Best B Horror Movies 1980s – There is a large tradition of horror films that deal with topical and social issues. Whether it’s the cold war concept of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the consumerist satire of Dawn of the Dead, or Jordan Peele’s dissection of race relations in Get Out, horror is a great way to explore various social issues within an accessible context. . .

But, of course, for every intelligent, socially conscious horror movie, there are dozens without any redeeming qualities. This was never truer than in the 1980s. This was the era of some of the less notorious genres, including slasher, revenge rape, and cannibal movies, and the arrival of VHS ensured that even if the film didn’t arrive in the theater, it can still find an audience at home.

Best B Horror Movies 1980s

Best B Horror Movies 1980s

These were movies whose only intention was to make money, and the more shocking the content, the better chance it had of being noticed in the video store. Most of the films from that era came from Italy, but there are plenty of examples of American-made horror trash as well. And while many of these films now seem dated, there’s still something fascinating about them that makes them worth watching today–just to make us scratch our heads and wonder how they got made in the first place.

Best ’80s Horror Movies

These are not films to win over non-horror fans, or to prove to those who condemn the genre how intelligent and artistic it can be. It’s the opposite actually–these are the movies that prove people who hate horror are right. But loyal fans know that morally questionable trash and manipulation are as important a part of the genre as status pictures and respectable dramas. So here are some of the most popular and scary movies of the 1980s.

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Years before he became the director of two of the greatest movies of all time, a young JJ Abrams worked on this ridiculous horror movie. Abrams was in contact with director Don Dohler, who asked him if he would like to write the music for the film. So the 16-year-old Abrams sent him tapes of his scores, despite the fact that Dohler had never even heard anything Abrams had written beforehand. As for the movie, it ticks all the boxes for a low-budget early ’80s Alien rip-off: violence, nudity, bad acting, and a surprisingly good-looking creature.

Italian director Aristide Massaccesi–aka Joe D’Amato–made a variety of horror films in the ’70s and ’80s, and Anthropophagous is one of his most famous films. The movie’s reputation actually comes from two scenes, where the film’s violent protagonist, played by genre icon George Eastman, engages in cannibalism. The scene where he eats his entrails isn’t really that offensive in two sequences, and the rest – well, you’ll know it if you’ve seen it.

The 25 Best ’80s Horror Movies

While some slasher movies have remained horror favorites over the years, others have had to wait their turn. Blood Rage was released under several other titles in the ’80s, and was largely forgotten until Arrow Films released a deluxe 2-disc blu-ray edition in 2017. Some viewers may question whether this horror film really deserves such status, but Blood Rage is terrifying in all the right ways. The unrelenting novel is matched by a fantastical story (involving the murderous twins who set off the Thanksgiving massacre) and a completely mindless performance from Louise Lasser.

Some horror movies are fun, while others are dark and disturbing. Do not enter the House is definitely the last. A young man obsessed with fire lures the women back to his house, where he locks them in a fireproof room and proceeds to kill them with fire. It’s certainly not for everyone (or anyone, to be honest), but director Joseph Ellison makes for an interestingly bad mood, while Dan Grimaldi is a very strong lead.

Southeast Asian horror filmmakers have long pushed the boundaries of the genre, and Evil Dead Trap is no exception. This is a horror thriller in which a television crew tries to discover the source of a video of snuff and instead find themselves trapped in a warehouse by a crazed killer. This film makes most American slashers look silly in comparison, as director Toshiharu Ikeda pushes everything to the max. The atmosphere is filled with dread, the story becomes increasingly strange, and the violence–some of it sexual–is shocking and terrifying.

Best B Horror Movies 1980s

This legendary butcher is best known for being a central part of the “bad video” scandal of the early 1980s in England, a media-led campaign against the wave of violent horror movies that hit VHS at the time. The film’s UK distributor, veteran exploiter and porn distributor David Hamilton-Grant, was sentenced to 12 months in prison for releasing the film. As for the film itself, it is the story of a sane man who, 20 years after killing his parents, is released and begins another reckless killing spree. While many shockers of this era promise more than they ultimately deliver, this one lives up to its reputation.

Best Space Horror Movies

There weren’t many female filmmakers working in the world of low-budget horror in the 1980s, but Renee Harmon was an exception. The German-born trash writer not only directed Frozen Scream, but also wrote, produced, and starred in this insane epic. The plot revolves around an attempt to create an immortality that results in super-frozen black-clad zombies. Add in some amazing narration, eye gouging, ax attacks, and one of the worst bands to ever star in a movie, and you have 75 minutes of B-movie fun.

There aren’t nearly enough Bigfoot movies in the horror genre, but thankfully we have Night of the Demon. It focuses on an anthropologist and his students as they try to prove the existence of Bigfoot and find themselves at the mercy of not only the terrifying creature, but also the cult of the depraved Bigfoot Satanists. The movie is poorly made, poorly acted, and very stupid. But it has a weird and creepy atmosphere, lots of over-the-top tones, and wild synth scores.

Italian horror director Lucio Fulci is beloved by horror fans for gothic zombie films such as Zombie and The Beyond, but his most controversial film is The New York Ripper. The title says it all – a killer is stalking innocent women in Manhattan, killing them in many gruesome ways. The mysterious duck voice that the killer uses on the phone adds to the level of dark comedy, and the film certainly captures the atmosphere of the city during this era. But the violence is still disgusting, and the movie continues to divide horror fans to this day.

This supernatural horror about telekinetic killers has the terrifying honor of being the first theatrically released horror film to be made entirely on video. Director John Wintergate shot Boardinghouse on Betacam format to keep costs down, and the result is a whimsical, weird, completely out-of-place and downright weird experience that makes you feel like you’re going a little crazy the longer you watch it. 88 minutes is enough for anyone, but for the truly brave, the 2013 DVD special edition features a 157-minute director’s cut.

Best Sci Fi Horror Movies Of The 1980s: Robots, Aliens, And Brundleflies

The Italian cannibal film cycle of the late ’70s and early ’80s produced some of the worst films of the era, and few are as famous as Cannibal Ferox. It has the same basic plot as Cannibal Holocaust and Eaten Alive (First World explorers are captured and eaten by Third World cannibals), but the level of sadness and pain has dropped to a higher level, as director Umberto Lenzi and impact whiz Gianetto. de Rossi delivers convincing brutal scenes. The marketing claim that Cannibal Ferox was “banned in 31 countries” seems unlikely, but hints at what’s inside.

This terrifying Spanish university butcher has become a true cult classic over the years. From over-the-top action, extreme nudity (including male nudity, which is still a rarity for the genre), incomprehensible plot, and wonderfully dubbed dialogue, Pieces is the perfect horror to watch for horror fans. like-minded and others. pulpy refreshments. Who doesn’t love a good horror movie but what about cheesy ones. Do you remember the 80s? I’m doing great and the best thing besides the music, the hair (good god what were we thinking) and the neon clothes (oh my god) were all the horror movies the B-80’s came out with. It was a weekend thing for me to run to the video store (hahaha video store) grab a few vids, grab a bunch of friends, popcorn and a horror movie marathon,

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