Bayou Swamp Tours New Orleans – Recommended Clothing We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and walking shoes. In the warmer months, we recommend that you wear light colored clothes. A hat and an umbrella are also recommended.

Restrictions Wheelchair spaces may be available upon request upon reservation. This tour cannot accommodate scooters. Padded wheelchairs may be fitted, but must be folded to fit behind the driver’s seat. Children aged 5 and under may join the tour free of charge with advance notice at the time of booking, provided they do not occupy a seat.

Bayou Swamp Tours New Orleans

Bayou Swamp Tours New Orleans

Take in the natural beauty of South Louisiana on this New Orleans Swamp tour that passes through a section of Jean Lafitte Historical Park, a place rich in wildlife and Louisiana history. You’ll see alligators, snakes and other Louisiana animals roaming the zoo while learning about the region’s rich history and culture.

Why We Are The Best New Orleans Swamp Tour

Your New Orleans bayou tour begins after a quick motor cruise along the Mississippi River. From there, you’ll board a custom-built bottom boat to take you through one of the most spectacular sights of the Jean Lafitte Historical Park: the Barataria Preserve. The preserve, which covers more than 20,000 acres, offers a glimpse into Louisiana’s famous wetlands that are home to prairie rabbits, toads, tree frogs, water snakes, and other cool creatures. .

Wildlife is just part of this New Orleans cruise. As you progress through the preserve, your guide will reveal the history and mysteries surrounding the zoo. Learn how coastal erosion is affecting the area and what is being done to restore this habitat. Learn how shrimp, crab, and other wild seafood and fish are used to create some of the state’s most popular dishes, including crab etouffee, a thick stew-like dish made from crab tails, rice, and rox (oil/flour mixture).

If you want to experience South Louisiana up close, this New Orleans tour is the best way to see the region’s wildlife in its natural habitat from a new perspective. Wear light clothing, take your camera and remember not to feed the alligators!

Had a great time on the Bayou and Swamp tour. The bus was comfortable and warm, the driver was wonderful and educational during the 20-25 minute drive. The cruise terminal has a small gift shop, clean restrooms and excellent refreshments available for purchase before and after your boat ride. Our trip was in early February during a cold snap but the sun was out and so were a few alligators and other animals. The tour guide personalized a tour for us because of the small group that came at that time. We felt like he was stopping longer and more often for my grandson to walk around and help look for the doorman. The chief also shared personal stories about the recent storms and the destruction they caused and the relocation of the land masses living in a city built on water reasons. Amazing time, we need to check the weather again to make sure we are warmer out in the open.

Pleasantly Surprised: A New Orleans Swamp Tour

I made this wild trip 20 years ago; she had to try again; this time with my partner. Well worth the time/money; watching adorable alligators come alongside the catamaran to eat marshmallows from a tall tree, entertained by our knowledgeable boat captain. They were really interactive. Beautiful views of the desert, wildlife and greenery. Some people managed to throw marshmallows in the water for the alligators. It was a sight to behold. At the end of the tour, we caught a baby alligator (12 in. long). The gift shop was also nice, Very educational; great for all ages. Recommend this relaxing trip; great pictures.

This trip was swamp fun. The guide knew where to slow the boat down and find the porter. Nice area.

Enjoyed the trip. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area, the environment and the aligan. Friendship too. Must feed the alligators and catch a baby alligator. The view of the desert and bayou is beautiful.

Bayou Swamp Tours New Orleans

Our family has enjoyed everything from the start of this trip, from the information about New Orleans that we were given while on the tour bus on the way to the Boyou Gorge and then while on the riverboat tour. Everyone was surprised when we all got a little alligator named T-Bone and started playing. Will be back again in the spring/summer season.

Airboat Swamp Tours

Small Cruises usually range in size from 2-20 people, providing a more personalized experience than the larger cruises offered by cruise lines.

Standard Shore cruises usually consist of 20-50 people. These tours are similar in size to cruise lines. While tours these days are bigger in size, our focus remains on quality.

