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Hang around anywhere people talk about film cameras and you’ll get the idea that shooting film is expensive. And yes, it can be. But it is not

Best Point And Shoot For Action Shots

Best Point And Shoot For Action Shots

To be. There are many ways to lower the cost of shooting film without sacrificing quality. This is especially true when talking about point and shoot film cameras.

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Yes, the Contax T3 and the Olympus Mju II and the Yashica T4 are expensive cult cameras (whether they deserve to be expensive is an argument we explore in many articles and reviews). But the most important thing to know is that for every one of these cameras that are expensive, mount up and shoot there are ten or twenty others that are very close to the price of one.

Here are the many locations and shooting cameras we’ve found to be able to create exceptional photos like the big name cameras (in most cases). We’ve selected only reliable models that offer something special, and we’ve highlighted exactly what makes each of these cameras worth owning today. Oh, and all of these cameras can be found for between $25 and $99 on the used market. It’s worth it!

Minox 35 EL – Minox 35 EL is the smallest 35mm film camera in the world, which makes it perfect as a second camera or for travel, street, or night out and shooting. It’s also no slouch when it comes to imaging, offering auto-exposure, a fast 35mm F/2.8 lens, and creative control with manual focus and aperture controls. Its ISO setting is user-selectable from ISO 25 to 800, making the Minox a great camera for those who like to pull- or push-run their film.

Given the electronic auto-exposure and electro-mechanical shutter, concerns about longevity are justified (the same thing can be said about any Contax or other cult camera, remember). As with all electronic cameras, buy yours from a reputable dealer who guarantees that the camera works, and it should do just that. For shooters looking for the smallest film camera with an excellent lens, the Minox is king.

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Canon Sure Shot Supreme – This point and shoot from Canon is growing in the cycle of being another cult like the Olympus Mju II before it, and is gaining ground in the minds of photo geeks for the same reason as Olympus fast and sharp lenses. This thing has 38mm F / 2.8 makes punchy, sharp images, even in low light (when loaded with the right film). Other features include flash-selectable flash, autofocus with pre-lock available, automatic ISO setting from 50 to 1600, large and bright viewfinder, LED for focus status, flash, and low light, and self-timer. These many features make it one of the biggest cameras in this range, but its ergonomic curves make it one of the easiest to hold and shoot with one hand.

It uses a 2CR5 lithium battery, which means it will shoot for a long time between reloads. While we’re on the topic of batteries, the Sure Shot Supreme’s battery door is large and attached to the camera with small screws, which is great, since flimsy battery doors are often the point of failure of many plastic point and shoot cameras. time. In 1986 the Canon Sure Shot Supreme was voted European Camera of the Year, and is still good today.

Pentax PC 700 – Pentax made many excellent point and shoot cameras throughout the 1990s and early ’00s, and people tend to overlook them today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Pentax IQ Zoom series on any list of the best point and shoot cameras (except for the one we wrote last year). But guess what, these cameras are unbreakable, take great photos, and cost nothing. I chose the Pentax PC 700 to be included here because it offers something more than the usual location and shooting – weather resistance. Spray it, throw sand on it, throw it on a cool beach, it will always bloom.

Best Point And Shoot For Action Shots

Although its lens isn’t as exceptional as the lenses found on other cameras in this range, it takes perfectly good photos. Another plus – it’s very simple. A real point and shoot camera. All of these factors make the Pentax PC 700 perfect for the photo geek who wants to take snapshots by the lake or beach, or on summer road trips or mountain hikes, without worrying about exposure, focus, settings, or keeping things dry.

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Olympus XB AF 44 / Olympus XB 41 AF / Olympus XB 40 AF / Olympus XB 400 – These very similar and almost identical series of cameras from Olympus share the same basic design elements; large viewfinder, sliding lens hood, fully automatic operation, and the most important and unusual feature, the 27mm wide angle lens. The Trip XB models with AF in the name are autofocus cameras, of which the XB 400 is the focus model.

Either model will produce sharp images thanks to the unusually wide-angle lens and the depth of field brought by the focal length. Built-in flash, automatic film and rewind, and its timer round out the category of these simple (but surprisingly good) things and shoots. Being one of the cheapest ways to shoot a 27mm wide lens on film puts these models on the list. You can buy one for less than $20.

Canon Snappy S – Arguably the lowest performing camera on this list, I love the Canon Snappy S for this reason. It’s very simple, and it’s from the Canon school of design where the main explanation must have been “make it look cool.” The rotating lens cover and available color options speak for themselves (the Snappy S comes in black, yellow, green, and red options). The Canon Snappy S is a low-tech camera with a decent lens, one-button operation, and a built-in user-selectable flash.

The 35mm F/4.5 lens is undeniably slow, but it makes punchy photos in good light and the brightness helps when things get dark. It is a compact camera with automatic film advance and reverse. Other than that, there isn’t much to say. It’s included in the list because it looks cool, takes lovely lo-fi photos that will be good enough for most people, and costs, like, $20 on eBay. Worth a shot? For sure.

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Nikon Lite Touch AF Zoom – People tend to automatically exclude the area with zoom tools and shoot in conversations around the actual area and shoot the cameras. Yes, zoom lenses have slow apertures, making them difficult to use in low light. But in most shooting situations, and by loading the right speed film and using the flash properly, a low exposure camera can be an excellent camera.

Nikon’s Lite Touch Zoom AF is one of the best zooms and photos I’ve ever used. Capable of zooming from 35mm to 70mm, it covers a wide enough range of focal lengths to handle everything from portraits and street photography to portraiture. There is a macro mode, focus distance and flash settings, and a timer. The slim, black body is slim, and the retractable lens allows us to put it in a jacket or pants pocket. We always have these for sale in store, but you can also find them on eBay (just buy one that’s guaranteed to work).

Pentax IQ Zoom Series / Espio Series – The reason the IQ Zoom / Espio series is on this list is because there is a model for every need, and almost all of them cost less than $35. Indeed, the number of different IQ Zoom models is staggering, and it’s rare that one doesn’t look like one. There’s the super slim 835, the weatherproof WR90, and the IQ Zoom 200 (which has an amazing 48-200mm lens). Some of the cameras in this series have SMC glass and aspherical lens elements, attractive features that are more common in SLR lenses than composites and lenses.

Best Point And Shoot For Action Shots

The best thing about this series, though, is that they just work. In six years of selling cameras in my shop, only two IQ Zooms have come up as defective. Compare this to literally hundreds of other models and shoot dead models and you’ll see why I’m so impressed with IQ Zooms. Oh, and they make great pictures. Just search for Pentax IQ Zoom on eBay, and scroll until you find the one you like.

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The photos in the sample gallery above were created by Alex Luyckx (left) and Alan Duncan (right), and are published here with permission

The last line of Canon Sure Shots (80U, 90U, 115U, etc.) – In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the big camera companies were sailing. Film cameras had reached their peak of technology and power, and the transition to digital was upon us

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