Crayola World Mall Of America – I remember the day the Mall of America opened. This was the place when I was in high school. For years, I’ve watched the shops, attractions, and restaurants come and go. Last spring, the Crayola Experience debuted at the Mall of America location of Bloomingdale’s. There are two other Crayola locations in the United States, in Orlando, Florida and Easton, Pennsylvania. I think it’s pretty neat to have one here in my own home. Crayola has always been a staple in our home. We’ve gone through countless cardboard boxes, crayons, and markers over the years. Jumbo coloring sheets are a treat to color. The day I opened the surprise notes was a day to celebrate! Fabrics and parents around the world thank Crayola for this invention. I recommend arriving when the exhibit opens so you have plenty of time to play and experience everything. We arrived bright and early on Saturday morning. A small crowd had already gathered to enter. When you first walk into the Crayola experience, you’re greeted by bright colors and cheerful staff. As you cruise through the counter, you’ll circle the line, where you’ll pay for entry and receive 2 points to use during the experience, as well as a bag of treasures you collect along the way. Depending on the size of the party and the amount of staff available, this part can be slow moving. The first thing you’ll see upon entering the experiment is a machine with 4 large, colorful cylinders. Here’s where you’ll use your first note. Here you can design your own crow cover, name and cover your crow! Peyton and I had a blast with it. Each device has 3 different colors to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your yarn, you’ll start designing the yarn. With more than a dozen characters to choose from, it may take some time to select. Next you need to think of a name for your crow. Once you’ve made those choices, it’s time to print the label. Now that you have your tag and crowbar, it’s time to wrap it up. Covering the car was one of Peyton’s favorite things to do. Then we made Peyton’s face coloring paper! It looks like a photo booth. You have several different concepts to choose from, and then you can take a picture of yourself and put it in the background. You’ll be a part of the coloring page with the magic of Crayola!

There is a colorful carousel where you can take a break if the other exhibits get crowded. It has Crayola crayons and coloring sheets. This is a great place to relax and try some new types of carrios. We tried a bunch of metal earrings that we hadn’t used before.

Crayola World Mall Of America

Crayola World Mall Of America

After coloring our pictures, we felt it was time to act. There was so much to see and experience. We had already been there for an hour, but it felt like minutes. Then, sample the clay! Can you believe I’ve never used a clay model before? I wasn’t like that. This is where you will use your second note. There are these vending machines filled with model clay, and your label will allow you to choose a package. Peyton and I couldn’t decide on one color, so we bought one of each color. Each additional package is $.50. So for a few more bucks, we had every color to sit down and start creating something.

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Peyton recently learned how to combine two colors to create a new color. So when I created a flower, it took a lot of time to create new colors. Also, clay pot never dries out! It made me want to go out and buy a bunch of modeling clay. Once we created new colors and flowers, we toured the Art Alive exhibit. I had never seen this before and I didn’t know what to do. The room was full of screens and people went to town coloring. So we sat down, chose an image and started coloring. It reminded me of Peyton playing on my cell phone. Then when the coloring is done, it’s time to give our image some character and send it to the wall! Whatever you’ve created comes alive on the wall in your room. I made a shiny green turtle and gave it bubble wrap.

Now that we’ve really worked up an appetite, we stop at the cafeteria for lunch. Kids meals are great! You can choose from a red or blue Crayola box. Peyton chose blue, then topped it with a hot dog, baby carrots, apples, and milk. Kids even get a Crayola stackable broom! After Peyton ate and drank, we headed out to see what else we could do. To my surprise, we weren’t even halfway through! There is much to be done. There are even two indoor playgrounds, one for toddlers and one for older kids. Of course, Peyton had to try them. Then, the molten crows! Who doesn’t want to melt crayons and create art with them? Garaz created an entire display with tables full of wells filled with Crayola melted crayons! I decided to make a little Peyton’s Mom figure with melted crows. Peyton filled a piece of paper with different colored pieces. He had a really good time. Have you ever done a puzzle? Well, you can at the Crayola Experience. You can take any photo you want inside the box for free. Create a complex picture or a simple scene like mine. Then take it to a device, insert the paper and press the wheel. On the one hand, it turns out to be an enigma! If you want to buy some, there is a Trading Post and several vending machines to replenish your sugar. I was seriously thinking about a slot machine.

Can you believe there’s still a ton to do? We skipped a few of the exhibits because they were intended for slightly older children. It really is family friendly. Regardless of age, you’re sure to find exhibits that interest you and inspire you to play with Crayola! One of Peyton’s favorite places was the dry cleaning exhibit. There are statues, trees, cars, dogs and more that kids can color. Buckets of dry erase markers! It’s like a child’s dream. They get color on the wall and are encouraged! After Peyton took what seemed like forever, I was able to paint her and move on to the next exhibit. He was excited to see us melt the pines! It is similar to the art of spinning with melted beads. So much fun! You will have to choose 2 different colors. First you cast a crowbar. You can control how much the paper rotates when the cartridge starts to melt. Then when that chorus is finished, you put in a second chorus and repeat. Depending on how fast you roll the paper, you’ll get different results. For best results, I recommend choosing two contrasting colors. Our last show was another melting pot experience. This time we were melting the caryophyll and pouring it into a mold! We turned a crow ring, a cart and an ox. It takes a lot of time and doesn’t have much effect. We had to make 2 decisions and then the staff took over. They asked us what color we wanted to use and what mold we wanted to make. Then they took us to the station, gave us a crowbar, and we sat down. We waited. Eventually the staff came back and brought out our creations. Peyton loved the finished product, but the wait was a bit much, especially after hours of practice.

After we finished at the fair, we spent some time at the Crayola store. Wow! You had the Crayola item you wanted. You can come to the store without going through the exhibit! So much dreaming here! There was so much going on in deciding what to bring home. We walked around the store for a bit, so I wanted to see everything before making a decision. We settled on a magnet for our refrigerator (so we can remember our time), a few boxes of special crayons, a few things to help Peyton work on the plane for our upcoming vacation, and coloring books. I’ll definitely be back at Christmas time to get some more stuff to store.

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Peyton was really enjoying it


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