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I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, a city famous for two things: bourbon and horses. Indeed, my childhood in Louisville was spent riding horses and tasting bourbon in my youth.

Couple Things To Do In Louisville Ky

Couple Things To Do In Louisville Ky

(No, that sounded bad. I mean…not real bourbon, but chocolate bourbon. Look, I came out okay, okay?).

Adorable Things To Do On A Romantic Getaway To Louisville, Kentucky

When visiting Louisville as an adult, I realized that there was so much to do in this amazing city and so much to share with my husband, Jeremy. Jeremy is a true Californian with blonde hair and green eyes who grew up on the beach. I’m not sure Kentucky was on his “places I want to visit every year for the rest of my life” list. But Jeremy also fell in love with Louisville. So much so, that we’re actually considering moving again in the near future – the horror of what it’s like for her California friends and family, Louisville Kentucky and Austin Texas. the meaning of. What I’m trying to say here is that it’s outsider-friendly, very LGBT-friendly, super artsy, totally hipster, incredibly cool, and

Kentucky’s most romantic getaway. But if you’ve read any of our other posts about Louisville, you already know that.

We now spend our time at home visiting family and friends and exploring the city (

). Hand in hand, we uncovered things to do in Louisville that I would never have appreciated on my own. And we’ve found that Louisville makes for the perfect romantic getaway! Whether you’re looking for a weekend trip to Louisville or live long enough to visit Louisville often (

Cozy Things To Do In Kentucky In Winter

), there are plenty of romantic things to do in Louisville. Below is a selection of our best ideas, organized by category

Why Stop Romance in Louisville? We’ve written a post about the most romantic getaways in Kentucky. Check it out for more romantic getaways!

Planning a trip to Louisville? We have a bunch of other posts about Louisville that you might want to check out before your trip:

Couple Things To Do In Louisville Ky

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Your Ultimate Guide To The Trendy ‘nulu’ Louisville Neighborhood

We also have a Podcast episode about Louisville! Horse racing, bourbon, baseball bats and…the tunnel of death? Today we tell the story of Leah’s hometown: Louisville, KY! We explore the city’s history from the frontier to the present day. Louisville has a deep history, and it’s not always pretty. So pour the bourbon and fire it up. Unless you’re driving – it’s not cool.

It’s no secret that we’re serious foodies, and we both agree that Louisville’s food scene is one of the best in the country. We have a guide to the best places to eat in Louisville, as well as the best bars, distilleries and breweries in Louisville, and the best happy hours in Louisville!

Suffice it to say, we spend a lot of time eating and drinking our way through Louisville every time we visit! Through many studies (

Fun fact: Louisville’s seafood is the freshest anywhere in the country thanks to being the national hub for Fed-Ex and UPS. Seafood is delivered to Louisville as far as the rest of the country. So dig in – it’s new!

Muhammad Ali Center

Introducing Mama’s Boy: buttermilk chicken with fried jalapeños, pimento cheese, crispy pixar and fried green tomatoes, all on a fluffy cookie. Yum.

What’s better than eating at a really good restaurant? A Louisville food tour that takes you to SOME really good restaurants along with telling the fascinating history of Louisville.

On the NuLu Food and History Walking Tour, you’ll taste Kentucky classics like bourbon balls and fried chicken, see the historic home occupied by Thomas Edison, taste candy inspired by a Victorian actress, and trace the history of German immigrants. in Louisville.

Couple Things To Do In Louisville Ky

This is a great first date activity because you’ll be so busy eating and listening that you won’t have much chance to talk! Afterwards, you will have many things to discuss. With good food and lots of sunshine, it’s like in the movies.

Fun Things To Do In Louisville With Kids (for 2023)

Fancy an evening tour for extra romance? The Phantoms of Prohibition Tour combines a cocktail tour with a ghost tour. This tour explores the hidden stories of Louisville’s haunted past. As you dine and drink your way down Whiskey Row, you’ll meet the ghosts that haunt Louisville’s historic downtown, follow the trail of bourbon magnates and mobsters, discover speakeasies hidden in the bowels of Whiskey Row, and learn the shocking true story of Prohibition. .

There is tons to taste and learn, even for seasoned locals! You can use the code PW10 to save 10% on your weekend reservation on the Louisville Food Tours website.

Psst: We have a Louisville Food Tour! Come travel with us! You can book a weekend tour through FareHarbor or Viator.

Psst: We have a Louisville Food Tour! Come travel with us! You can book a weekend tour on our website and use the code PW10 to get 10% off your booking.

Top 10 Best Fun Things To Do At Night In Louisville, Ky

Louisville is home to many amazing bourbon bars, but one of the most romantic places to soak up Louisville’s iconic spirit is the Speakeasy!

Prohibition was a big deal for historic Louisville. Many bourbon makers went under. Others simply went underground. Today, you can relive Louisville in the 1920s in one of its many speakeasies! … If you can find them, that is.

So you two are fitness freaks, right? Or maybe you are “not potatoes” and “not exactly athletes?” Well, so do we. While we’re still young, (mostly) healthy, Jeremy and I love active dates! There are many outdoor adventures in Louisville or beyond. Here are our favorites!

Couple Things To Do In Louisville Ky

Louisville is a fantastic city to explore by bike, especially near downtown, where you can easily find a bike to rent through Louisville’s LouVelo bike share program. Louisville has recently focused on building more bike lanes and bike paths, including a 100-mile loop that encircles the entire city, which is still ongoing – and taking advantage of them makes for a fantastically active day!

Best Things To Do In Louisville

Old Louisville is a super romantic place for a walk or bike ride. From St James’s Court to Belgravia Court to Central Park, you can spend hours wandering through the beautiful old streets and tree-lined avenues of Victoria!

Kentucky is full of natural beauty, and while Louisville is more of a big city than rural Appalachia, there are plenty of great outdoors spots. We’ve found the best ways to tell if your partner is in for a long, romantic walk…or a walk. There’s nothing like walking together to cut through the surface chatter and drive straight into the deep conversation that Jeremy and I always feel like we’re on a long journey.

Kayaking is a fun date night for outdoorsy couples! There are many beautiful kayaking spots in Louisville along the tributaries of the Ohio River.

Louisville is a river city, which means there are TONS of opportunities for canoeing and kayaking on the many tributaries of the Ohio River, not to mention countless lakes and ponds. I grew up canoeing around my backyard pond and on Floyd’s Fork, which as I mentioned is about 5 minutes from my childhood home, which used to be a much smaller park and is next to a haunted train trestle.

Most Romantic Things To Do In Louisville, Kentucky 2023

The Louisville Canoe & Kayak Group has a great wiki for paddling in Louisville, and here’s another list with even more options. Here are our picks.

If you are looking for more lakes to explore near Louisville, check out our blog post on our new website Let’s Go Louisville!

There’s nothing sexier than listening to your date wax poetic about a favorite artist, or explain the implications of some important historical event, or climb over an ancient artifact.

Couple Things To Do In Louisville Ky

Guess what, folks? Being a cultured intellectual is H-O-T. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not just because I’m a giant nerd.

Exciting & Fun Things To Do In Louisville With Kids

After all, arts and culture abound in Louisville. Here are our favorite romantic things to do in Louisville for art and culture lovers!

What’s more romantic than walking through a museum hand-in-hand, making poignant comments about art and history, and being reminded of the human condition?

Whether you’re an art connoisseur, a general history buff, or just want your date to think you’re cultured, Louisville has tons of great museums and venues.


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