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If I’m being completely honest, white blazers weren’t at the top of my list until recently. I don’t work in an office, so I’ve never made it a priority to have such a corporate looking piece. However, when I was doing some shopping a few weeks ago, I came across a really cute item (browse similar options here) and I immediately started thinking of all the white blazer outfits I could start making with what I already had in my closet. , which led me to take photos and of course share them on the internet.

Black Outfit With White Blazer

Black Outfit With White Blazer

I just created a summer capsule wardrobe and I’m starting to work on a capsule wardrobe each season. When I was thinking about what to include for a spring capsule wardrobe, I wanted to add a layering piece that I could dress up or dress down and that would also transition well into the summer months. While I considered other colors, I decided to go with the classic white blazer. A piece that hasn’t been in my closet for years, but today I’m going to show you exactly what to do with it, even if you don’t work in an office environment.

Easy Black & White Outfit — Sarah Christine

The white blazer is the neutral, chic piece you didn’t know you needed. Believe me, it happened to me.

I’m going to add it as a key piece to my spring capsule wardrobe (I’m currently working on that blog post) because it’s so versatile. You can wear it to the office, going out, running errands, date night… basically anytime you want to look extra polished and stylish.

A white blazer will enhance any outfit and trust me, you are going to get all the compliments and most importantly, you are going to feel good about yourself. A good outfit can do it for you!

The answer to this question, 90% of the time, for any part of your closet, will just be a LOL. In the very rare case of just a basic piece like a t-shirt or a button down shirt, I would suggest you keep one of each. I know it sounds extreme, but my main goal with this blog is to show you that it is absolutely possible! I live out of a carry-on bag for god’s sake (I have an extra box of clothes at my in-laws’ house in Florida, but still!) Downsizing is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for yourself.

Linen Oversized Blazer

As of last October 2020 my husband and I have decided to sell everything we own and start living on Airbnb full time. I’m loving it! And if that’s not crazy enough, now we travel the whole world! So we took our minimalist lifestyle to a whole new level.

Keep scrolling because I’ve got 10 outfits coming your way and a bunch of styling tips to make it easy for you to recreate any of these looks with anything you probably have in your closet!

The only downside to having a white blazer in your closet is that you’ll probably have to take it to the dry cleaner. I know it’s boring, but hey, it can’t be all

Black Outfit With White Blazer

Right!? Because of that, you’ll wear it once or twice a month, so these 10 outfits I’m sharing with you today should be good for a year.

White Blazer Fuchsia Shirt And A Python Scarf

It’s the first time I’ve had a white blazer in years, so I’m still not 100% sure about it. I think you can wear it all year round. I personally don’t follow any rules when it comes to wearing white, so I’d say you could create some cute fall looks and even wear it a few times in the winter (with your coat over it, of course), but we’ll see.

For now, I’ve only made white blazer outfits for spring and summer, and I plan to take it to Italy this fall, so stay tuned to see how many looks I can create. I think it’s a great piece to bring to Europe.

Well, I think I’ve answered all your possible questions, but if you have any more, leave them in the comments or DM me on Instagram. I am always here to help. Next, I briefly explain how you’re going to make your own version of any of the white blazer outfits I’m sharing today.

The white blazer I’m wearing is no longer available. I found it in an Ann Taylor, but unfortunately OOS. However, Nordstrom has some really solid options no matter what your budget!

Love Black And White Outfits? Learn How To Wear Them More Stylishly

You’ll notice that for each outfit, I share an outfit formula and it’s kind of vague. Let me explain why.

This is on purpose just because these outfits should serve as a guide, it doesn’t mean you have to wear what I’m wearing. So, if I say flat shoes it means that you can use any flat shoes as long as the color works. The same thing applies to any other piece.

That being said, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recreate any white blazer outfit:

Black Outfit With White Blazer

This is the perfect example of dressing up in the same color from head to toe and then adding a white blazer as the final touch. Trust me, it never fails. You can also try it with black, or white, a bold color, dark green or navy. To make it look extra summery and keep it casual (which was my intention) I decided to wear espadrilles (they are so comfortable and run TTS).

White Blazer + Black Maxi Dress

My favorite t-shirt (and for basics) brand is called American Giant. They gave me a code to use ’15’ to get 15% off your entire order. Get them out!

This is the first look that came to mind when I decided to buy my white blazer. Is it a concern? A nautical look with a white blazer will always be chic and classic. You can make your own version with whatever you have. Just make sure you wear navy and white, and if you can, incorporate stripes into any of your pieces. That’s basically what I did. I went through my closet which was navy and ended up with jeans, but you can also use white pants/jeans.

Don’t forget that you can create a more casual white blazer outfit with neutrals. This is one of my favorite color combos because it’s so timeless. This look is very comfortable and perfect for a spring or summer outing. Use any beige pants you have and don’t be afraid to throw brown sandals in there. It doesn’t have to be the same shade. All neutrals look good together!

I chose a subtle pop of color here. If you don’t have colored jeans or pants, keep it neutral underneath and add a pop of color with your top or even your accessories. You can wear this look to the office, but in my case it would be a meeting or an event with a brand (if you need office inspiration, check out 80+ office looks here).

White Blazer Looks For Summer

I always have to style my denim shirt because I love it so much. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve seen

Here is about a lot. It’s part of my summer capsule wardrobe and I’ll also include it for my spring capsule (I’m currently working on this post). Remember you can just tuck it in, but I like to tie my shirt like I did here because it makes it more fun. But if you want to wear this look for the office, tone it down and add a belt and dressier shoes. (You can also check out this post where I share 8 things you can do with a button down shirt – all styling tips we apply to denim shirts).

I also have a blog post called ‘How to Wear a Denim Shirt’ where I share more chic and timeless looks with this closet staple!

Black Outfit With White Blazer

One of my favorite looks! So comfortable, perfect for summer and chic. Any top would work for this look, but I wanted to add some color. This will also work if you want to stick with neutrals, but don’t be afraid to play with accessories. Adding a pop of color will give your look a special touch.

A Professional Black & White Look!

I recently started wearing more wide leg pants and I love them! They are so comfortable!! I still love my skinny jeans, but it’s nice to do something different for a change. Wide leg pants are so comfortable. This look is also great for the office or brunch with the girls.

A very simple and easy white blazer outfit. You can never go wrong if you follow this outfit formula. This look of a white blazer with jeans can be casual


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