Blood Of Youth Chinese Drama – As a disciple of the Lei Clan, Lei Wu Ji can’t wait to prove his worth as a hero, but as a rookie who has just entered the world of martial arts, the road to becoming a true hero is difficult, at best. Undeterred by the challenges before him, Wu Ji makes his way to the great city of Xu Yue, certain that his time there will mold him into the hero he so desperately wants to be. Unfortunately, his trip to Xue Yue is interrupted by an unfortunate mishap at the Falling Snow Villa. As the owner of the villa, Xiao Se has all the appearance of a rich innkeeper, but he can barely afford to keep the inn open. Struggling with his business, Xiao Se is less than pleased when his establishment is damaged by the antics of a young, willful hero. Demanding that he repair the damage he caused, Wu Ji can only think of one way to appease the grumpy Xiao Se, and that is to take him with him. With no other options, the two set off together without any idea of ​​what their fate holds. Befriending a number of people along the way, including Wu Xin, Sikong Qianlu, Tang Lian, and Yi Ruo Yi, Xiao Se and Wu Ji soon find themselves caught up in an adventure far greater than either of them could have imagined. . While facing countless dangers, the group encounters a trail of clues that tie one of them to the battle for the throne that took place over a decade ago. The question is, is the fearless hero ready and willing to take his rightful place as the leader of the people? And where will the brotherhood go from there? (Source: Viki; edited by ) ~~ Adapted from the novel “Shao Nian Ge Xing” (少年歌行) by Zhou Mu Nan (周木楠). edit translation

It was a windy and snowy day. Lei Wuji, a young swordsman wanders into a remote snowy inn. Xiao Se, the rich innkeeper in rich clothing, is cornered by robbers. Brave Wuji intervenes and a heated battle ensues. Shocked by the destruction, Xiao Se travels with Wuji to Shuyao City to collect interest compensation. Along the way, they get caught up in a brutal multiparty brawl over a mysterious gold coffin. They are swept out of harm’s way by Vaccin, a powerful and enigmatic unqualified monk. Thus begin the adventures of a loan shark innkeeper, a fearless airhead and an irreverent monk. In their journey, they make deadly enemies as they make lifelong friends. Sword in hand, righteous in heart 手中握剑, 心心有义, the young friends set out on a quest for justice and a vision of jianghu or the martial world. In Jianghu there is no absolute right or wrong, only an individual sense of morality and righteousness; The higher values ​​any swordsman is willing to give his life to protect.

Blood Of Youth Chinese Drama

Blood Of Youth Chinese Drama

This addictive and fantastic waxwork captures the spirit of rivers and lakes and the wanderer’s thirst to see where the sky ends. The hilarious banter and boundless friendship between the trio and their growing circle is engrossing and exhilarating. I love that despite his superpowers, Wuxin needs Xiao Se to fund their travels and Lei Wujie has no sense of direction and loses Xiao Se all the time. Xiao Se (萧瑟; Desolate) is a lonely and reserved character with a subtle air of loss and disappointment wrapped in sarcasm and arrogance. From the first case he shares a strange understanding with Voxin, another wandering character with a cryptic past. Both are brilliant, complex and somewhat broken characters looking for answers and a fix. Although he is young in years, Wuxin is a wise old soul, almost omniscient, more at peace with his past than Xiao Se. They find solace in the simplistic and pure-hearted idealism of Lei Wuji; His fearless youthful optimism and sense of invincibility. They are the core that attracts other great talents such as the redoubtable elder warrior brother Tang Lian, the strategic Ye Ruoyi, the divine healer Hua Jin and the sticky-as-a-fly Sikong Qianluo.

Song Of Youth

There’s a lot to unpack in this story, starting with an abundance of flamboyant and fearsome Jianghu characters. My personal favorite is Baili Dongjun, a prolific beer master and the first city lord of Xueyue City. The prequel 少年白马醉春风 The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure depicts the youthful adventures of the colorful old generation of martial heroes. This accounts for the richly defined Jianghu universe of heroes and legendary weapons and the fully realized characters with deep relationships and substantial backstories. Many characters around are protagonists of their own subplots that are revealed alongside them without seeming to deviate from the main plot line. Despite the loyalty, all five sword deities are exciting and fascinating characters that make me want to know how their journeys begin. This drama is said to stay true to the original and the beloved Manhua. This is probably due to the involvement of the writer Zhou Munen (周木楠), whose prose is witty and simple, but deep Zen.

When the heroes gather in the capital Tianqi City, the plot takes a political turn. The emperor falls ill and they get caught up in a battle for the throne between Prince Bai and Prince Chi. They race against time to unravel the old conspiracy that led to the downfall of Lord Langia many years ago. Fans of Langya List 琅琊榜 or Nirvana in Fire will immediately recognize that beyond ranking the heroes, large chunks of this story pay homage to that masterpiece. The plot reaches its peak in an epic and heartbreaking desalination that reveals all the hard truths. While some villains could be better and get off too lightly, the ending ties up all the loose ends. Nirvana in Fire left me inconsolable but I’m uplifted by how this version of the ancient battle for the throne ends. The will of heaven does not always prevail over the will of man; We have a choice whether to walk the lonely road or the road full of friends.

It is evident from the production values ​​that the budget is modest at best but the money is invested in all the right places. Each character’s style is distinct and eye-catching and their weapons are badass. The fight scenes are intense, well choreographed, fast moving and exciting; The hallmark of a good vaxia. Each sect and swordsman has distinct combat techniques and advantages that are well-rehearsed and awe-inspiring.

The acting is impressive and anchored by charismatic descriptions and compelling chemistry between Liu Shuyi’s Wuxin and Li Hongyi’s Xiao Se. Both characters are undoubtedly fan favorites. Many characters have been introduced so well that they provide a lasting impact beyond their screen time. The only notable exception is Sikong Qianluo, a cartoon character who has zero chemistry with Xiao Se. Someone must have sent them the wrong script because they seem to be playing the part of the lovesick fangirl who opposes a celebrity actor. But the romance is peripheral in this saga and there are other fascinating stories like the story of Li Hani and Zhao Yuzhen and also that of Tang Lian and Pia Rui.

First Thoughts On The Blood Of Youth Drama?

This is a must watch wuxia, one that delivers on all the most beloved aspects of the genre. It has small flaws but I enjoyed it too much to want to pick on them. I’ll just leave it at that it was nice to see more of Wuxin and while the final fight scene was meaningful and satisfying, there were a few more clashes I would have liked to have seen. All in all, I’m happy to rate this 9.0/10.0 and crown it the best wuxia of 2022.

I didn’t think I’d see this day happen when another costume drama got a perfect score from me. I’m notoriously picky so this is only the second one. I think what made me pick it up was that I heard the IP was great from trusted sources and that it was a Voxia. I’ve never seen any of the cast (save Cao Yu Chen who appeared in maybe three episodes as the deity who never left the mountain and when he dies, then it’ll be a whole new experience. A totally worth experience that made me swoon and buy both the VIP and the Express On the pretty crappy international Youku app. This series really was a spectacular wuxia brotherhood that I’ve always wanted to see fully realized. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Pros: The martial arts, special effects especially the explosions were a perfect representation of each character. Everyone had their own blend. The way they grew and developed within their styles was worth it every episode even when there were less fight scenes. This was by far my favorite part. The favorite character was Xiao Se because even before he regained his tremendous strength, he was a man who thought 17 steps ahead of everyone else

Blood Of Youth Chinese Drama


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