Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub – A handsome idol with personality problems learns to ease when he meets a cute and cheeky girl who works as a station assistant.

Sang Wu Yan is a third-year psychology student and both of his parents wanted him to pursue the course.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

Sang Wu Yan has a part-time job at a radio station as an assistant. One of the radio hosts was late so Wuyan replaced him.

Secret Crush On You (tv Series 2022)

It was good to see her passion because she discovered that her childhood sweetheart, who was her straight boyfriend, was cheating on her with her best friend.

Anyway, Sang Wu Yan found solace in the music written by Yi Jin. She really loved him even though she didn’t know anything about him because he was a difficult person.

He was a little disappointed that Yi JIn was a girl; like many fans, she wanted to marry her idol one day. In his mind, it is now very unlikely that he is not among girls. 👧

She found this out when she saw a guy in the park who she fell in love with at first sight. The violinist played music.

War Of Y Episode 6

The young man didn’t pay any attention to her though except for the annoying things as he sat in the seat next to her. He put on the phone and started singing his heart out to Yi Jin’s song. He was not well.

He saw her again on the radio. They are in the elevator together when she realizes that the handsome guy is blind. He was blind.

Wuyan was at the station to see a special guest but was invited by his friend back to college because their teacher was offering an internship.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

He explains that Yi Jin being a girl is fake news because he is too young.

Have A Crush On You

Wuyan catches the end of Yi Jin’s mini-interview and is very upset that he missed meeting his idol.

They have chemistry even at this early stage. Wan Peng is very interesting while Evan Li has such a passion.

Wuyan started working at school and likes to see Nian Qin. He was a little worried if she might think he was following her because they kept meeting.

He heard Nian Qin when he was on the phone one afternoon talking to his friend. He said he was doing homework to get his grades up.

Sing My Crush Ep 1 Engsub (follow The Wind)

There were things that were funny. He asked Nian Qin to help him during music lessons. He knew he could play the piano.

She was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Nian Qin had to play the keys according to her pitch. At one point he complained that his playing was not clear and that he was following his singing. (He was very deaf)

After class he thanked her but told her that she really didn’t understand her students because she was only working on her class instead of helping and teaching. He said it was good because the orphans looked very hungry because the children would be satisfied with temporary love.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

Wuyan didn’t decide to scold because she is a happy girl and she didn’t mean what she said on the phone.

Spring In Crush Ep. 6

Wuyan runs into Wei Wu, who again apologizes to him. He told her that he was too drunk, kissing Xu Qian was an accident. He told Wei Wu that he didn’t care. They are very finished.

Wuyan was transferred to the radio news department. It so happened that Xu Qian also worked there.

It was revealed that Xu Qian was a member of the group along with Wei Wu. Xu Qian felt very guilty about the incident and her relationship with Wuyan, and left the group.

Wuyan’s father sent him loads of glutinous rice. Since he couldn’t eat them all, he gave some to other teachers but Nian Qin refused.

Have A Crush On You (tv Series 2023)

Anyway, poor Nian Qin became so impressed with Wuyan that he embarrassed her.

Yi Jin’s new song had been released confirming that Nian Qin was Yi Jin. The lyrics of the new song were the same as the topic of the conversation he had with Nian Qin earlier. He also remembered seeing him on the radio the day Yi Jin was going to be questioned.

He asked Nian Qin if it was Yi Jin. He didn’t answer but Wuyan wanted answers so he asked who Yi Jin was.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

He continued to follow poor Nian Qin. He asked her to go get dinner and she refused, harassing him by doing things in the middle of the street. Saying that she is pregnant with their child and that he abused her after sleeping with his best friend. He was really full of his thoughts.

Update Ep.06 (final)

Nian Qin had no other choice but to tell Wuyan to stop crying and he would want her to.

He told her that he was just pretending but he realized that there was more to it than just pretending.

Wei Wu was her childhood sweetheart, they grew up in the same building. Their fathers were close friends. They were expected to progress to the next level and both didn’t care at all.

Then the girl moved to her school. It was Xu Qian. He was aloof at first but very handsome.

King The Land

Eventually, they became close friends and he introduced Xu Qian to Wei Wu. All three became good friends.

Wei Wu and Xu Qian are into music so they formed a band Wuyan called Momo. They got more members to join to make a better team.

Everything was fine until he saw Wei Wu and Xu Qian in the evening kissing passionately. She was betrayed by her best friend and lover.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

When Xiao Lu, Nian Qin’s helper/guardian turns to take him home, Wuyan excitedly calls out to Nian Qin, “Dad.”

Sing My Crush (2023) Ep 4 Eng Sub

The next day, it was Xiao Wei’s birthday. Nian Qin stopped Wuyan from giving the child a gift. Nian Qin said that it is cruel to make a child start expecting gifts, cakes, and candles every time he has a birthday.

That night, Nian Qin had a nightmare; it was the same dream when his mother left him in the big house. He gave Nian Qin a bag of food and told her to play the piano, remembering the song he taught her.

His mother walked back down the street, keeping an eye on him as he passed the car.

There is a very beautiful scene where Wuyan gave Nian Qin a satsuma. He drew a caricature of Nian Qian on satsuma. He took the satsuma home and was shocked to learn that Xiao Lu had eaten the satsuma. Nian Qin wanted to know where he threw the shell! Awww that’s delicious.

Bloody Game 2 (aka. Game Of Blood)

Wuyan was tasked with interviewing the singer-songwriter. He couldn’t help but wonder how he would compare to Yi Jin.

The artist did not take his problem well because he found it to be a confrontation, his fans also saw it. They started sending hateful messages to Wuyan.

At the university, Wuyan saw Wei Wu trying to talk to Xu Qian without receiving anything he said.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

They had a heart-to-heart about their relationship. Wuyan told Wei Wu that he was now free to date Xu Qian without feeling guilty because Wuyan had realized that he never loved Wei Wu.

Sing My Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

His feelings for her were brought about by simply following what the family wanted and expected of Wei Wu.

He said that he knew that Wei Wu had feelings for him but now that too is gone.

The next day, Wuyan was with Nian Qin when he saw a phone call from Wei Wu who wanted to meet and talk.

Nian Qin invited you. She said she will be there at Wuyan’s because she still remembers having problems with her ex-boyfriend.

Please Be My Family

In the restaurant a while ago, Wuyan admitted that he had lost his temper with Wei Wu.

Sometimes, Wuyan doubts that Nian Qin is blind. He seemed to be able to tell when he was near.

But they clashed again when Wuyan said that he was happy that the young girl Xiao Wei was being adopted.

Crush Ep 6 Eng Sub

Nian Qin said that he was against it. It would be sad for Xiao Wei if one day she is sent back to the orphanage because her new parents can’t stand it.

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Xiao Wei’s upbringing was not as easy as Wu Yan thought. He could see how worried the little boy was. He told Nian Qin that he finally understood what he meant before.

In any case, Wu Yan thought that they should grant Xiao Wei’s request


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