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For travelers to compare different cabin options, we’ve put together this Oasis of the Seas Ocean View Balcony Cabin Review.

Best Cabins On Oasis Of The Seas

Best Cabins On Oasis Of The Seas

Deciding which cabin to choose for a cruise can be difficult. For a recent family cruise on the Amplified Oasis of the Seas, we booked the Oasis of the Seas Ocean View Balcony Cabin, cabin 10598.

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Looking at the deck plan, this starboard balcony cabin is considered a Class 2C balcony stateroom. It has an oversized balcony with a pretty standard interior layout.

For cruisers to compare the different stateroom options on this ship, we’ve compiled an Oasis of the Seas Balcony Cabin Review.

We first sailed on Oasis of the Seas in 2016. On that trip, we upgraded to the first Junior Suite. Even though we loved our room, this time we sailed with the family for Thanksgiving. Therefore, it is important to have a stateroom close to other members of our travel group.

This room was the ideal location, as it was just a few doors down from our family members, with two connecting balconies overlooking the ocean, 10586 and 10588. Although a bit more expensive, it had a balcony be upgraded.

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According to Royal Caribbean’s website, the 2C Oasis of the Seas Ocean View Balcony cabins are 182 square feet with an 80 square foot balcony. This compares to a standard ocean view balcony cabin that has a balcony of 50 square feet. The actual area of ​​the stateroom is the same (182 square meters).

This stateroom is located quite in the middle of the ship, near the front elevator row. The location on the 10th Floor is convenient as it is equidistant from the indoor public areas below and the outdoor public areas above. Furthermore, we never had much of a problem securing a lift during our journey.

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Best Cabins On Oasis Of The Seas

At first glance, we were pleased to see that our Oasis of the Seas Balcony Cabin had a very traditional layout. We’re also glad to see the room has a more modern color pattern for the carpets, decorations and bed linens.

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Upon entering our stateroom, the bathroom is on the left. Hidden behind the bathroom is a wardrobe. The wardrobe includes several shelves, a clothes rail and a safe.

Beyond the bathroom and closet is a king-sized bed on the left (front) wall. There is a small nightstand on each side of the bed. Unfortunately, there are no USB sockets here.

Opposite the living area is a desk with additional storage and a TV. Storage includes a shelf above the TV, three drawers on the right, and two tall, narrow cabinets on the left. Mini refrigerators are also located here.

The bathroom at the Oasis of the Seas Ocean View Balcony is pretty typical. There is a cylindrical shower with sliding door and a well-designed toilet and sink area.

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With a few small shelves and a little counter space, you’ll have enough storage space for the week. It also helps that we always carry a shoebox outside the door to store toiletries and other small items.

The wardrobe provided enough space to hold all our clothes between the hangers and some shelves on one side.

The bed in this Oasis of the Seas Ocean Balcony Cabin is located directly behind the bathroom and closet upon entering the room. The bed provided adequate comfort during our trip.

Best Cabins On Oasis Of The Seas

The sitting area often becomes our storage space during the trip. Likewise, we use magnetic hooks to hang things like beach bags and hats on the wall above the couch for extra storage and convenience. Again, it provided enough space and storage for our 7 days on the Oasis of the Seas.

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The typical desk area has a large mirror and plenty of space. It has three power outlets but no USB outlet.

Desks are always multi-functional for us. We use it as a charging area, a blogging station, and a place for me to get ready. So even though it wasn’t the best from a technological standpoint, we were still able to do it during the week.

A great feature of this cabin is our oversized balcony. It has two upright chairs, a small table and plenty of space to enjoy the ocean views, sail in and out of the harbor and of course watch the sunset over the ocean!

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Similar to our experiences on other Royal Caribbean cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas’ Ocean View Balconies are the perfect combination of size and value. The bed is comfortable and the space is just enough.

Our staterooms have easy access to stairs and elevators, with public areas just a few floors below or above us.

Storage and main cabin area are on par with most balcony cabins, this large balcony is an added bonus.

Best Cabins On Oasis Of The Seas

When compared to the balcony cabin we had on the Odyssey of the Seas just before this trip, we missed the additional storage areas above the bed. Even so, using a few cruise ship cabin hacks, we had no problem creatively arranging the cabin to make it our home away from home for the week.

Royal Suite Class

This comfortable, convenient, and affordable balcony cabin was the ideal accommodation for us on our family Thanksgiving cruise on the Amplified Oasis of the Seas.

Have you ever sailed in a Balcony Cabin with Ocean View on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship? What is your favorite type of cabin when you travel? Please send us a message below with your review of this stateroom category.

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Welcome aboard! We are Don and Heidi, the couple traveling in the back. We went on our first travel holiday together 13 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Follow along as we share travel tips, cruise reviews, port of call information, and the latest cruise news to help you plan the ultimate cruise vacation. Are you ready to start your journey to “cruise the world, one port at a time”? When Oasis of the Seas debuted, Royal Caribbean seized the opportunity to introduce new cabin designs, including the industry’s first multi-level lofts. It also pioneered cabins with balconies overlooking the ship’s interior neighborhoods – the Boardwalk and leafy Central Park – and interior cabins with windows overlooking the bustling Royal Promenade crowded and transported from Freedom class ships.

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During a 2014 renovation, Oasis of the Seas added 10 ocean view suites, the AquaTheater and the Boardwalk. They include two Royal Suites, six Grand Suites and two Royal Family Suites, each of which can accommodate up to six passengers.

Here are some more details about the Oasis of the Seas cabins and links to cabin images for a close-up look:

The aforementioned Loft Suites are two-storey accommodations that have been highly rated for their layout. Crown Loft Suites are 540 square meters with 98 square meter balconies and feature a downstairs living space with pullout sofas and bathroom. Each master bedroom and upstairs bathroom has a shower large enough for two (his and hers), anti-fog mirrors, and limestone mosaic tile accents. Sky Loft Suites have some more space, 724 square feet with a 376 square foot dining balcony, and an additional shower in the downstairs bathroom.

Best Cabins On Oasis Of The Seas

Moving forward, you’ll next find the Grand Loft Suite, which sleeps four and has a private balcony with jacuzzi. Size is 972 square feet with a balcony of 163 square feet. Owners Loft Suite has similar amenities but is larger – 1,250 square feet with a 172 square foot balcony.

Oasis Of The Seas Ocean View Balcony Cabin Review

The Royal Loft Suite is the most luxurious accommodation on board. At 1,599 square feet with an 875-square-foot balcony, it’s about the size of a modest home. Upon entering the main floor cabin, you’ll find a Baby Grand piano, dining area with dry bar for entertaining, bathtub with shower, living room sofa that converts to a double bed, and a balcony surrounded by dining area and private whirlpool. Upstairs has the master bedroom and large bathroom with bathtub, shower, two sinks and bidet.

The refurbishment saw the construction of two new single-storey Royal Suites on either side of the Suite Lounge – where the Pinnacle Lounge and Pinnacle Chapel used to be – overlooking the main pool deck. Royal has retreated from the Loft Suites’ signature vibrant colors and replaced them with grown-up slate, dark grays, browns and black marble in the bathrooms; There’s also a distinct absence of shiny chrome.

While these suites are located on one

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