Amc Dine In Theater Marina Del Rey – Marina Del Rey just added a dining theater. I had the pleasure of experiencing it at a recent press preview party. A symphony of food and film awaited me in a viewing experience I had never known.

I wonder what other headlines for website previews or local news citations would be for this space to open up. I’m sure they’ll be as corny as mine.

Amc Dine In Theater Marina Del Rey

Amc Dine In Theater Marina Del Rey

So what is dinner theater? That’s very nice, sir or ma’am. It’s also far from enjoying a full meal while watching any new movie on the market. I’m going to break this down from my own experience, although it’s easy for you to enjoy yourself.

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First, this is a place to book. Of course, you can order tickets online. outside or inside kiosks. After that, you will find your wonderfully comfortable seats. Before that, you might want to visit the bar and you can continue drinking in the theater.

When I first entered the largest theater in the movie theater, I was amazed at the space per person. The largest theater has 100 seats and the general cinema has only 400 seats. You have enough legroom for yourself and the server to reach you easily.

For any movie buff, the seats themselves are intoxicating. After sitting down, I noticed a button on the inside of the seat. I pressed it and my legs went up in the air as my head fell back. The seats recline! There is leather and buttock padding very comfortable. They also have an easy-to-use tray that tilts forwards or backwards to cover your side and reach your food as easily as possible. There are drink holders on the side and even some surface area to store your stuff. During the movie, a light on the back of both of your sides will light up and there is a server button next to it.

During the movie, all you have to do is press a button to get your food, and a server will come to you shortly, kneel down so as not to obstruct the view of others, and ask in a low voice what you would like to eat. I found my server to be more helpful and quiet enough that it wouldn’t disturb others. Your check will arrive some time before the end of the movie, and you can pay it at any time, even before the movies, so don’t rush.

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I can see how it might bother someone, but you’ll have to deal with people moving quietly and the low-level seat lights being on all the time. I may have been bothered by the lighting once or twice during the film, but that could also be something to get used to. I don’t know if I couldn’t stand it during a horror movie. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to see your food.

The food was delicious. The selection is huge and I sampled a bit of almost everything. There are a lot of snacks. You can easily share one appetizer with a group of two to four, perhaps try the seafood sampler since you’re so close to the sea. A seafood sampler lets you test the waters before diving into a heavy selection of seafood. The Lobster Pizzetta and Crab Cakes were my favorites. My guest fell in love with the Crab Rangoon Dip. Loaded potato skins will easily fill you up. Parmesan potatoes can feed a strong hunger. These were just some of the appetizers, and there are also many favorite salads for healthy-minded Anglenos.

After placing the ad, the food was prepared. I got the Blue Max Burger under the direction of my server. It’s a cheeseburger that’s so filling you have to slow down to eat it. I don’t like spicy, but almost every part of the Fire burger has jalapeños. Tenderloin tips are more expensive, but worth it for their taste. My guest had the chipotle chicken and bacon pizza. At this time it was also full. I didn’t get a chance to try the wings or the seafood main, but you keep coming back for something new each time. There are sections of the menu that I couldn’t close because there were so many things to try.

Amc Dine In Theater Marina Del Rey

To desserts. The Waffle Sundae is pure indulgence. Two waffles with vanilla ice cream and candied bacon sprinkles. It just works, you can start with it and then see how much you want to eat. The New York Cheesecakes were quickly eaten, and my guest enjoyed her divine carrot cake.

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Once again, there are plenty of alcoholic drinks, but they also have great smoothies and milkshakes. Don’t worry, they have popcorn and any other snacks you want, the only difference is they bring you their own.

The quality and customer service was excellent, it’s a great place to go for a birthday or date. It’s not that expensive when you consider how much a meal costs in the evening. You can easily find saving time by watching movie here. I know price can be a factor, but compared to other theaters I’d say the same. If you’re already in the Santa Monica Beach area, this is a great way to end the evening. Copyright © 2023, Los Angeles Times | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

AMC, the nation’s second-largest movie chain, is taking the concept of dinner and a movie to a new level with the opening of Southern California’s first lunch theater.

Set to open Monday, the remodeled AMC Dine-In Theaters Marina 6 is the 11th dining theater the Kansas City, Mo., chain has opened nationwide since its first location in the affluent Atlanta district in 2008.

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The renovated venue on the second floor of the mall at Maxella and Glencoe Avenue in Marina del Rey has six adult-only auditoriums. Guests can order food and drinks, including beer and wine, while sitting on leather seats.

“It’s dinner and a movie, and it’s done right — what could be better than that?” AMC executive director Gerry Lopez made a statement about it. “Based on feedback from these locations around the country, our guests in Los Angeles love this experience.”

AMC, recently acquired by China’s Dalian Wanda Group, isn’t the first chain to offer dining services in Los Angeles, but its 427-seat Marina del Rey theater is the largest and first to enter the local market. Offered by a major US chain.

Amc Dine In Theater Marina Del Rey

The opening notes that the die-in-theater concept, once a niche business viewed with skepticism by the exhibition industry, is becoming more widespread and attractive to theater operators because it now allows them to allows you to take a bite out of your stagnant profitable business. to restaurants and bars.

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Offering top-notch food and beverage services is another way theaters can lure patrons away from the comfort of their own homes to the multiplex — and spend more when they come to the theater.

The AMC Marina 6 lobby bar features gourmet burgers, artisan flatbreads, fried chicken and brisket quesadillas, and Thai Bang shrimp tacos, with prices ranging from $6.99 to $15.99.

As with other dining theaters, luxury service comes at a cost. AMC Marina 6 tickets cost $17.50 (excluding food and 3D surcharges) depending on the day of the week and showtime – about $5 more than the price at a regular AMC theater.

AMC invested about $5 million to remodel the theater, demolishing the auditorium to install new sound systems, screens and seats. The new complex will have about 50% fewer seats than the old one, with room for larger La-Z-Boy seats and more than 4 feet of aisle space.

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“We’re trying to bring the comfort of the living room into the movie theater,” said Ryan Noonan of AMC Theaters during a tour of the new space. “There are a lot of entertainment options out there, and we want to make sure we continue to stay in the game.”

Each seat has its own table, food and drink menu, and buttons to order at any time during the movie. Black-clad servers use electronic tablets to silently punch in food and drink orders to minimize disruption.

Some other theater chains limit food and beverage service to the first 15 minutes of a movie, but AMC executives anticipate that their customers will want to be served throughout the movie.

Amc Dine In Theater Marina Del Rey

“If you’re watching ‘The Hobbit’ and two hours later you need a second beer, we have to provide that,” said Dan Glennon, AMC’s director of catering training and best practices.

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