Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings – Circles are so common that most of us fail to recognize how special they really are They are all around us, from our coffee cups and camera lenses to the sun, moon and stars. Indeed, circles are universal; Thus, countless philosophers and spiritual masters have pointed out their simple glory.

What makes circles so meaningful? The truth is that in and of themselves, they symbolize the universe and all existence.

Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings

Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings

To understand the spiritual significance of the circle, it helps to first think of birth and death as a circle. In fact, every living thing on Earth (and even the stars and planets) goes through what we call “life cycles.” In a cycle, we are born, we age and we die; It is universal.

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Then we can look deeper into the atoms that make up all matter in the universe; Particles revolve around the nucleus of an atom. We see this reflected in our solar system and our galaxy. Planets revolve around stars in circular motion and furthermore, galaxies rotate in circular motion.

Following from that point, we can look at a microscopic level and realize that we are literally made of a circle. Think of the egg from which we come, and the embryo that first symbolizes the creation of our life; Both are circular. In this sense, we are made of a circle.

On the other hand, we can see circular symbolism in the non-physical. For example, anyone who has experienced a spiritual awakening or embarked on a journey of personal growth eventually realizes that this journey does not occur in a linear fashion. We learn the same lessons many times, only experiencing deeper levels of truth and unlearning with each re-learning. Thus, self-realization looks not like a line, but like a circle or spiral.

Every point on the circumference of a circle is equidistant from the center of the circle. Also, the circle has no divisions or sides. Similarly, regardless of the size of a circle, the ratio of its circumference to its diameter is always 3.14 (also known as pi). Because of this, you can easily find the circumference of any circle, just by knowing its diameter. This is why a circle symbolizes unity and equality.

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If you progress far enough on this journey of spiritual awakening, you will begin to see the realization of oneness; It means that you will realize that you are not separate from God, from love or from any other person, place or thing in this universe, living or otherwise.

You will understand that you are everything; You are God, and you are love. As, all things are part of you; When you harm something, you harm yourself, and when you love something, you love yourself.

This is the definition of wholeness, as well: it means that you are whole and complete, because you are the entire universe (and God/Source) in form.

Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings

Since the circle has no beginning or end, we can say that the circle represents the immortality of our soul. Indeed, both birth and death are mere changes; They are not final or “total” summaries. We go through the cycle of birth and death, but death is not the end. Like the circle, our existence can never end.

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The circle is very simple yet has many complex meanings and interpretations. A circle is the best example of the fact that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

A circle has no beginning or end. It has no corners or sides. Thus a circle itself is a complete unit. Nothing more can be added to complete the circle. This is why circles symbolize completeness, wholeness, perfection, wholeness and divine symmetry/balance.

The circle is essentially an extension of a point and represents the cosmic concept emanating from a single point or source. Also, since ancient times, the center of a circle has been used to represent spirit, consciousness, source energy, and God.

People have recognized the spiritual significance of circles since ancient times; Many philosophers have said that it is the most perfect form. Again, it has no corner, no beginning or end.

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Most people recognize the yin-yang symbol by sight; This symbol, traditionally a Taoist symbol, represents the unified weaving of opposite forces. This circular symbol blends black and white and contains just the right amount of each contrasting color, exemplifying the coexistence of both unity and duality.

A traditional Japanese symbol, Enso is basically an open circle; In fact, Enso, in Japanese, actually means “circle”. Associated with Zen Buddhism, enso is often used to describe both mandalas and circular spaces. This sacred Japanese calligraphy symbol signifies enlightenment, which is essentially, a return to source consciousness, and is almost identical to the death of the physical body.

Traditionally an ancient Egyptian and Greek symbol, the ouroboros depicts a serpent in a perfect circle eating its own tail. Like many other circular symbols, this image shows us the meaning of immortality; Just as a snake devours itself, it is born of itself. This means that existence is an eternal transition between living and dying.

Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings

Vesica Pisces is one of the first sacred geometry symbols. Vesica piscis is a lens-like pattern formed by the intersection of two circles of equal radius. The intersection occurs such that the circumference (boundary) of each circle passes through the center of the other.

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In general, Vesica Pisces symbolizes the union of dualities that are the basis of all existence such as male/female, spiritual/material, heaven/earth, yin/yang, etc.

Also, when the intersecting circles lie side by side they form a vertical lens shape (shown in the image above) which represents the cosmic womb formed by the merging of the spiritual and material worlds.

Even from a scientific point of view, it is interesting to note that the shape of the vesica pisci bears a striking resemblance to the shape of the first embryonic division that occurs after fertilization (illustrated in the image below). This division is only the first step in the process of forming the whole man.

When the circles are on top of each other (as shown in the image below), the horizontal lens is called the cosmic eye or represents the third eye.

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The vesica pisces contains many important sacred geometry symbols including the equilateral triangle, rhombus, hexagon, six-pointed star, tricot, seed of life, lotus of life, torus and flower of life, to name a few.

Triquetra (meaning 3 cornered) is a Norse symbol that looks like a triangle made of interlaced arcs. Many people are not aware of this but the Triquetra is actually a circular symbol as it was derived by adding an extra circle to the vesica pisces.

The Triquetra represents creation, the interconnectedness of life, and the natural cycle of life. It also represents the Trinity and all the important aspects of life which appear in sets of three which include – mind, body and soul, creation, preservation and destruction etc. The central point of the triketra represents the unity of all things.

Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings

The Seed of Life is another sacred circular symbol that originates from the Vesica Piscis. The Seed of Life is formed when you add 5 extra circles to the Vesica Piscis (or 4 extra circles to the Triketra) as shown in the picture below.

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The seed of life is a powerful and ancient symbol believed to contain the blueprint of the universe.

It consists of six intersecting circles with a circle in the center and an outer circle that encloses all the other circles. It is bounded by a circle, making a total of seven circles. The seven circles represent the seven days of biblical creation. Also, each circle is interconnected, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things and the unity of the universe.

The seed of life is believed to represent a single source of creation from which all things in the universe sprang.

The Seed of Life is the base pattern that gives rise to the Flower of Life pattern and other patterns such as the Fruit of Life, Metatron’s Cube, and the Platonic Solids (which are considered the building blocks of the universe).

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When you superimpose two Seed of Life patterns and rotate one pattern by 30 degrees, you get the beautiful Lotus of Life pattern. This pattern represents purity, strength, balance, unity and spiritual wisdom.

The Taurus is another powerful circular symbol that can be derived from the symbol of the seed of life. When you stack the eight seeds of life on top of each other and rotate each one by a small degree, together they form the Torus energy field, as shown in the video below:

The Taurus is a powerful and versatile symbol that encompasses concepts such as wholeness, interconnectedness, the cycle of life, and infinity. It represents complex balance and cyclical flow of energy

Ancient Spiritual Symbols And Their Meanings


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