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Best Place For Sports Betting In Las Vegas

Best Place For Sports Betting In Las Vegas

Circa Las Vegas is more than wings and betting. It’s a 21-plus, adults-only betting nirvana. Discover the world’s largest sportsbook featuring a stunning 78-million-pixel, high-definition screen and Vegas’ most diverse betting menu. Affordable accommodations for fanatics include Wi-Fi and food delivery, as well as sports betting network VSiN’s on-site studio and expert analysis from its broadcasters and industry pros. When it’s time for fun in the sun, Circa’s outdoor pool amphitheater brings the heat.

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Stadium Swim offers 365-day temperature-controlled pools with real-time water sanitation, swim-up bars, live DJ music and a 143-foot screen for your sports viewing pleasure. You can download the Circa Sports app and bet while you swim.

Advanced technology meets good old-fashioned hospitality at Circa Las Vegas – the ultimate sports viewing destination. Circa Las Vegas. The way sports should be. Book your reservation online at Westgate’s SuperBook has long been the standard bearer for sportsbook experiences in Las Vegas and is the place to reinvent yourself with more than 4,000 square feet of digital space. Photo courtesy of Westgate.

Sports betting was banned long ago. Legislators scoffed at the idea of ​​legalizing it. If someone wants to bet on the game, they need to find a bookie in their hometown. The entire industry was shocked.

Las Vegas was the only haven for sports betting for decades. And for that reason, the city acquired a far-reaching stigma in the sporting world. Sporting events outside of boxing, MMA, and rodeo were rarely seen in Sin City.

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Now, it’s a whole new world. Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame because of his gambling decades ago, though MLB Network now runs a ticker with all the spreads and the over/under for every game every day.

“It’s prohibitive for sports leagues to come here,” said Jay Carnegay, executive vice president of Westgate in Las Vegas. “With the Golden Knights and Raiders moving here, it almost felt like it legitimized what we were doing here. Now it’s ‘OK.’ It is safer for customers to make a bet in a highly regulated environment than in an unregulated environment.

Carnegay is a 35-year veteran of the Las Vegas sports betting scene. For the past 18 years, he has been in charge of creating SuperBook at Westgate, a sports bettor’s paradise that has been drawing crowds from around the world for years.

Best Place For Sports Betting In Las Vegas

“For a long time, Vegas was the only place with legal sports betting and anyone thought it was dirty to talk about it,” Carnegie said. “Now, the whole pregame show is about the spread. We laugh about it in Las Vegas because we’re the ‘bad guys’ and now everyone else is doing it.

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Circa has created a mega sportsbook in downtown Las Vegas with three stories of seating and 86 million pixels of TV space. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images approx.

Westgate has always been a leader when it comes to sportsbook quality. Derek Stevens patronized places like Westgate and Caesar’s Palace while traveling to Las Vegas with his friends. Now, years later, Stevens is the chief executive officer of his own resort and casino in Circa. Stevens bought the Golden Gate in downtown Las Vegas in 2006, then the Fitzgerald in 2011 and renamed it The D. Then, in late 2020, Stevens opened his dream resort and sports book with Circa.

“I always thought for a long time that Vegas was an underserved market for professional sports,” Stevens said. “I had the opportunity to have a Triple-A baseball team in Vegas for six years (2007-2012) and I’ve always felt that Vegas supports major league teams. I think that’s proven now with the Golden Knights and Raiders, and it certainly is with MLB and the NBA. And the fans. Loves to travel to see their team on a road trip. What better place to set up your annual trip than coming to Vegas?

The total money taken in by sportsbooks or the handle in Las Vegas is in the billions of dollars each year. Until August 2018, Nevada was the only state with legalized sports gambling. But change was on the horizon.

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It was in May 2018 that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which primarily restricted Nevada from regulated sports betting, was struck down by the Supreme Court in a 6-3 decision. Within months, New Jersey joined Nevada in legalizing sports betting. Now, 30 states have legalized sports gambling, with more on the way in 2023. Seemingly every other commercial for any televised sporting event is for a betting app.

“When they first considered sports betting in New Jersey, we automatically saw it as more of an opportunity than a threat,” Carnegie said. “I know some of my colleagues were concerned about that, but we saw it as an opportunity, and that’s exactly what happened. We’ve expanded into other states and we’re now operating in six states, including Nevada, and we’ll continue to grow. I’ve talked to several visitors over the past couple of years who have never been to Vegas, but they With the introduction of legalized sports gambling in their jurisdiction, they wanted to come out to Las Vegas and experience the sports books and venues that we have. Out here.”

Stevens has gone from sports betting customer to CEO, so he’s experienced on both sides of the fence. He agrees with Kornegay that the more states jump in the pond, the better.

Best Place For Sports Betting In Las Vegas

“It’s great for Vegas that sports gambling is legal in more than 30 states,” Stevens said. “Everybody loves coming to Las Vegas. You see this with opposing fan bases that come to watch their teams play in the NHL and NFL. The more states that legalize sports betting, the bigger the market size, which is a big deal.

Massive Poolside Video Board Makes A Splash At Las Vegas’ Circa

Most fans in the United States can now gamble legally on their phone or at their local sports book. And while that advantage may seem on the surface related to Circa and Westgate, the business was never that big.

Las Vegas, as a whole, set records for gambling revenue in 2021 and 2022, another big year for Las Vegas to offer that others still can’t.

“We’ve built a great place for anyone who wants to watch a game, but it’s really great for groups,” Stevens said of his gigantic sports book. “There’s a lot of group involvement in sports betting — whether it’s people who went to the same college or cheerleaders, or cheer for the same pro team. People like to come together, get some food and drinks and cheer on their team. There’s a lot of camaraderie involved and you’ll see packs of fans walking around. Sports and A bet is a great place for people to get together.

The consensus among Las Vegas visitors is that Circa Westgate is an elite-level viewing experience. There is approximately 86 million pixels worth of TV space and Westgate has more than 4,250 square feet of digital space. That kind of thrill isn’t available at anyone’s home or local casino. And experience is why people like Carnegie and Stevens aren’t worried about losing business to mobile betting.

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“We see an increase in mobile betting; However, we still have many players who like to come here to enjoy the space and camaraderie with their friends,” said Carnegie. “You can do things here that you can’t do at home – like watch seven matches at the same time. The atmosphere and electricity in SuperBook is the same as in the game. There’s nothing like experiencing a game at a sports book if you have the money. Some people bet $10 on it and they enjoy it for two hours and some are betting thousands of dollars.

Stadium Swim is the first of its kind in Las Vegas, offering six pools and a 40-foot screen so patrons can watch the game in some sunny weather. Photo courtesy of Circa.

Stevens created Circa with the mindset of giving people something unique to remember and tell friends about. He also owns the studio for sports betting network VSiN to shoot live content on top of the sportsbook.

Best Place For Sports Betting In Las Vegas

“I still remember walking into Caesars a long time ago and thinking, ‘Wow, look at this sports book.’

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