Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes – It is important to remember in these trying times that we all still need to make room in our lives for laughter and joy. Netflix got you.

There are few better places to turn for laughs these days than the O.G. of streaming services. While potential customers have an ever-growing number of streaming options to choose from, Netflix’s steady stream of high-profile comedy specials is a selling point in itself.

Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes

Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes

From hours that made our favorites famous to recent routines from comedy vets, here are 27 of the funniest stand-up specials on Netflix now streaming, ranked by how much they’ll make you laugh.

Stand Up Comedy Jokes That Just Don’t Disappoint

We have used a rule with one entry per comedian, but called out other performances of theirs that we’ve loved.

Haddish imbues coming-of-age anecdotes with effervescence and physical comedy that just can’t be beat. She explores stardom, growth and peeing in an Uber. Adult stuff! If you’re looking for a pick-me-up and the best ponytail for the small screen, you’ve come to the right place.

Favorite and hot celeb gossip singularity Pete Davidson threw his B.D.E. on stage for a proper comedy special.

Is so special and it’s a Netflix original. Like Pete himself, the comedy sometimes feels harsh and unformed. But

The Best Stand Up Comedy Specials On Netflix (september 2023)

Star eventually finds his groove, as he often does, by extracting humor and deeply personal touchstones from his life. —

As well as a top-tier internet meme, his Netflix special kicks off with a sketch moment. Dressed in a police uniform, André parades through the streets of New Orleans brandishing a bong and all manner of drugs. It’s a fitting introduction to a too-short stage show where altered states and absurdity are the order of the day. —

Michelle Wolf’s second streaming special (and first on Netflix) is everything the comedian does best: humble bragging disguised as self-deprecation and sharp commentary on sexism that doesn’t feel pedantic, all delivered with a cheeky smile. Wolf’s greatest comedic weapon has always been that she doesn’t

Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes

As someone with the power to destabilize unsuspecting audiences with words alone, but she absolutely nails it, every time. —

Interview: Robbie Praw On Netflix Stand Up Comedy Specials

Sarah Silverman is one of those comics who needs no introduction. You’ve probably heard OF her, simply because you’ve probably heard of her. The outspoken

The veteran has built his brand of humor around finding the jokes within challenging subjects and talking about them candidly and with a heavy dose of irony.

Finds Silverman in a more introspective mood as she balances her streaky taste in jokes alongside thoughtful and thought-provoking acts of self-reflection. —

Is one we just keep coming back to. In his fifth one-hour special, Jim Gaffigan meditates on the birth of his fifth child as well as the changing political climate of 2017. We get tons of great Gaffigan moments, including his outrageous take on binge watching.

Only Child Curse

Wanda Sykes is a legend for a reason—and we need her unfiltered guidance now more than ever. IN

, Sykes lands razor-sharp observations on the state of the country and explores topics such as the biases of medical care and the current administration. She also talks about her own experiences with aging and introduces us all to the iconic “Esther”.

Is a uniquely hilarious stand-up special because it has a live band on stage with Todd Glass, and the way he plays that band and uses it to highlight his jokes and stories makes Glass’s best special to date. His quick, dynamic, stream-of-consciousness comedy is on fire here as he digs into the details of life, and the backing band is the icing on the cake. —

Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes

Host Meyers brings the broad likability that drives his talk show, which has kept him prominent in comedy since his days at

Stand Up Comedy Comedy Shows Event Tickets Bengaluru

E’s Weekend Update desk. His takes on fatherhood and married life aren’t revolutionary, but they’re pleasantly personal and absurd enough (like the titular bit) to make an impact. He’s also taking advantage of Netflix unlike anyone else, with the “SKIP POLITICS” option for anyone who wants to get through a comedy class without hearing a word that rhymes with “grump.” —

Is a masterpiece. Framed as Hannah Gadsby’s decision to “leave comedy,” this one-hour special examines why self-deprecating humor can be harmful to comedians already on the fringes. Reflecting on her experience as a lesbian performing in the often biased and unforgiving world of comedy, Gadsby leaves her Netflix debut with a microphone for the ages.

