Chef Ramsay Burger Las Vegas – Ask anyone where they find the best burger in Las Vegas and odds are they will say the Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood. If you are one of the few people who don’t know who Gordon Ramsay is, he is a British celebrity chef who is well known for his television shows and restaurants. You can find Gordon Ramsay’s name on several restaurants in Las Vegas including Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace and Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at The Linq Promenade.

This casual burger restaurant, known as BurGR until 2017, has been popular for years, especially with tourists visiting the Las Vegas Strip. So popular that you can often see a line of people waiting out front for a table. Most visit for the light-fired burgers, hand-cut fries, shakes, and special 30-foot light show located outside the restaurant at the entrance to Planet Hollywood. And, they visited and ate at a restaurant with Gordon Ramsay in the name.

Chef Ramsay Burger Las Vegas

Chef Ramsay Burger Las Vegas

But, with so many celebrity chefs running restaurants these days in Las Vegas, restaurants need to find a way to stand out from the rest. I hear the burgers at Gordon Ramsay Burger are some of the best in Las Vegas. But, will it live up to the hype? And, will it live up to the name? I went to see myself.

Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant Has A $106 Burger On The Menu — And It Doesn’t Come With Fries

If you are looking for more information about Las Vegas, I highly recommend getting a guidebook such as Fodor’s Las Vegas or The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2020.

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Gordon Ramsay is a brave and fiery chef. Also bold and fiery is the 30-foot light display at the entrance. The eye-catching light wall, reminiscent of Hell’s Kitchen, makes everyone stop and stare, even those who don’t eat at the restaurant. The show made me feel like eating at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

The interior of Gordon Ramsay Burger feels spacious and open, almost an extension of the Planet Hollywood casino. The modern and industrial decor, while elegant and hip, manages to complement the casual ambiance. You can be comfortable here in shorts and sandals or in a dress. There is no dress code.

Gordon Ramsay Burger Will Soon Be Opening In The Leather District

The new British style concept features retro tables and chairs with the red, blue, and white colors of the Union Jack flag on the walls and booths. Bright walls and color help brighten the space while the wavy white ceiling adds a pop of texture and dimension to the dining room.

Found near the entrance is a small but bright bar, the perfect place to enjoy a beer or watch a game. At the back of the dining room is an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare burger after burger. Adorning the walls are many photos of Gordon, in case you forget that he ate at his restaurant.

The menu at Gordon Ramsay Burger features eight delicious burgers, nine if you count the chicken burger. These burgers range from traditional to unique with some using ingredients I’ve never heard of. The restaurant is the only gourmet burger restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip that cooks their beef patties over an open fire on hardwood. Unfortunately, if you want to swap out the beef patty for a plant-based patty, it will cost you an additional $6.00 to the already expensive burger.

Chef Ramsay Burger Las Vegas

Other than burgers, the menu features hot dogs, fish and burger burgers, soups, salads, sandwiches, and a variety of fries. The burgers will be available a la carte, if you want fries, you will need to order them separately. While expensive, the fries are great, making them perfect for sharing.

Gordon Ramsay Opens Burgr Restaurant In Las Vegas

As for drinks, you have a selection of fountain drinks, energy drinks, water, coffee, iced tea, wine, cocktails, and a good selection of beers. Alcohol is expensive, with $18 cocktails and $11 beers, so be aware before ordering. Tip: walk to the nearby ABC Store at the Miracle Mile Shops for an inexpensive drink before your meal or while you wait for a table.

When I saw the Crispy Cherry Pepper Chicken ($17.99) on the menu, I knew I had to order it. This burger features a chicken patty, fried chicken skins, avocado, marinated tomato, butter lettuce, and a cherry chili spread. When the burger arrived at my table, it was beautiful. It was so tall that I wasn’t sure how to eat it but I dug right in.

While I found the toasted bun to be buttery and soft, when I picked up the burger, the bun started to crumble at the bottom. The culprit may be a cold and wet butter lettuce. It looks as if the lettuce has been washed and then placed immediately on the bun, making it soft. From this point on, the burger falls apart. But, I continued to eat.

You can’t go wrong with grilled and fried chicken skins. While it may have been hot, the skins added a salty, rich flavor that reminded me of an onion ring. I also enjoy creamy, fresh avocado.

Gordon Ramsay Burger @ Harrods In London

I find the salty breading of the chicken patty, right out of old fryer oil, to be soft. He said there was no texture at all. I thought that was bad until I tasted a dry, bland chicken patty. It tastes like dry turkey but somehow has a fishy taste to it. I can’t believe this is served in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

On top of the chicken were slices of sweet and tart marinated tomatoes and an almost non-existent cherry pepper spread. I saw a few small pieces of hot peppers embedded in the bun, so I guess that’s what they call a spread. If I hadn’t been there, I would have missed it.

I had such high expectations when ordering, but I can say without a doubt, this was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten. Gordon Ramsay would have been ashamed of this burger. I wish I could send it back but since they are closing soon, I decided against it.

Chef Ramsay Burger Las Vegas

I hope the Hell’s Kitchen Burger ($17.99) is better than the Cherry Chicken. This burger, made with asadero cheese, fried jalapeños, avocado, fried tomatoes, and jalapeño aioli, looks beautiful.

Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant Serves The Best Burgers Ever

As before, the buttery, lightly coated bun does not stand up to the thick patty and ingredients on top. It was too soft and soggy for my liking even after a few bites. The unflavored jalapeño aioli may have contributed to the soggy bun. Other than the bun and jalapeño aioli, I enjoyed the Hell’s Kitchen Burger. But, this shouldn’t happen with an $18 burger.

The beef patty is cooked to a perfect medium rare, resulting in a ruby ​​red and tender patty. While I wasn’t strong, I could taste a distinct smoky flavor in the patty after it was cooked over an open flame. A splash of water on one side of the patty adds texture and a smoky flavor. Surprisingly, the patty is only seared on one side.

When melted, asadero cheese becomes creamy with a mild flavor similar to fresh mozzarella. Thick roasted jalapeños, which are roasted until tender yet crisp, add a smoky and spicy kick. Similarly, the grilled tomatoes add a hint of smoke. Surprisingly, avocado has to be my favorite ingredient. It adds a much needed creaminess to the burger. Without the avocado, the burger would have been dry.

While the Hell’s Kitchen Burger is cooked well, and the ingredients are fresh and flavorful, I don’t believe this burger is worth $18.

Gordon Ramsay’s Burger

Thankfully, I found the work at Gordon Ramsay Burger to be better than the food. The moment I sat down at my table I was offered a menu and a glass of water by a friendly server. My food arrived quickly and accurately. With that, after my food arrived, my server disappeared and I didn’t see her again until she brought the check. I have no problem with this because I don’t need anything else. But, it would have been nice if he stopped by the desk and asked how everything was. I thought about sending the chicken burger back, which I rarely do, but I didn’t even have the chance.

I have such high hopes. Unfortunately, my visit to Gordon Ramsay Burger was a disappointment. Maybe the kitchen is having a bad night. Maybe the food is not good at the end of time. Or, maybe I’m just unlucky. Regardless of the reason, a restaurant with Gordon Ramsay in the name, serving expensive burgers, should be held to high standards. The crispy cherry chili chicken was over served and overcooked. The burger on the other hand, is made with a perfectly cooked, fresh, well-flavored patty. But, a soggy bun

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