Bayou Swamp Tour New Orleans – Located just twenty-five minutes from New Orleans, we will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the Louisiana bayou along its winding bayous filled with wildlife and exotic plants. Our licensed and trained boaters will take you into the murky waters of Louisiana’s swamps, where you will come face to face with nature’s beauty and animals. If you’re having trouble choosing which swamp tour company to use, let us help you with some facts about Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours.

We’re as authentic as they come: Get an authentic Cajun experience on our swamp and airboat tours, led by native guides who grew up on the bayou and know the land and wildlife better than anyone. Our wetland tours are conducted on private property, which means less boat traffic to scare the animals.

Bayou Swamp Tour New Orleans

Bayou Swamp Tour New Orleans

Protected Wildlife: Because the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour is located in Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve, all alligators, turtles, snakes, birds and other flora and fauna are protected and not exposed to any threat or interference . The abundance of wildlife you will see on your tour are all free and thriving in their natural habitat.

Why We Are The Best New Orleans Swamp Tour

Safety – The safety of our guests is our number one priority. Our traditional swamp and airboat tour captains have been licensed captains and guides for years and know these waterways better than anyone. In the unlikely event that they are needed, life jackets are available for all swamp tour participants.

Transportation Available: Need a ride from your hotel to the swamp tour and back? We’ve got you covered. We are the closest swamp tour to the city, just a 25 minute drive. Guests can enjoy a tour of the bayou and still enjoy the rest of their day in the city once it’s over. We offer round-trip luxury coach transportation from downtown New Orleans to your swamp excursion for just $23.

Abundant nature and wildlife: Each season is filled with many different species of plant life, birds, mammals and reptiles populate the cypress-covered swamp, creating an exotic adventure. Spring fills with flowering trees and pavements and the nesting period of waterfowl begins. Summer is hot and humid, which brings large alligators and birds like the great blue heron and white heron to play. Autumn brings pleasant weather with an abundance of animals and beautiful foliage. Winter in New Orleans is generally mild, meaning alligators are still present if it’s not below freezing, and fur-bearing animals like nutria, deer, mink, and otters make an appearance during this time.

Private Parties: In addition to our daily public wetland tours, private parties and private boats are welcome and encouraged! We can customize any birthday, corporate event or wedding with live entertainment, food and drinks, alligator trainers and more for the most unique party you’ve ever been to. Top 2 Marrero Attractions on TripAdvisor: Our swamp and airboat tours are officially the top 2 attractions in Marrero, the town where our swamp tour is located, as voted by TripAdvisor customers.

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours (laplace)

Nearby Dining: Guests can make an entire afternoon or evening out of their swamp trip with great dining options nearby, including the charming Des Familles restaurant right next door, with an extensive menu of Creole and Cajun dishes and a beautiful bayou background.

Whether you choose to take an airboat, swamp or private tour, we will ensure you have the most authentic and unforgettable experience with Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours! Recommended clothing We recommend you wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. During the warmer months we recommend wearing light colored clothing. A hat and umbrella are also recommended.

Restrictions Wheelchair accommodations may be available upon request at the time of booking. This tour cannot accommodate scooters. Folding wheelchairs can be accommodated, but must be folded to fit behind the driver’s seat. Children up to 5 years old can join the tour for free with prior notice at the time of booking, provided they do not occupy their own seat.

Bayou Swamp Tour New Orleans

Admire the natural beauty of southern Louisiana on this New Orleans swamp tour that passes through part of Jean Lafitte Historical Park, a site rich in Louisiana wildlife and history. You’ll glimpse alligators, snakes, and other Louisiana creatures roaming the wetlands as you learn about the area’s vast history and culture.

What To Bring To The Swamp

Your New Orleans bayou tour begins after a short coach ride across the Mississippi River. From there, you’ll board a custom flat-bottomed swamp boat that will take you through one of the most notable locations in Jean Lafitte Historical Park: the Barataria Reserve. The preserve, spanning more than 20,000 acres, offers a glimpse of Louisiana’s famous wetlands, which are home to swamp rabbits, bats, tree frogs, water snakes and other amazing creatures, not to mention an assortment of aquatic flora and fauna . .

Wildlife is just part of this New Orleans swamp boat tour. As you progress through the reserve, your guide will reveal the history and mysteries surrounding the wetlands. Find out how coastal erosion is affecting the area and what is being done to restore this vibrant environment. Learn how shrimp, lobsters, and other wetland seafood and shellfish are used to create some of the state’s most popular dishes, including lobster etouffee, a thick stew-like dish composed of lobster tails, rice and roux (a butter/flour mixture).

If you want to experience southern Louisiana up close, this New Orleans tour is the best way to see the region’s wildlife in its natural habitat from a new perspective. Wear light clothing, take your camera and remember not to feed the alligators!

We had a great time on the Bayou and Swamp tour. The bus was comfortable and warm, the driver was wonderful and informative during the 20-25 minute journey. The tour location has a small gift shop, clean restrooms, and great drinks available for purchase before and after the boat ride. Our tour was in early February during a cold snap, but it was sunny and so were a couple of alligators and other animals. The tour guide customized the trip for us due to the small group arriving in that time slot. We felt he stopped longer and more often to allow my nephew to move around and help look for alligators. The captain also shared personal stories about recent storms and the chaos they caused, and the displacement of the land masses living in a city built on water. Wonderful weather, we need to check the weather next time to make sure we are warmer outside.

Beyond The Bayou Swamp Tour

I did this swamp tour 20 years ago; I had to experience it again; this time with my husband. It’s worth the time/money; watch fascinating alligators come along the side of the catamaran to eat marshmallows from the long stick, entertained by our informative boat captain. They were actually interactive. Gorgeous views of the marsh, wildlife and vegetation. Some people have managed to throw marshmallows into the water for the alligators. It was a sight to behold. At the end of the tour, we held a baby alligator (12 inches long). The gift shop was nice too, very informative; great for all ages. I recommend this relaxing trip; excellent photo shoots.

This was a fun swamp tour. The guide knew where to slow the boat and spot the alligators. Nice area.

We enjoyed the tour. Our guide was very informative about the area, the habitat and the alligators. Friendly too. I have to feed alligators and hold a baby alligator. Nice to see the swamp and bayou.

Bayou Swamp Tour New Orleans

From the beginning of this excursion our family enjoyed everything from the information about New Orleans we were given on the bus tour to the route to Boyou Swamp and then on the swamp boat tour. Everyone was surprised when we got to hold and touch a little alligator named T-Bone. I would stay here again during the spring/summer season.

Best Swamp Tours Near New Orleans

Small shore excursions generally range from 2 to 20 people, offering a more personalized experience than large excursions offered by cruise lines.

Standard shore excursions typically range from 20 to 50 people. These tours are similar in size to cruise line tours. Although these day excursions are larger in size, our focus on quality remains extremely high.

Private shore excursions allow you to travel alone with your group. For groups of 4 or more, we can usually arrange a private shore excursion for less than the cost of a large cruise line tour.

Easy/minimal physical activity: only light walking is necessary and no major climbing is necessary. You may have to negotiate some steps.

Airboat Swamp Tours In New Orleans From $59

Moderate physical activity: A fair amount of walking is required and may require climbing full flights of stairs and/or negotiating uneven terrain.

Difficult/significant physical activity: A great deal of walking and/or climbing is required, often on unpaved and uneven terrain. You should be in good physical health if you book one of these tours.

Your booking confirmation will contain clear instructions on where and when to go to start each of your tours. It will also include instructions on what to do in the very unlikely event this happens

Bayou Swamp Tour New Orleans


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