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Let’s be honest: From park tickets to food to lodging and more, a trip to Walt Disney World can be expensive. But it is not necessary to go to Florida.

Cheap Flights From Dallas To Orlando Florida

Cheap Flights From Dallas To Orlando Florida

Whether you’re heading straight to Disney or heading to nearby theme parks and resorts, getting things started by booking cheap flights to Disney World is the key to experiencing one of the most magical places on earth for less. At first glance, these flights seem expensive—especially if you’re trying to get the whole family to Orlando and back. But if you use a few key methods, you can find the cheapest flights to Walt Disney World, then use those savings to make your park experience even better.

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Orlando is home to Disney World, making it one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. In Orlando, you can find Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND Florida theme park. The Orlando area is home to attractions for kids like Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but it’s also a city that adults can visit year-round. There is something for everyone in the Orlando area, making it a popular destination.

The Florida airport for finding cheap flights to Walt Disney World is Orlando International Airport (MCO). It’s about 20 miles from the park, but there are hundreds of ways to get to the park from the airport, as Disney World is by far Orlando’s biggest attraction.

With all the options and demand to get to Orlando, there’s no shortage of airlines that can get you there — and all that competition is a good thing when it comes to finding cheap flights. Here is a brief list of airlines with service to Orlando:

So, how do you know which airline to fly, when to look for cheap flights to Disney World or how to book cheap flights to Orlando? In many cases, we can take care of that for you. Thrifty Traveler Premium subscribers always have Orlando deals sent directly to their inbox.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Dallas Fort Worth (dfw)

Here are some of the tools we use to find cheap flights to Walt Disney every day.

When booking flights to Disney World, you must follow our hard and fast rule: book your flights first.

We know it might feel weird at first. You’re in the habit of checking your schedule, requesting time off, booking park tickets, and maybe even locking your hotel room before you head to Disney World to book your flight. But this is a mistake: this is a recipe for overpaying for flights.

Cheap Flights From Dallas To Orlando Florida

Instead, start by searching for flights and let price guide you to the cheapest possible dates to fly to Orlando and back. Even if you’re only a day or two away from your desired dates, you can save $50, $100, $200 or more on flights. Add that to a few tickets for the family, and the savings can be huge.

How To Get Orlando Cheap Flights

We sent this fare to Thrifty Traveler Premium members a few months ago as part of a deal that included dozens of cities. At under $100 a ticket, it doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

But if you decided to leave just one day earlier or later, this fare can increase to $300 per person! Change your dates by a month and the flights become even more expensive. And when you’re traveling with family members and kids, those costs can add up.

This underscores the value of starting your travel planning by searching for flights. This can lead you to serious savings on flights – even for travel in the peak winter season.

Let’s say you’re going down with a family of four. If you book on the cheapest flight days, your full flight itinerary for four people can be less than $400. Get it wrong and you could be looking at closer to $400

Orlando, Fl To Berlin, Germany Flights From $240

You know when to start looking for cheap flights to Disney World: First, before you do anything else. But where should you start your search for cheap plane tickets?

Google Flights is the best way to find cheap flights to Disney – or anywhere, really. Its arsenal of features puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding cheaper tickets to book your Disney trip. We have a full and comprehensive guide to using Google Flights like a pro that I suggest you review as you begin your planning, but we’ll show you what to do for Orlando (MCO) flights, especially in this How does the section also look like?

Let’s use flights from Chicago to Disney World as an example. Just head over to to get started – here’s what you’ll see.

Cheap Flights From Dallas To Orlando Florida

From there, enter your departure city (we’ll use Chicago in this example), how many passengers you’ll be traveling with, which class you’d like to fly, and then you can enter Walt Disney World Resort as your destination. Simply search for Orlando flights.

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Press to start searching. Once your search is complete, you’ll be presented with a complete set of information and lots of great ways to narrow your results down to the flights you’re looking for. For example, if you don’t want to fly with a certain airline, you can filter them out. If you know you need to check bags, you can add them to your fare. Do you need a non-stop flight? There is a filter for that too.

I like to filter some airlines. I know I want a carry-on bag, and I know I want to take a nonstop flight to Orlando, so I checked those boxes and searched again. But the next and most important step is to use the calendar tool. It’s not hard to see why it’s so powerful.

When you click on a departure or return date, the full calendar will open. This is the best feature of Google Flights. In the calendar, which lets you quickly scroll two months at a time, you can see the lowest fares for your selected filters in green, which will take you directly to the cheapest dates and flights. After clicking on them, you can return to the list of flights and choose the itinerary that suits you.

That’s not a bad deal! But say you’re looking for something different or even cheaper. Or maybe you don’t have the necessary flexibility and you have to travel on specific dates. This is where you can use Google Flights Price Alerts and get an email sent straight to your inbox as soon as prices go up or down.

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Once you’re on the Google Flights home page, select your departure and destination airports and travel dates. Select round-trip or one-way tickets, the number of passengers and the class you want to fly (economy, business, etc.). This is what you need to enter for each flight you want to be alerted about.

Hit search and you’ll see some flight options. Below, you’ll see the blue price alert button marked next to the days I’m set to track: this is where you can track prices for a specific flight. By clicking this button, price tracking is activated. You must have a Gmail account to receive Google Flights price alerts.

And that’s it. After signing up and tracking prices, you’ll receive a Google Flights email notification if the price of your tracked flight significantly drops or increases. Then you all have to do your book!

Cheap Flights From Dallas To Orlando Florida

If tracking your flight prices seems time-consuming or overwhelming, let us do the work for you! Almost every month, we post the best flight deals to Disney World for Thrifty Traveler Premium subscribers.

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Thrifty Traveler Premium is simple: We search for flight deals every day from more than 200+ North American airports to destinations around the world, in the US and abroad. When we find great value on good flights, we send it straight to your email inbox so you can book the deal directly with the airline. simply.

Earlier this year, Premium subscribers woke up to find this incredible flight to Disney World, which included a ton of availability during winter and spring break.

Here’s a screenshot of a few cities included in the deal, which had flights under $200 to Walt Disney World through September 2022. As soon as you received this email, all you had to do was click “Search with Google”. Enter the flight link, your departure city, find your fares and book!

Finding cheap flights to Walt Disney World isn’t impossible, but if you’re too busy to spend time tracking down flight prices, let us take control for you. As soon as we find the best price, we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

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