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Atlanta Performing Arts High Schools – Southwest DeKalb High School is located in a disadvantaged area of ​​DeKalb County. The school district believed a new fine arts center could inspire a community in transition. By investing in their campus as well as their students, they hope to promote positivity and a bright future.

The Fine Arts Center creates an inclusive forum for students to express their creativity. The large glass facade creates a feeling of openness and draws you into the space. Internally, it includes an auditorium, state-of-the-art teaching spaces, private study rooms, and rehearsal spaces for band, choir, orchestra, keyboarding and fine arts. In addition, the band room’s unique 14-foot folding door opens to a new outdoor amphitheater that the school and community can use for concerts, lectures and other events.

Atlanta Performing Arts High Schools

Atlanta Performing Arts High Schools

Since its inception, the building has become one of the most prominent buildings in the southwest Dekalb area. The extensive performance and support spaces brought people together for impromptu performances from the drama club, local library, etc. Overall, it had an extremely positive impact on its students and the surrounding area.

Alpharetta High School

“[CDH] staff collaborated with the DeKalb County School System and stakeholders to create a design that met the needs of the school, district and surrounding community.” Throughout history, art has been used as a means for individuals and communities to express their ideas, experiences, feelings and deepest beliefs. Downtown Atlanta High School for the Performing Arts was created to encourage students and residents of downtown Atlanta to participate in the arts as creators, performers and spectators. The Atlanta High School for the Performing Arts is a public institution, and communication and collaboration between users and performers must be encouraged throughout the various parts of the program.

The property is located in the heart of Atlanta, at the intersection of Peachtree Street and North Avenue, next to the Fox Theater and the historic Georgian Terrace. This proposal began with a comprehensive City of Atlanta study demonstrating the importance of properly developing all areas of Peachtree Street between Ralph McGill Boulevard NE and Ponce De Leon Avenue NE to revitalize pedestrian walkways and create connectivity between downtown and downtown Atlanta via Peachtree Street, Nevada. The site’s location makes this project vital to the development of Peachtree Street NE. A thriving arts program engages the community as an active partner in promoting and experiencing the arts. Under the proposal, public components of the program, such as event space, a lobby and an art gallery, would be located on Peachtree Street, allowing pedestrians to stroll and view the work of local artists and students. One of the key design elements of this proposal is a dynamic roof structure that responds to changes in the topography of Northern Avenue. Although this approach is largely formal, it allows rainwater to be collected at various points on the roof used for the irrigation system. This proposal is rooted in the constant interaction between light, glass and concrete, creating a rigid structure that appears “soft” and inviting.

Performing Arts High School, galleries, common areas, lobby, classrooms, gym, basketball court, student gathering areas, kitchens and cafeteria, staff lounge and cafe.

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