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Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Tattoos – Concealer: should you save or spend a lot? The truth is, there are amazing concealer options for every budget – even if you need full coverage!

Whether you’re looking for a bargain or want to try a cult favorite for a higher price, here are five of the best full-coverage concealers ranging from $2 to $27!

Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Tattoos

Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Tattoos

If you want to check out the best drugstore concealers for the under eye area, watch my video here!

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You can find this gem at discount stores like Dollar General or Family Dollar. It has a thinner consistency than the other budget-friendly options on this list, but can still cover redness and dark spots without a problem. It’s so easy to blend whether you use a sponge, a brush, or just your fingers. I love the natural radiant finish, which feels like a second skin – not too matte, not too shiny. A few things I don’t like about this concealer: it doesn’t last as long as others on this list and it starts to fade by midday. I also don’t like the applicator brush – it’s a bit fiddly when letting the product come out of the squeeze tube. This formula also oxidizes slightly, so the shade will darken slightly as it sets.

This is my most used concealer. I love the hydrating formula, as the areas I use concealer the most (under my eyes and around blemishes) look better under makeup when hydrated. Again, the satin finish feels like skin and blends easily with other makeup, or you can wear it alone without foundation perfectly. Full coverage looks great on all skin types and lasts all day without noticeable fading or breakage. It doesn’t form into lines or creases on the face, which is a big advantage. Plus, it’s a vegan and cruelty-free formula, with a wide variety of shades to choose from.

If you prefer a matte finish, this will be your budget-friendly choice. This creamy concealer covers dark circles and blemishes perfectly. With one of the thickest textures on this list, you don’t have to worry about it fading while you blend. It is best suited to oilier skin types due to its drier feel. With 30 shades, the brand promises that this vegan and cruelty-free formula will match 99% of skin tones.

Both this concealer and its matching foundation are my favorites because they offer full coverage in an imperceptibly lightweight formula. I’ve been using this and completely forgot I had product on my face. You’ll get all the coverage you need without a heavy makeup look or feel. It starts with medium coverage, but two thin coats get you covered without a hitch. This concealer has a natural finish that leans a little more on the matte side, but it’s not drying. In fact, this concealer helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, as well as disguise irregularities. The smaller sponge wand also makes it easier to apply to areas like under the eyes and around the nose.

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This is what I would call Big Kahuna – it’s the standard for full coverage concealers. A tube of Shape Tape is sold every 12 seconds. People compared the e.l.f. and Covergirl concealers on this list like dupes. Shape Tape is a cult favorite for a reason—full creamy coverage with a formula that uses shea butter, mango seed butter, and licorice root extract to help hydrate and brighten skin, giving it a firmer appearance. It stays in place all day, without flaking or creasing, and features a silky-smooth (not flat) matte blurred finish. It’s vegan, cruelty free, with 30 shade options.

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Are you getting ready for a special event like prom night, planning to rock that new swimsuit, or just don’t feel like showing off your painted canvas today? You have reasons to hide your tattoos, which is why we’ve rounded up the best makeup products to cover up tattoos based on our experience. They consist of high coverage textures of foundations, concealers and even lipsticks and certainly provide incredible results! And guess what, they will make your paint invisible along with a natural finish, literally! Well, it’s time to hide some mistakes (ssshhh.. your ex’s initials) without opting for a laser removal treatment.

Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Tattoos

But here’s the problem: with a variety of products and techniques at your disposal, it’s easy to make mistakes when choosing makeup products to cover a tattoo. So we’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to! Our experts have scrutinized the ingredients, formulations, and techniques to bring you the tattoo cover-up makeup that will leave you with flawless, blemish-free skin while covering body paint and canceling out the blue tones underneath. Furthermore, the creamy formula of the products provides a skin-like finish, thanks to the wide range of shades the products offer. Get ready to discover the secret to showing or hiding your ink depending on your mood and the occasion. Say goodbye to doubts and hello to confidence, with our curated selection that’s as unique as you.

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Get flawless skin with this high-coverage liquid foundation, which specializes in hiding imperfections such as dark eyes, bruises, acne scars and tattoos. Let’s face it, no one wants constant touch-ups and with this long-lasting foundation, you can maintain a fresh and vibrant look all day long. Available in 17 color options, this foundation suits all skin tones, offering a matte finish from light to deep. This foundation not only conceals perfectly but also lasts, with a 30g tube serving you for a long time. Furthermore, it does not contain harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthy complexion.

Enhance your lips all day long with this lightweight, long-lasting lipstick! Achieving a stylish look if you have a lip tattoo couldn’t be easier than this. Additionally, this shade pairs well with vibrant tattoo colors to give a sophisticated look. The best part? You can also use this as a color corrector base. Elevate your lips with this range of lip products, including liquid lipstick, gloss, cream, liner and buttery gloss for creamy, long-lasting perfection. This product is proudly cruelty-free and PETA certified because the brand believes animals should be in our arms, not in labs.

Dermablend offers this creamy foundation that protects the skin barrier while providing a completely natural look. It’s allergy tested, fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and whatnot! You can simply warm the foundation between your fingers and apply, layering as much as needed for the desired coverage, thanks to the highly buildable formula. Finish with setting powder and gently buff after 2 minutes for a radiant, long-lasting complexion. To note more, this product does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is a complete solution to hide birthmarks, tattoos, vitiligo, scars and bruises. Experience the perfect blend of protection and beauty with Dermablend’s Tattoo Cover Up Cream!

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This remarkable concealer is suitable for all sensitive skin types, offering incredible coverage without leaving weight. It is the perfect choice for mature skin, as it does not form fine lines and provides a hydrating touch. Unlike conventional concealers that can be drying, this one nourishes the skin, thanks to the formula enriched with mango seed and shea butter. Plus, the full-coverage concealer doubles as a contouring/highlighting product for a flawless matte finish. Its creamy, blendable formula ensures no flaking or creasing and provides a luminous lift for a radiant complexion while covering all black and colored tattoos.

Your key to comfortable, full-coverage wear for 30 hours is this concealer from Mayebelline. It perfectly covers flaws and tattoos in dark ink to give your skin a more natural look. Its transfer-resistant composition ensures a smooth appearance without feeling cakey. While there isn’t much in the tube, a little goes a long way in the product. It is long lasting and worth the small amount spent. With this quick-setting, full-coverage concealer, your tattoo coverage won’t crease or feel greasy. It’s sweatproof and incredibly blendable.

Would you like to know, this innovative tattoo coverage tape, a game changer for those seeking a no makeup look while smoothing out any imperfections. This breathable, odorless tape is a beauty secret for all skin types. It keeps your tattoos hidden while allowing you to cover the patch with some base makeup. With this tattoo cover up tape, you will effortlessly hide tattoos in one

Best Drugstore Makeup To Cover Tattoos


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