Private Beach Tours allow you to travel alone with your party. For groups of 4 or more, we can often arrange a private shore excursion for less than the cost of a large cruise ship tour.

Easy/minimum physical activity: Only light walking and no heavy lifting required. You may need to negotiate a few steps.

Jean Lafitte National Park A New Orleans Swamp

Moderate physical activity: Considerable walking is required, and you may need to climb full steps or negotiate uneven terrain.

Strenuous/Significant Physical Activity: A lot of walking and/or climbing is required, often over unpaved and uneven terrain. You must be in good physical health if you book one of these tours.

Your booking confirmation will provide clear instructions on where and when to go to start each of your tours. They will also give you instructions on what to do in the very unlikely event that you encounter difficulties in meeting your guide. We think the best way to see all the beauty Jefferson Parish has to offer is to visit the desert. Get up close and personal with an alligator. Walk through beautiful moss-covered spruce trees. Learn about hidden coves from knowledgeable boat captains. Travel at high speed through the jungles on an airship tour. Or, take a more leisurely boat trip. You can even rent kayaks and explore the canyons at your own pace. Before you leave Jefferson Parish, make sure you add a desert visit to your bucket list!

Bayou Swamp Tours New Orleans

Enjoy a Full Cajun Experience at Jean Lafitte Harbor! Explore Lafitte’s bayous and experience an educational, interactive, hands-on approach to how to be Cajun. Put out a rabbit trap, bait and set trout lines, set a bait line, and maybe spy a gator. After seeing how this amazing seafood is caught, return to the pavilion where one of their in-house chefs will serve and prepare dishes caught in the bayous in the beautiful town of Jean Lafitte. Travel with us on an airship adventure!

New Orleans Swamp Tours

Step back in time and learn about a true Southern plant. Costumed tour guides will immerse you in the history and unique architectural features of the period. Enjoy beautiful gardens, ancient trees and southern hospitality.

Whether it’s outdoor adventure, culinary delights, history or culture, Jefferson Parish, LA has it all! We could not find the page you requested. You may be looking for one of the Tours below. If not, check out the home page.

Experience the thrill of soaring above Louisiana’s magical bayous on our Cajun Invasion cruise, where you’ll embark on an adventure that combines the spicy flavors of cajun cuisine with the serenity of scenic seaplane flight!

Immerse yourself in history at Destrehan Plantation, then dive into the heart of Louisiana’s magical deer on our exciting combo tour, where you’ll encounter alligators and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the bayou. Book online today!

Large Airboat Swamp Tours

Take a step back through the majestic woods of Oak Alley Plantation before venturing into the magical depths of Louisiana’s swamps, where alligators and Spanish moose create a truly unforgettable tour experience. Book online today!

Explore the vibrant city and mysterious slums of New Orleans! If you’re interested in experiencing all that New Orleans has to offer, the City Tour/Katrina and Swamp Airboat Tour is the ultimate comprehensive Louisiana tour and adventure. Book online today!

Experience the BEST desert tour in New Orleans! The area to be explored is a mixture of swamps, marshes and lakes. The Swamp is such a diverse ecosystem that you can see anything like a bald eagle, a pelican, a bee, or even an owl. Book online today!

Bayou Swamp Tours New Orleans

Board our magical cruise ship and embark on an exciting adventure through the mystical Barataria Swamps. Get ready to be mesmerized by the incredibly beautiful clothes trees and the playful antics of the curious porters – it’s a trip you won’t soon forget!

Swamp Tour New Orleans Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Disease, disaster, evil spirits, and the worst murder! Join our walking tour for true historical stories about local hauntings and vampire lore. Experience a Spine-Tingling Journey Through the City’s Dark History! Book today online.

Join Oak Alley Plantation and a 3-hour City & Katrina tour for a fascinating journey through New Orleans, where the elegance of the plantation and the resilience of the city’s soul meet for a renaissance.

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