great land on an Alaska cruise from Vancouver. Relive the history of the Gold Rush, experience Alaskan Native culture, and come face-to-face with Mother Nature’s greatest masterpieces. On a round-trip Inside Passage cruise, enjoy faster access to Alaska while also exploring the friendly ports of British Columbia.

Cruising from Vancouver to Alaska, you’ll encounter unique ports rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

Alaska Cruise Vancouver Round Trip

Alaska Cruise Vancouver Round Trip

The Endicott Arm is the jewel in Alaska’s crown. This 30-mile waterway is surrounded by cliffs, gorges and dozens of waterfalls. Icebergs and harbor seals adorn the water below, while the Dawes Glacier soars high into the sky. Enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature’s masterpiece and listen carefully as the landscape whispers long-ago secrets during your Alaska cruise.

Round Trip Alaska Cruises From Seattle: The Ultimate Guide

When you cruise Alaska, pass through one of the great land’s most iconic places – Glacier Bay National Park. Hear Margerie Glacier’s signature crack and boom roar through the waves. Bring your binoculars and scan both shore and waves for wildlife such as brown bears and migrating whales, while Park Rangers teach you about the history and geology of the park.

The largest tidewater glacier in North America, Hubbard Glacier moves its mass toward the ocean faster than most. The glacier rises up to 30 stories above the water and often dumps chunks of ice 100 feet high into the ocean. What lies beneath the waves is almost as impressive, with ice breaking 1,200 feet below the surface. See it for yourself on an Alaskan cruise.

Icy Strait Point is home to a remote Huna Tlingit village of fewer than 800 people and a deep Native history. The nearby Spassky River Valley is home to one of the world’s largest populations of brown bears, which are often found hunting salmon in the rivers. Zipline through the wilderness, watch a tribal dance or kayak the coastal waters to see wildlife up close during your Alaska cruise vacation.

Juneau is unlike any other city in the United States. With no roads connecting it to the rest of Alaska or North America, it is truly a protected area. Founded as a gold mining town and now the state capital, Juneau has one foot in history and one in the future. Go on a whale-watching tour, or sail past the Mendenhall Glacier on an Alaskan cruise.

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Known for its timber, Ketchikan hosts the Alaskan Lumberjack Show, where athletes shoot, race and cut their way to victory. Explore one of the oldest collections of totem poles in the world at the Totem Pole Heritage Center, or stroll along Creek Street. As the salmon capital of the world, Ketchikan’s waters support incredible fishing. Cast your rod into a sea of ​​opportunity on an Alaskan cruise.

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Alaska Cruise Vancouver Round Trip

On an Alaskan cruise, select attractions in the Port of Sitka. See how bald eagles and native bird populations receive first-class treatment at the Alaska Raptor Center. Meet wildlife in their natural habitat at Bear Castle. Or learn about the culture of Russian Alaska with a visit to St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church and bring Native history to life at the Sheldon Jackson Museum.

Alaska Cruise Guide

Once the gateway to the Alaska Gold Rush, Skagway takes on a dramatic image, nestled between the water’s edge and the mountains. Follow in the footsteps of the miners on a scenic train ride along the famous White Pass route through the Coast Mountains. During your Alaska cruise, explore the pristine wilderness of the Yukon, pan for gold with the pros or meet the sled dogs at the sled.

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Canada’s third largest city feels like a North American metropolis mixed with a small European town. Explore the rainforest in Vancouver, BC. — Stanley Park — and visit the continent’s second largest Chinatown during your Alaska cruise vacation. Soar above the city’s lush natural surroundings in the Sky Gondola for panoramic views, or get up close to local marine life at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Our fleet includes vessels that range from our small vessels to large vessels. From a balcony deck, marvel at the glaciers that pass by while you feast on local seafood at one of our many dining options during your Alaska cruise.

