welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe cross injuries Maritime accident and injuries overview a crushing accident can cause devastating injuries from low slime to gross and broken bones and even to date depending on the separity of the dimmix in the maritime industry there are many ways that an accident can cause someone to suffer across injury filling cargo on a ship apart facial or crane accident that spin a worker or a file of a bird that leads to someone being crushed between two facials if you have suffered an accident that causes a cross injury your first concept should be getting emergency medical care once you are stable and understand the extent of your injuries you can start to think about what your rights are under suffer under federal laws for workers compensation or compensation through the Jonas eggs American lawyer can help you determine what your rights are and will help you fight for what your teacher and then next about what are cross injuries cross injuries are any injuries that are caused by pressure to part of the body that is suffered enough to result in physical damage that demix may be as meaner as a place or as suffer as broken Splinter response are collapsed or factors lungs cross injuries occur most commonly in the legs are fit upper extremity cross injuries are the next most common types followed by cross torso the obvious threshold of a cross injury are remix to tissue across accident can cause skin to mix cuts and tears broken bones injuries nervous endemic organs in addition to this outcomes there are other more serious and less obvious complication Association associated with cross injury and then next complication of cross injuries a cross injury may not seem life-threatenings also they can seem very serious for instance a CrossFit like maybe different settings but it can also lead to deaths from a little no condition called silences this occur when the croset magical tissue begins to break down the broken down components circulus into the blood and mass pass through the kindness the kindness may not be able to process all if the material and may get blocks and stop working the result is toxicity in the blood that can be deadly this is also called cross syndrome another very serious potential complication of cross injury is sepsis or systemic infection the open was caused by a cross can cause infection to set in depending on the type of injury and who suffer it is inner tissue like tip musculus and pot may be exposed to infection a systemic infection can lead to death if not treated aggressively compartment syndrome is another complication that can ratio from any type of grass injury this occur when pressure pull up in a convenient space within the body this can lead to oxygen starvation to that part of the body and cell tip compartment syndrome caused by a cross injury is considered acute and can lead to Lyme lose paralysis or even dead and then next three thing cross injuries all crosses should be taken seriously and require emergency medical care immediate force and usually involvers stopping any blending by applying pressure covering the CrossFit area with appendix an 11 things that are area of the body above the heart if this is possible if any DMX has been done to the next R head the person is stabilized to avoid further hung Medical Professional Street cross injuries is different with depending on the specific of the injury in general truth the patient is given fluids to prevent whole blood pressure and shock the patient is then usually given treatment for treating potential kidney failure emergency surgery may be needed to stop blending and repair the milk or the relief the pressure of compartment syndrome infection are treated with antibiotics a patient may need multiply follow-up circaris to repair the meat and to restore function to the affected part of the body if possible and then neck cause of cross injuries in Maritime setting cross injuries are the unfortunate result of accident that often occur in Maritime work environment any job that requires working around big equipment and large cargo means that Crossing injuries are possible in a part of our Instinct a worker may get crossed between a forklift and a wall during an accident or by a crane in operation cargo boat and ship and in part can also cause crust injuries if it falls on a worker a fall into the water can also cause a worker to be crossed between two facial or between a ship and a dogs the most intensis of cross injuries caused by Maritime accidents are preventable for instance fall from a ship into the water are often caused by poor Tech condition and clutter that is easy to trip over thank you for watching this article don’t forget to give like comment and subscribe.
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