Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is a great adrenaline rush that everyone must experience at least once in their life.

Soar through the picturesque desert sky and experience from above the steep Canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Visitors also explore attractions like the Grand Canyon Village, the glass-bottom Grand Canyon Skywalk, and indulge in off-road trails, rafting, and more.

Grand Canyon Floor Landing Helicopter Tour

These helicopters have massive windows, forward-facing seats, quiet interiors (noise-canceling headphones help, too). They are also heavier, which allows them to remain stable even during a sudden updraft.

Just choose the tour that best suits your group’s preferences and book it in advance.

This four-hour tour of the Grand Canyon West Rim begins with hotel pickup and a drive to the Boulder City heliport.

After the 30-minute drive from Las Vegas to Boulder City, you’ll board a helicopter for a 70-minute flight to the Grand Canyon.

Best Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

As part of this tour, you’ll fly 30 miles (48 kilometers) over the Grand Canyon—the longest flight available above and below the rim.

Once you’ve explored the majestic yet rugged beauty of the Grand Canyon, fly back to Boulder City.

If you’re short on time, check out this 3-hour tour of the Grand Canyon aboard the luxurious A-Star helicopter.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

This trip is one of the most popular helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon and departs from Grand Canyon Village in Tusayan, Arizona.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours — Grand Canyon Tours By Gc Tours

This ECO-Star helicopter with huge panoramic windows takes off from the South Rim and climbs to the North Rim.

You can see the Painted Desert, Desert Overlook Watchtower, Marble Canyon, Imperial Point, Dragon Corridor, Colorado River, etc.

Board a comfortable, air-conditioned bus with toilets, reclining seats and large windows for a two-and-a-half-hour journey from Las Vegas to the West Rim.

The standard package only includes a bus tour of the Grand Canyon, but you can upgrade to include a helicopter landing near the Colorado River, a boat ride, and the Skywalk.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour & Landing Departs Las Vegas

If you prefer a similar experience but a little cheaper, check out this coach + helicopter landing tour.

This is a day tour from Las Vegas to the South Rim in an air-conditioned bus with all the amenities such as lunch and pickup needed for a long trip.

The standard package only includes the South Rim Grand Canyon bus tour, but you can upgrade to include a helicopter ride, an IMAX movie, a Jeep tour, and more.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you want a similar experience but with a bit of luxury, check out this luxury helicopter tour from Las Vegas.

Best Helicopter Sightseeing Tours In North America

Take off from Boulder City Airport in a helicopter and explore the Grand Canyon West Rim from above, then fly back.

For the second leg of the tour, descend from Boulder City to the launch area of ​​the Colorado River at the base of Hoover Dam.

On the way, you stop at a secluded beach for a swim and then enjoy a picnic lunch.

Take to the skies with a helicopter tour over the West Rim and land on the Canyon floor to explore on foot.

The Best Las Vegas To Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Papillon Helicopters’ 25-minute aerial tour is the cheapest helicopter tour over Grand Canyon National Park and costs just $249 per person.

Maverick Helicopters’ 45-minute trip at $349 per person is the best value helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.

At $499 per person, the Grand Canyon West Rim Air Only Helicopter Tour is the most economical option if you’re short on time. The helicopter takes off from Boulder City, near Las Vegas.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you want to keep your costs down but still want to explore the Grand Canyon by plane, fixed-wing plane tours are the cheapest.

Grand Celebration Sunset Helicopter Tour In Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon Landmarks Tour departs from Grand Canyon Airport and takes 45 minutes. It’s only $179 per passenger.

The more accessible West Rim and the remote South Rim are two of the most popular Grand Canyon destinations.

Before you book your helicopter tour, you need to know which part of the Grand Canyon you want to explore – the South Rim or the West Rim.

If it is your first time to go to the Grand Canyon, it is better to book a South Rim helicopter tour and enjoy its breathtaking scenic beauty.