Vancouver & Alaska Cruise

We have a 50-year heritage of sharing the best places and experiences with our guests. On an Alaskan cruise, unpack once and explore the glaciers, wildlife, and national parks.

Glaciers feel alive. They grunt, grunt and shudder as they march out to sea, met with the boom and crash of “white thunder” – the sound that reverberates through the water as the ice sinks into the ocean below. On an Alaskan cruise, let us show you Glacier Bay National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site – Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, College Fjordor Hubbard Glacier.

Alaska is home to a rich array of wildlife, from the famous Big Five that live in Denali National Park—grizzly bears, wolves, bighorn sheep, bighorn sheep, and caribou—to bald eagles and humpback whales that migrate through the Inside Passage. On an Alaskan cruise, live a nature lover’s dream in a land where guests can explore postcard-perfect sights.

Alaska Cruise Vancouver Round Trip

With national parks and the four highest mountains in North America, Alaska’s wilderness has been preserved for generations. Denali National Park is larger than Vermont and is home to the continent’s highest peak. Meanwhile, Glacier Bay National Park has more than 2,000 square miles of glacial cover. Wrangel-St. Elias and Kenai Fjords, a world of natural wonders await you on an Alaska cruise or cruise.

Round Trip Vs. One Way Alaska Cruises

Don’t just visit this famous land, live it on Alaska tours. Run across the snow on a dog sled with a professional musher, fly fish for salmon in clear rivers and soar over miles of glacial tundra in a helicopter. Watch migrating whales from the deck of a catamaran or an indigenous craftsman carving a traditional totem pole and expand your Alaskan cruise experience.

Our award-winning program from North to Alaska brings local personalities, culture and cuisine onboard and ashore to immerse you in all things Alaska on a Big Land cruise.

Alaska’s seafood is famous, and we bring you the best in locally inspired dishes from the state’s best eateries. With Cook My Catch excursions, catch your own salmon or halibut with the help of a local expert, and in the evening our talented chefs will prepare an exclusive dinner for you. The best from ship to shore is at your fingertips on our Alaska cruises.

Alaskans invite people who love to share what makes their state unique. Watch loggers in action, learn from Glacier Bay National Park rangers, and craft native totem pole carvings. Or hear chilling tales of the deadliest catches from anglers and climbers who have climbed Denali during your Alaska cruise.

Alaska Cruise Routes

Travel back in time and search for gold as a prospector during the gold rush. Cuddling sled dog puppies in the ship’s piazza, or seeing the northern lights in the planetarium. Mt. At McKinley Wilderness Lodge, check out our log cabin and enjoy unparalleled views of Denali. Or enjoy tree-inspired bites at our very own Sappy Hour. Dive deeper into what makes the Big Land special on your Alaska cruise.

Read about Alaska’s must-see attractions, signature cuisine, and how to prepare for a wild adventure in the heart of the big land.

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Alaska Cruise Vancouver Round Trip

The best cruise line in Alaska just keeps getting better! From top-rated cruises that visit Glacier Bay National Park, scenic rail journeys, and exclusive lodges, you’ll find the ultimate Alaska experience.

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No one eats seafood like Alaska—that’s why we’ve brought the best of the Big Land on board so you can experience it all.

From exploring Denali National Park to salmon fishing in Anchorage, discover Alaska’s best destinations on a cruise.

From exploring historic gold mines to walking in the footsteps of early explorers, learn about Alaska’s Inside Passage and discover the wonders that await.

From the towering mountains of Juneau to the fish-rich seas of Ketchikan, discover our Alaska cruise ports and set sail for the adventure that awaits.

Alaska Cruise Guide: Best Alaska Cruise Itinerary & Tips (2024)

Check out our handy checklist to know exactly what to pack for your Alaska cruise.

Let us pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your ship or hotel when you arrive, even if you haven’t booked your flight ticket through us. A uniformed representative will meet you at the airport after you collect your luggage and take you straight to your ship or hotel, worry-free.

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