Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change – An award-winning animator and one of the world’s most prominent economists have put together a new version of their funny, informative book on the climate crisis.

Books abound on how to save the planet and why we should. Some are aimed at children, while others are aimed at adults. Explores the complexities of increasing inter-environmentalism (how injustices against the planet interact to reinforce injustices against certain groups of people). One thing these ecobooks have in common is that they tend to be serious and fat. After all, such a serious topic can only be covered with nonsense, right?

Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change

Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change

Wrong – at least according to Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman. In 2014, the pair published an illustrated guide to global warming. Last month, the Eco-Entertainment team released an updated edition of their fun, genre-bending book: An Introduction to Climate Change in Animation, Revised Edition (Island Press). It includes new artwork and updated data on intergovernmental climate change issues.

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Filled with jokes, puns, one-liners, and black-and-white cartoons, this creative book makes it easy to understand scientific concepts like what oxygenic photosynthesis is and where carbon-based fossil fuels come from. Polar bears tell their cubs about evolution. People in different yoga poses explain the carbon cycle. A man holding a spinning globe while balancing on a roller skates helps demonstrate the Milankovitch Era, which predicts ice ages by analyzing changes in Earth’s tilt over millennia. Single-celled organisms crack increasingly corny jokes (“What do you call a single-celled organism floating in a primitive sea? Bob. What do you call a single-celled organism sprayed on a wall? Art.”) Bauman and Klein use. Compare and contrast are easy to understand and explain complex and sometimes scary ideas, such as using a cake to show the catastrophic impact fossil fuel consumption will have on the planet by 2100. Despite the overwhelming evidence that human activity, growth and development have caused the climate crisis, change is a controversial topic.

Although the book covers depressing topics such as sea level rise and mass extinction, its optimism shines through, especially when it discusses how humans can develop cheap clean energy from coal, oil, or natural gas. Bauman and Klein discuss the economics of climate change, including how carbon taxes work. The glossary at the back makes the book particularly useful for students.

Addressing interesting (and often dry) topics in a fun way is Bauman and Klein’s specialty. The pair have collaborated on titles such as

. Klein is an animator, cartoonist and creator of a series of graphic novels, while Bauman is hailed as the world’s first, and only, eminent economist. Bauman, who holds a PhD in economics, is involved in climate causes such as Clean Air, and regularly performs comedy acts at university and corporate events.

Weather And Climate!: With 25 Science Projects For Kids (explore Your World): M. Reilly, Kathleen, Casteel, Tom: 9781619308664: Books

It’s pretty much guaranteed to be the most interesting thing you’ve ever read about a climate tragedy, and it might even motivate you to take action. Contact us (08:30-17:00 UK) 01803 865913 International +44 1803 865913 Email Customer. Service @ All Contact Information Need help? Help pages

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Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change

First published in 2014, it introduced something completely new: a fun, illustrated guide to Planetary Crisis. If that sounds like an oxymoron, you’ve never seen the carbon cycle represented by a yoga pose or a polar bear.

An Introduction To Climate Change And Human Rights

That creativity comes from the mind of the world’s first and only “standing economist” and award-winning illustrator, Grady Klein. After seeing their book used in classrooms and the halls of parliament, the pair teamed up again to completely update the guide with the latest scientific data from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

A lot has happened in climate in the last decade, and authors have dealt with difficult statistics with brand comics. They realize it’s better to laugh than cry when faced with the absurd facts about our changing world. Readers will be familiar with critical concepts, but smile as they learn about climate science, projections, and policies.

Sociologists don’t solve climate change because it’s too big and scary.

, now available in Chinese, German, Italian and other languages. He is a carbon tax fellow at the Sightline Institute and co-authored Tax Transitions with Alan Durning.

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“Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein find a way to make climate change humorous and insightful in this visual-driven book.”

“A book on climate change is easy to understand, hard to imagine, but Joram Bauman and Grady Klein

Both are picture books that walk readers through the basics of climate science. […] intimate and attractive”.

Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change

“Illustrated with deceptively simple art that expertly supports the text, this book provides a masterful tour of the issues facing the developing world and is a model of how educational works of this type should be done.”

The Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change By Yoram Bauman — Kickstarter

Fun, it’s full of facts, presented as cartoons, and peppered with a few opaquely realistic chains. You can read it in an afternoon, and so can your child or grandparent. Thanks to the pictures and simple analogies, I’m sure they retain more information.”

] from the IPCC’s latest report, based on science, explaining the technologies and policies that can make a positive difference – all in jest.”

“Not only is it fun to educate yourself or your crazy uncle on the basics of climate science, but it’s also full of practical information presented in simple yet elegant illustrations and comics.”

If you provide him with graphs and figures on climate change, you will enjoy this irreverent new view of our planet’s future.”

This New Cartoon Book Makes Reading About Climate Change Fun (yes, Really)

“The illustrations from Klein and Baumann’s text raise an important issue that deserves to be applauded.”

“I know we’re trashing the earth, but should we add to our misery by reading doom and gloom books about it?

It offers another way: learn some serious science, evaluate strategies for change, and have a good laugh in the process.”

Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change

“Are you interested in the science and economics of global warming? You’ll find plenty of boring books on the subject. Better bet

Frankfurt, Germany. 24th May 2019. A Protester Carries A Sign With A Cartoon Of The Planet Earth In A Burning Room That Reads

“A clear, concise depiction of the story of human-caused climate change, full of honest but warm-hearted humor and grounded optimism. A gently persuasive, beautifully illustrated […] innovative springboard for discussing what we can do. As individuals and as a society, reduce the heat on the planet’s ‘manure pile’.

“The weather is no laughing matter – but it’s a crybaby. “Maybe it’s a secret way to people’s hearts and minds.”

“Fresh! Fresh! Accurate and inspiring! An accessible, friendly and funny explanation of climate change – non-political, non-judgmental and fresh with insight. Cartoons you can trust!”

“Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman Treasury, The economics of climate policy have never been more accessible.”

Economist Yoram Bauman’s “cartoon Introduction To Climate Change” (pictures)

“Rarely do you read books that try to tackle the world’s biggest problems and present the information in a way that is accessible to the general public. Bravo to Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein, and thank you on behalf of everyone who cares deeply. This is the problem. “Kids’ Guide to Climate Change (Includes Printable Comics) Are you learning about climate change? Here’s a fun comic for kids about how it’s affecting the planet – explained by kids who are experiencing it. Learn how to print this comic at home!

Do you have a child or know a child who is learning about climate change?

Whether they’re asking about historic flooding or record-setting temperatures, it’s hard to know where to start. So we’ve put together a guide on how it’s changing the world and how to deal with the big feelings of hearing it. Click here to print a hard copy of this comic to take home or in your classroom, and here’s more information on how we did it.

Cartoon Introduction To Climate Change

Click here to download and print this comic. When printing a PDF file, select the printer’s duplex option with short edge binding. Then divide the printed pages in half and sort them by page number. Make extra copies to share with friends or classmates.

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