Current Nfl Odds To Win The Super Bowl – Share All sharing options for: 2020 Super Bowl Odds Updates Only four teams are favored by the Eagles.

Now that the 2019 NFL Draft is over, BetOnline has released updated 2020 Super Bowl odds for all 32 teams. The Philadelphia Eagles were among the teams that saw their odds shortened:

Current Nfl Odds To Win The Super Bowl

Current Nfl Odds To Win The Super Bowl

As you can see Only four teams have shorter odds than the Eagles: Patriots, Rams, Chiefs, and Rams. Then the Eagles are tied with the Browns (!) and Chargers in fifth place.

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The Eagles have improved from 20/1 to 14/1 since the end of the 2019 Super Bowl. Previously, I wrote that I felt like the odds were sleeping with Philadelphia’s chances of betting. $10 to win $200 sounds enticing. Right now you can win just $140 if you put down $10.

That could be a worthwhile gamble. Once again, the Eagles could have one of the best quarterbacks and head coaches in the NFL between free agency and this year’s draft. Howie Roseman has done a good job adding weapons for Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson to work with. With a healthy Wentz, the Eagles could return to the NFL’s elite in 2019. We don’t know if that high ceiling will be reached. But we know it exists.

Elsewhere in the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys improved to 25/1, the New York Giants improved to 50/1 and Washington dropped to 100/1. Bless whoever wasted money on the G-Men. Washington might Won’t win the Super Bowl as long as Dan Snyder is around. But at least their chances are better with Wayne Haskins in the mix. His merits are more inspiring than those offered by Case Keenum and Colt McCoy.

Speaking of Haskins, BetOnline also revealed their 2019 Rookie of the Year odds – he checks in at the second-shortest odds. What’s even more interesting to us at BGN are the two Eagles players on the list:

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I sure wouldn’t bet on JJ Arcega-Whiteside. Nothing hinders him or his talent. But I just don’t see him having a big rule in this offense as a rookie. Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson, Nelson Agholor, Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert all have more targets in 2019.

Miles Sanders at 20/1 is considered the more interesting bet of the Eagles’ two rookies, Jordan Howard’s presence potentially limiting his opportunities. But there could be a situation where Sanders looks so great that the Eagles make him a key part of their offense. I don’t think that’s the most likely outcome. But you can do it if you’re feeling risky. Credit: Getty Images Pictured: Jalen Hurts (left), Joe Burrow (center left), Patrick Mahomes (center right) and Brock P. Nordi (right)

We’ve reached the NFL’s Final Four, and it’s no exaggeration to suggest that this might be the most unpredictable Final Four in league history.

Current Nfl Odds To Win The Super Bowl

Per Bet Labs, we’ve only had 11 Conference Championship Games since 2003 feature three or fewer points. Only three of these have happened in both games in the same year. And five of those six games are three-point favourites:

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This week’s games And we may end up with a combined spread of 3 or less. That makes Sunday’s championship match unpredictable. And that means the Super Bowl odds are nearly the same for all four teams with three games remaining.

The Eagles are slight favorites on FanDuel at +230, the Bengals at +260 and the Chiefs at +280 are close behind, with the 49ers having a very short “long shot” at +320, a 30.3% mean favorite to win it all. and the long shot is 23.8%

The Eagles were the best NFL team all season long. Philadelphia started the year 8-0, the last unbeaten team in the league. They lost a Monday night game to Washington in November. But that was the only shortcoming all season, with Jalen Hurts in the lineup going 15-1 and requiring four turnovers to do so.

When it comes to turnovers, the Eagles don’t do them. They had just four games all season with more than one turnover. With just six of the remaining 14 games, the defense also forced at least one turnover in all but two games. Philadelphia had negative turnover margin just five times all season. Take good care of the ball and you will win many games.

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The Eagles continue to have one of the fiercest offenses in the league, with Hurts stalwart under center. They are ranked No. 1 in Rushing DVOA and lead the league in Offensive DVOA. On Hurts, he was favored to win MVP before missing two late games due to injury. And now he’s off the injury report. And he looked healthy and good going into the game against the Giants.

The Eagles have a true WR1 in A.J. Brown, who has 95 or more receiving yards in eight games this season. They may also have a second WR1 in DeVonta Smith, who is up from 5.1 catches for 55.4 yards in his first 11 games. He is 6.4 receptions this year for 92.6 yards in the last seven games.

When two receivers can gain 100 yards on a day with Dallas Goedert eating up all the free space in the middle of the field, the Eagles can beat teams in a variety of ways.

Current Nfl Odds To Win The Super Bowl

Philadelphia can still win on defense. In the past league The Eagles’ defense leads the league in Pass DVOA. Philly’s deep and versatile offensive line leads the league in pressure rate. And a talented secondary that could get cornerback Avonte Maddox back soon can overcome a fierce pass rush. Mahomes or Burrow will be waiting in the Super Bowl, and the Eagles have pressure to disrupt the QB in the latter two games. A shaky line and excellent pass defense in the matchup.

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In many ways, Philadelphia is the perfect matchup against the league’s top team. Offenses can punish opponents with bruising physical rush attacks. Then beat a tired defense over the top with an underrated passing game. Defenders are also built specifically to block passes. And did better than any team in the league.

There is also a deep and talented coaching staff. Along with coordinators on each side of the ball who are already interviewing for head coach jobs.

That’s the formula for winning football. And here’s why the Eagles are the favorites in the Super Bowl, with only four teams remaining. They have been my pick for most of the season and still look like the most likely champions on the board.

The Bengals were just one or two games away from winning the entire shebang last year. Then they got better. The numbers say that this year the team has better possession of the ball than both sides.

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It all starts with Joe Cool Burrow building on last year’s success and getting even better this season. He greatly reduced the expulsion rate. Especially as the season progresses. And his quick release and decision-making were key to Cincinnati’s offensive line hitting again. Burrow’s efficiency increased. And his play has become more consistent. And he was much better in this year’s playoffs than he was last year.

The Bengals have the deepest and most dangerous receiving corps in the league. Ja’Marr Chase might be just as talented. with all types of weapons And his chemistry with Burrow is undeniable with at least one TD in nine of his last 14 games. Tee Higgins is the WR1 in waiting and Tyler Boyd is one of the league’s best WR3s.

Last year’s Bengals were too committed to an ineffective offense and the 2022 season started similarly, but the Bengals have the No. 2 rushing DVOA since Week 4, now having a lethal running game. That dominated Buffalo last week and another tool to help this struggling line.

Current Nfl Odds To Win The Super Bowl

What was once a run-heavy offense is now the league’s most pass-heavy offense in neutral situations. Cincinnati has found its rhythm. And the Bengals coach let Burrow make a quick decision and make the call. This offense is diverse and battle-tested. Facing the third-toughest schedule in the league But is ranked fourth in DVOA despite just nine games against a top 15 defense.

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The other side of the ball lacks star power and marquee names. But maybe that’s because defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo’s most famous, he’s proven to be one of the league’s most dangerous game planners with great in-game adjustments. This helps the Bengals cover 23 of the last 27 second-half games against the spread (ATS). That includes a perfect 6-0 ATS in playoff games, giving up just 6.0 points per second half against top offenses. of the league

The Bengals don’t have a star name, but DJ Reeder is an offensive runner. While Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard makes an excellent passing partner. Cincinnati’s defense was greater than the sum of its parts thanks to Anarumo.

Cincinnati won the playoff game by allowing nine sacks. The Bengals win one missing three offensive starters. They won a game where the opponent was on the goal line late in a tied game, they came back.

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