Culture In The Classroom Activities – Check out these 15 Cultural Diversity Activities for Elementary Students to teach kids about the world’s kids.

The world is so big that it can be difficult to teach children about places that exist outside of their immediate physical world. There is much to learn about other countries and people.

Culture In The Classroom Activities

Culture In The Classroom Activities

We live in America and also spent 10 years in South Africa. I was fascinated by the cultural changes and daily norms that were each so different from the life I lived in America.

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From music, languages ​​and food to school, clothing and sports, there is so much beauty and excitement that each country and culture brings to our world.

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Cultural diversity is about creating equality, respect and understanding between people from different cultures. It is about understanding that each of us comes from a specific culture, which has its own history, language, norms, values ​​and beliefs. himself. It’s about inclusion.

When we talk about cultural diversity in the world today, it encompasses many things – race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age and ability are just a few examples.

The Eight Cultural Forces

Cultural diversity makes a community stronger. It helps in generating better ideas, more creativity, innovation and forward thinking. It enables better problem solving because it brings together a wider range of perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

Pick a country a week and take a “little trip around the world” every week. These cultural activity ideas are great for both the classroom and home.

You can make it even more fun by choosing a special day of the week that you would ‘fly’ to this country to experience some of their culture.

Culture In The Classroom Activities

My child’s calendar includes a number of holidays. Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate these dates in your classroom. You can even decorate the classroom for different cultural holidays like Christmas, Eid, Hannukkah, etc.

Activities To Build Classroom Culture

See my post on Ramadan Decoration Ideas for Kids. You can create a book area that includes these books during that celebration week as well. Learning experiences are enhanced through fun decorations, especially for young children.

We really love the Lake Children of the World book set. The books contain interesting facts, more about spoken language, what money looks like and great discussion questions to ask students.

How are we all the same? How are we a little different? What makes us unique? Make a craft activity that would encourage a child to focus on the different physical features of people from different countries. The People Shapes project kit was perfect for this! It included adhesive tape and everything you see below minus the trays.

The paper doll kit comes in a variety of skin color options so kids can create and celebrate any ethnicity. They are also gender neutral, so they can be adapted to the child’s creativity.

Cultural Diversity Activities For Elementary Students

We focused this week on India and Mexico. So she set out to create a little Indian and Mexican girl. She noticed that the Indian girl was wearing many sequins in her outfit and added these to her paper doll.

My 8 year old loved this project. It was definitely a bit difficult for my three year old as he needed a lot of help gluing and cutting the bits and pieces. This activity is perfect for elementary age students.

This would be a great classroom activity. You can have each child build a “doll” from a place and then stick them around the room.

Culture In The Classroom Activities

We may have some different physical characteristics, but what happens inside? How are we different? Are our emotions different? Check out my feelings and emotions chart for kids

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Tell the children where each state is located. You can also talk about how many hours it would take to fly to that place.

10 Cultural Diversity Activities for Elementary Students Click to Tweet 6. Go visit a restaurant that has authentic food from other countries.

Sample cuisine from these countries. For example, drink curry in an Indian restaurant. Try a special dish for that place. Just be careful because some cultural foods contain a lot of spices!

Ask the students what they think about the music. Does it make them feel like dancing? Does it make them feel happy?

Lesson Plans And Activities

We used Lakeshore’s Sweet Treats! Paper molds to bake these little cakes together. After we finished decorating the cakes, we would say the name of each place before eating them all. I always try to weave spelling and hidden learning into all the activities we do together.

It would be interesting to see if the children can understand any of the words the person says.

If it is age appropriate then discuss further. What are stereotypes? Are you also defined by a stereotype? Is that right? Talk about how each individual can define who they are. Build understanding.

Culture In The Classroom Activities

Make art projects that incorporate cultures. This will be a beautiful classroom decoration and will also serve as a reminder of the inclusive and festive nature of the classroom.

Ways To Celebrate Cultural Diversity In The Classroom

Build a culture of celebrating diversity in your classroom. Bring special toys, music, posters, videos and even movies. Children will love to see their culture represented in their classroom.

Have each student dress in a cultural outfit. Then, have each student talk about some of the special things they like about their cultural heritage. They can bring specialties such as special toys, books, music, and even cultural foods and sweets. This. is a great way to encourage diversity in the classroom and even the school.

Cultural diversity activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and really, all ages are such a fun and adaptable activity. It is always filled with beautiful colors and lots of interesting facts and lessons. Let’s create a classroom filled with love and unity.

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Culture In The Classroom Activities

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We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it. OkPrivacy Policy Learning about cultures and customs helps children appreciate diversity and gives them an opportunity to engage with and understand other cultures in a way attentive. The following activities will help children respectfully interact and engage with people from different cultures! 1. Listen to songs in different languages. Maybe start with some nursery rhymes found on YouTube. 2. Play a board game. This helps children learn about monuments, flags and geography around the world.

3. Eat at a local ethnic restaurant. First, read about the food offered. 4. Check out This website allows children to chat with an international friend. 5. Listen to music. This website has music samples from all over the world. Dress up and have a dance party! 6. Cook up a storm. Find a traditional recipe from another culture and make the dish at home. 7. Read a book! This shows what different houses look like around the world.

8. Make a homemade passport. As your child learns something new about another culture, draw a picture on the passport and see how many pages you can fill. 9. Be crafty! Choose one of these world culture crafts and activities to get started. 10. Learn how to say ‘thank you’ in many languages. 11. Attend a cultural festival in your area. 12. Go to a local museum. While there, look for items from other cultures.

Diversity Bulletin Board Idea

13. Research money from around the world. Draw coins or bills on paper and create a pretend market. 14 Draw a folk tale! These activities about other cultures and customs will help young children respect and celebrate the differences in all people, gaining a deeper understanding of others.

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Culture In The Classroom Activities

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