Grand Celebration Helicopter Grand Canyon Tour 11% Off

Grand Canyon helicopters are not allowed to fly below this rim or land on the bottom, but they do fly through the amazing Dragoon Corridor, the widest and deepest section of the Canyon.

The Hualapai Indians manage it, and the star attraction of Grand Canyon West is the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The West Rim offers several adventures, such as helicopter tours that land on the canyon floor and boat trips on the Colorado River.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you’re in Vegas and want to explore the South Rim, it’s best to book the Grand Canyon South Rim Day Trip with Optional Helicopter Tour.

Papillon Offers New Grand Canyon Tours

Tourists can also embark on Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Tusayan and Laughlin in Nevada.

Some tours just fly you over the Grand Canyon and bring you back to the helipad where you took off.

However, if both budget and time are not an issue, it is best to opt for tours that include more activities.

Above a certain weight, passengers must purchase an additional seat which is payable directly to the tour operator on the day of travel.

Golden Eagle Air Tour Of The Grand Canyon West Rim In Las Vegas

To know what restrictions you will fall under, you must first choose the tour that best suits your needs and then check the fine print on the ticket booking page.

Before taking off for the Grand Canyon, the pilot and ground staff will ensure that the weight of the passengers is evenly distributed in the helicopter.

Because passengers are seated based on the helicopter’s weight and balance calculations, a window seat is not guaranteed during the Grand Canyon tour.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Since most helicopters seat seven – one pilot and six passengers – you have a 66% (4 out of 6) chance of getting a seat with a great view.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour From Las Vegas

Note: With some tour operators, you may offer to pay an additional $50 for a window seat (on the day of the tour). It’s not guaranteed, but I make the best attempt possible, taking into account the weight balance of the helicopter. You only pay if you get a window seat.

Children under 18 cannot go on helicopter tours alone – they must be accompanied by an adult.

All passengers over the age of 18 must present a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport upon check-in.

The cost of the Grand Canyon helicopter tour depends on how long you spend in the air, where you take off, what attractions you see, extras like a rim landing, a picnic, etc.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Price

Children two years old and younger can sit on their parents’ laps and therefore must purchase child tickets.

Fuel tax must be paid separately and directly to the tour provider and is not included in the ticket.

It is customary to tip the pilot and other ground staff, but unfortunately gratuities are not included in the price of the helicopter tour.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

If you’re vacationing in the region and have a day to explore the Grand Canyon, a helicopter tour is well worth your money.

Discount Las Vegas To Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Prices

The Grand Canyon offers stunning visuals, and the best way to appreciate its size and grandeur is from above.

Even a short helicopter tour will give you a better understanding of the depth and complexity of the Canyon than you can get from just standing on the rim.

We agree that time spent in a helicopter can be a real treat for most of us, but you have to try to fit in a ride on your holiday. It will be worth your time and money.

Tip: The difference between a short helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and a much longer experience (without a helicopter tour) is usually less than $100 per person. That’s why we recommend helicopter tours with landings and activities, which makes the trip even more memorable.

Star Helicopters: Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Helicopter Tour

During the summer, the West Rim gets hot, with temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) almost every day.

However, if you plan to book a tour that involves a Rim landing or other activities, this heat may affect you.

As the day progresses, the air over the Grand Canyon becomes cloudy, affecting visibility, and the wind begins to blow, making the flight turbulent.

Cheap Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon helicopter tours that take off in the morning (before lunch) offer the best experience due to better visibility and smoother flight.

Grand Canyon North

If you’re visiting in the summer months (especially July, August and September), an early start helps you avoid the afternoon thunderstorms that are a daily feature.

Visitors look for last-minute Grand Canyon tours either because they’re looking for a deal or because they’ve planned late.

If you decided to visit the Grand Canyon at the last minute, don’t worry, there are enough tours for everyone.

Even if you’re running late, always book Grand Canyon tours online – the best deals are always on the Internet.

Discounts Grand Canyon Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Since helicopters are in short supply, and for shared helicopters it is essential to have a minimum number of passengers to take off, tour companies prefer to book everything in advance.

When you book


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