And more shaped her into British comedy personified. From her delightfully unique speech patterns to her transatlantic perspective, Ryan will bring a breath of fresh air to any American streamer. Her second Netflix hour

Arrived on Netflix. Filmed in various venues of varying sizes and with absolutely no segues or real structure, Sandler shows that he not only still has some of the best comedy chops in the business, but that he’s still capable of surprising all kinds of audiences with his humor. —

Jimmy O. Yang Jokes That Good Deal Might Be The ‘last Stand Up Comedy Special Ever’

Late Night fans have known about Taylor Tomlinson for a while. Now all of Netflix can bask in her glory. Whip-smart and spectacularly cynical, Tomlinson offers a painfully real look at what it means to be in your twenties these days. Of course it can be fun. But also, it’s a nightmare? You understand. If you love her hour special, be sure to check out her Netflix debut

Provides a snapshot of a moment that will not soon be forgotten. Rock’s perspective is valuable as always, but his insight never strays too far from funny.

Was especially wonderful. Reflecting on the birth of her first child and recent marriage, Schumer talks about how she has changed since she first came into the public eye. It’s a raw, feminist laugh-fest that gives touching insight into the role we play in our growth and that of others. Plus, she describes what hyperemesis is like, and for someone, somewhere, that’s some extremely relatable shit.

Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes

Jay’s debut special hits that sweet spot of comedy being both hyper-specific and damn universal. She hits on traveling with her boyfriend (“you’re not an aeronautical scientist”), white leisure activity (“They do weird shit. They just get lost in the woods for no reason”), and the Trump presidency. She adds her own insight to topics that have been done before, managing to joke about transgender people, #MeToo and more without cutting corners. Other comics, take note (and don’t try this at home).

Classic Jokes To Remember Mitch Hedberg, 15 Years After His Death

Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix debut, developed for the stage with The Moth and a national tour, tore down the wall between stand-up comedy and live storytelling with this brilliant hybrid. Minhaj talks about his childhood, his family, his experience as an Indian American and a budding comedian, all with equal measures of contemplation and lively humor.

‘s DNA carries the sequence that has been present throughout his career—one that, by all indications, is just beginning. —

Your parents. With folksy observations about big city life, hot air balloons and being single, this sharp, quotable and silly 2017 special is the perfect hour-long break for just about anyone. That’s cute! Sweet is very nice. Cute is a lot of fun. —

And mixes it up with some of the most casually delivered jokes. As she brings the audience into her life, thoughts and feelings in what should feel like an uncomfortable invasion of privacy, Notaro’s mastery of comedy and being on stage keeps everything welcoming and warm. Also, the last 15 minutes of the special is a single joke that’s basically a masterclass in sustained tension.

Funniest Jokes For Kids 2023

Hari Kondabolu’s comedy is pointed and painfully relevant. With jokes about racism, Indian stereotypes and observations of all the mindless things going on in the world right now, Kondabolu somehow manages to wrangle out some of the most irritating aspects of life in

, Noah—a seasoned standup—unwittingly uses his specials to unleash the sheer charisma that landed him a talk show hosting gig in the first place. Just like he does on

, he cheerfully dismantles Western society for all its idiosyncrasies and frivolities, but never without a measure of love for the bizarre world he now calls home.

Best Stand Up Comedy Jokes

From the moment it arrived. Shot and released in late 2017, after an emotionally devastating year that included the unexpected death of his wife, Michelle McNamara, and a traumatic presidential election, Oswalt takes the stage ready to share, and then share some more. The bare honesty he brings to that stage lands as a form of therapy. It’s not wall-to-wall laughs as we watch Oswalt work through trauma in front of a crowd, but it’s raw and heartfelt and a strong testament to why he’s still one of the most talented comics working in day.

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Mike Birbiglia breaks down the ins and outs of the institution while sharing his decades of dating experience. Heartfelt, hysterical and beautifully staged, this hour of intimate storytelling will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. His special from 2019

In her first stand-up comedy special, Ali Wong brought a fire to the stage that tore down theaters in Seattle and spread around the world, capturing the attention of millions with her unabashed stories about her pregnancy, her relationship with her husband and her husband. eat ass. Her cheerfulness and ferocity paired with

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