Cheapest Place To Buy Drugstore Makeup – . Especially with social projects looming, you may be trying to figure out how to make your makeup routine sweat-proof, especially if you live somewhere that experiences humidity!

Sweat doesn’t have to be the arch nemesis of your makeup look—these drugstore makeup finds can hold their own through the heaviest and longest days. I’ve personally tested all of these on trips in triple-digit Las Vegas summers and wet weather, but I’ve also tested crowdsourced recommendations from my trusted followers who live in America’s humid southern states.

Cheapest Place To Buy Drugstore Makeup

Cheapest Place To Buy Drugstore Makeup

Read to the end for some bonus tips on how to keep your makeup sweat-proof this summer!

Drugstore Makeup Tutorial For Women 40+

It has a slightly sticky feel, grips your foundation and keeps it on all day. On top of the fact that my makeup looks like freshly applied hours of wear (and sweat), this primer product keeps it from settling into my fine lines.

I am loyal to this foundation beyond belief, as it has never done me wrong. Despite having a natural finish (not all the way matte, not all the way dewy), it’s actually transfer-resistant on even the hottest days with no separation or runiness. It has medium to full buildable coverage, SPF 25 and 40 shades to choose from.

I’m very picky when it comes to concealers and this became an instant favorite when it got out of my deep creases in my under eye area. I love using it to cover blemishes- super full coverage and even though it’s creamy, it blends wonderfully for a seamless look. The original (linked above) has a matte finish that works well to combat oiliness, but I usually prefer to use the hydrating version for my combo skin.

The first thing that goes wrong when I start sweating is my eyebrows, but not when I cover them with this gel! It’s super thick and a little goes a long way (seriously, over-applying makes them goopy!) and the waterproof formula keeps every hair in place all day through sweat. I love using it to brush my brow hairs for that feathery look that doesn’t fall limp.

The Best Drugstore Makeup For Every Budget

It was recommended by some of our Facebook group followers! This pro-quality eyeshadow base helps even out your lids to enhance the color of your eyeshadow and keep it crease-free. Double down by using waterproof eye makeup.

You know it’s my favorite for tightlining, but I use it more often to create a budge-proof smokey liner. It’s so rich, creamy, blends easily but sets with anything and stays put.

If you love long, lifted lashes, it doesn’t get much better than Sky High Mascara from Maybelline. Even if you buy the regular (non-waterproof) version of this mascara, it remains flake and smudge free while remaining easy to remove at the end of the day.

Cheapest Place To Buy Drugstore Makeup

My new favorite, I’m wearing this blush practically everyday. It’s a waterproof formula that starts out very creamy and blendable, but settles to a natural finish that looks bouncy without fading or smudging. I wore it to a wedding in 90% humidity and it stayed transfer-proof (I was wiping sweat with a paper towel the whole time, lol).

Drugstore Vs. High End Makeup

Lock in your makeup with a setting spray to extend the wear time of each phase. Milani Make It Last Setting Spray helps your look last up to 16 hours and can be used as a prep step or refresher if your makeup is looking a little cakey.

Holiday Makeup Gift Sets for Every Budget 2023 Nude Drugstore Lipsticks for Medium Skin Tones But Variety. If you’re a makeup beginner or perhaps you’re just starting to explore the world of drugstore makeup, navigating the endless product options can be overwhelming. I’ve compiled an updated list of amazing and affordable products that will create the perfect drugstore makeup starter kit to build your collection from scratch.

I consider this the best drugstore foundation and luckily it works well on all skin types. The “fresh wear” finish is neither dewy nor matte, but somewhere in the middle it looks natural on the skin. The formula is lightweight and breathable but offers buildable medium to full coverage that lasts all day and is sweat-resistant, waterproof and transfer-resistant. It’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores (it never irritates my acne-prone skin), has SPF 25 and comes in 40 shades! I never need to prime or set this foundation with extra products, so it really helps streamline my collection and routine.

Of all the drugstore and high end concealers I’ve tried, this $6 find is the best. It offers full coverage with a soft satin finish that blends seamlessly into the skin and with other makeup. It lasts all day and hardly creases even in my deep eye lines. Again, this is a great choice for all skin types and I wear it in place of foundation to even out my skin tone on lighter makeup days.

Why Drugstore Makeup Aisles Don’t Have Inclusive Foundation Ranges

This brow pencil rivals my favorite high-end pick from Benefit, at less than half the cost! The fine tip creates precise thin, hair-like strokes for a natural brow look and is easy to control. For beginners or makeup enthusiasts alike, it’s great for beginners because you can’t really go overboard with it. The spoolie end helps brush the product through for a softer look, so you don’t end up with blocky brows. It is waterproof and lasts all day even through sweat.

Eyeshadow primer https:///difference-between-eyeshadow-primer-base/ helps prevent your shadow from creasing and fading. This is my favorite because it dries quickly and creates a smooth base for my eyeshadow, keeping it crease-free all day.

These eyeshadow palettes are a great place to start as a beginner, as the shades are easy to mix and match, and work beautifully together. My looks always end up exactly how I envision them, as the shade is easy to use and pigmented. They honestly have my favorite eyeshadow formula at the drugstore and you can’t beat the price.

Cheapest Place To Buy Drugstore Makeup

The brand is a staple for its neutral color story, but feel free to expand your horizons with one of the brighter options. Want more variety? Upgrade to a 10-pan palette for $2 and your possibilities expand even more!

Best Drugstore Makeup Brands At Watsons That Are Better Than Expensive Counterparts

Every beauty lover should own this eyeliner, which is creamy and easy to smudge but sets all day long while remaining budge-proof and waterproof. It’s perfect for tightening or smudging the lash line.

This is my favorite drugstore mascara lately, because it coats each of my lashes with volume, length, and added lift. Apply a thin layer for a natural, fluttery look or layer up for a false lash effect. It does a great job of evening them out for full effect and doesn’t smudge, smear or flake throughout the day. However, it is not waterproof, although it is easy to remove at the end of the day. It has lash tinting technology that uses natural dyes to darken light lashes in 7 days, enhancing your no-makeup makeup look.

A drugstore icon, this bronzer is super beginner-friendly as it goes on light but is buildable for a more dramatic contour and bronze. It’s made with moisturizing butter in the formula, which helps it apply and blend super smoothly and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.

A matte blush is the way to go for beginners, as shimmery blushes can easily look messy and overdone. This blush from NYX takes the best qualities of powder and cream blushes and puts them into one formula! It has a smooth application and creamy buildable color, but a powdery soft matte finish.

Best Cheap Makeup Brands To Try

Whether you like a dramatic glow or just a hint of glow, this is a versatile highlighter that looks natural—not shimmery or glittery. It starts very smooth for a naturally lit look, but can be layered or applied wet for more drama. This is one of the few powder highlighters that doesn’t emphasize any texture on the skin.

Another great budget find with so many colors to choose from, this lipstick redefines matte. It delivers sheer, opaque color in one swipe with a comfortable formula containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins A & E, coenzyme Q10 and natural marine plant extracts. The matte finish is more of a soft-matte, not flat. Check out my post where I have shared swatches of all 13 shades.

Alternatively, if you want a more glossy look, try the same lipstick in a high-shine version. These are very soothing, containing Murumuru butter, mango butter, and another moisturizing formula infused with sunflower and watermelon seed oils. They start out quite transparent but can be built up for a stronger color, although always slightly translucent. Check out my post which I have shared

Cheapest Place To Buy Drugstore Makeup


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