Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas – STRAT’s SkyPod observation deck and rides easily qualify as the most popular non-gambling destination in Las Vegas, offering stunning views of both the Strip and Fremont Street from a height of 1,149 feet.

Although STRAT’s location at the north end of the Strip is not a convenient walk from most resorts, the property can be reached via a cheap ($10-15) Uber/Lyft or via The Deuce bus route.

Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas

Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas

I thought it would be fun to swing by, take the elevator to the top of the tower, and share my experience with photos from STRAT’s Skypod experience to help you decide if it’s worth a trip!

The Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower, Las Vegas

Add-on packages are offered in a few different flavors, depending on whether or not you want to take part in the rides to the top of the tower.

Buying tickets online through STRAT will save you money versus buying at the box office – I learned this the hard way…

They increase based on how many rides you want to add to your experience (1 ride, 2 rides, or unlimited rides).

What I love about this attraction is how cheap it is to add rides. They are definitely worth the few extra bucks.

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The deal: Note that you can save a few bucks more by booking your experience here at

STRAT’s observation deck is awe-inspiring at 1,149 feet. Other than a helicopter tour, there is no other comparable view of the Las Vegas Valley.

The inside area of ​​the observation deck allows guests to get views of Vegas in all directions and also offers interactive touch screen map displays that help you understand what landmarks are visible and where.

Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas

The interior of STRAT’s observation deck is called 108 Drinks, a bar serving frozen drinks, cocktails, beer and wine with a view.

The Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower From $10. Las Vegas Hotel Deals & Reviews

Regular drinks and glasses of wine cost just $20 and draft beer is in the $10-$11 range.

Notably, happy hour runs Monday – Thursday from 3 – 7pm and offers guests 2 – 1 deals on beer, cocktails and wine.

There is a small restaurant called 108 Drinks that serves an assortment of… you guessed it… 108 dishes and sandwiches.

An outdoor observation deck offers views of the area to the south. While both east and west sides of the Strip are visible, the side of the outdoor observation deck that gives you a view to the north is blocked by rides.

Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower Las Vegas

Sickeningly, the observation deck is lined with blue cylinders intended to prevent jumping off the tower.

During my visit, there was a nice breeze, but of course the scenery. Like my recent trip to the Eiffel Tower Experience in Paris, it was surreal to me how much quieter it is up there than at street level or in a casino.

I’m amazed at the engineering that goes into making STRAT’s tower-like SkyPod – how do they do it?! How could it not end? Humanity is wonderful.

Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas

One of my favorite aspects of the STRAT is that it’s adrenaline-inducing and relatively inexpensive. For just $19 you can add all 3 rides to one observation deck ticket! An all-you-can-ride pass is only an additional $29. It’s worth it.

Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel Top Mid Color Editorial Stock Photo

The Big Shot shoots riders 160 feet straight through the air at 45 mph. Not only will you feel your stomach drop, but you’ll get an even more impressive view of Las Vegas at the top of the Rides.

Madness is like a hand with 5 “fingers”. Two riders sit on each “finger” with an arm extended over the edge of the tower. Once extended, the arm begins to rotate and the fingers push back, giving riders a direct view of the ground 900 feet below.

X-Scream is like a teeter-totter, a little roller coaster car that slides back and forth, one way or the other. Of course, the X-Scream will push you off the side of the STRAT’s tower, dragging the riders over the tower before repeating the process all over again, leaving the riders hanging precariously off the edge.

The best part about the rides is that they scare/thrill you without being physically exhausting. Both X-Scream and Madness leave you hanging on the edge without straining your body like a wild roller coaster as Big Shot shoots you fast.

The Strat Hotel Las Vegas Deals Promo Codes & Discounts

SkyJump, the most extreme for me, is a popular option and usually sells out days in advance – book early.

Participants “have the opportunity” to jump from the tower 829 feet above the ground in a controlled free fall that reaches speeds of up to 40 mph.

At this point, I’ve traveled to the top of STRAT’s SkyPod 4 times and it always leaves me in awe. $20 for this show is an incredible deal, whether you’re participating in the rides or not.

Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas

As for the rides, they are amazing for the price. Even if you do just one, I can assure you that you will get more than $9 worth of your money. All three are useful, though my personal favorite is madness.

The Strat Hotel, Casino And Skypod

Bottom line: STRAT’s SkyPod observation deck and rides are an unheard-of value in a city where it’s hard to find your buck.

Add STRAT, especially if you’re creating an itinerary for your first Vegas trip or looking for kid-friendly activities in Las Vegas. It deserves it.

I am a former software salesman turned Vegas enthusiast. Although the craps table is my preferred habitat, I take myself away from exploring new places, shows, restaurants, and outdoor activities around Las Vegas with the goal of sharing my experiences.

Ultimately, I want to help everyone plan a great trip and save some money in the process. Get ready to shoot 160 feet up at 45 miles per hour on the Big Shot as you overlook the majestic Las Vegas Valley. In seconds, the Big Shot thrill ride drops 16 riders from a platform 921 feet high and back down 1,081 feet from the tower’s mast. Before you can catch your breath, you’ll be shot back into the forces unmatched by any other Vegas thrill park! Experience four Gs of force on the way up as your feet dangle over the Las Vegas skyline.

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Military and NV local discounts are available at the box office. All prices are subject to change without notice. Anyone 15 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Must be at least 48” tall to ride the Big Shot. It is a high-speed riding experience with high vertical G-forces at high altitudes. This ride is not recommended for guests with physical, mental, and/or medical limitations. Learn more about the recommendations and requirements for this ride.

You are using an unsupported browser and may not be able to access the full functionality of this site. Update your browser to the latest version and you may have seen the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas – an iconic Vegas landmark. These days, the northern end of the Strip, which models itself as downtown Las Vegas, has changed a bit in value since it’s actually in another city called Paradise, NV. But it?

Best Deals Stratosphere Las Vegas

As we drove up from the south, it was clear that this end of Vegas was in some distress – there were large empty lots and half-built casinos and resorts that were testament to Vegas’ struggle through hard times. facing

The Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower

We arrived around 3pm, valet parked (still free, unlike Caesars and MGM properties) and waited ten minutes to check in as many stations were unmanned – not a great first impression. There is a daily resort fee of $29.99+tax per room, which is two things – cheap in Vegas and pure BS. Just tell us how much the room costs ($79+tax, before adding the incidental $30, which is pretty cheap for the place) and be done with it. This resort fee includes discounted access to the top of the tower (oops – I’d expect that to be included if I stayed there), access to the pools, one of which is outside and closed for the season. It’s eighty degrees outside, and a few other things we don’t care about. The resort fee is a huge evil designed to save the city taxes on the actual price of the room and anger customers. They are in every room in Vegas. Not stopping them as BS.

Our room was a Grand King Suite on the 7th floor covering 700 square feet, close to the elevators. A large tired-looking living room with two rooms centered around a tired-looking table and four large semi-comfortable chairs, a small table, a comfortable sofa and another chair. Two of the basic mattresses

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