Cute Sticky Notes For Her – These sweet love notes are just in time for Valentine’s Day, but are easy (and cheap) enough to make any day of the year. Surprise your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend with one of these cute love notes. it will definitely make their day.

Love notes are the best. And getting surprise love notes is even better. Texts are great and all, but there’s something sweet about finding that random sticky note left somewhere around the house for you to look at. Either in a lunch box or in a trouser pocket. 🙂

Cute Sticky Notes For Her

Cute Sticky Notes For Her

If you’re looking for a super-cheap but thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just when you want to show your significant other a little extra appreciation, surprise them with one of these cute DIY love notes. They will love it.

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This is one of my favorite things I’ve done for my husband when we were dating. I was super sneaky about it too so he was totally surprised.

To save time (and keep your significant other from getting suspicious if he’s around), write your notes ahead of time and arrange them however you want.

Get creative with different sticky note colors and sizes. You can arrange them to form a heart or write a phrase like I did (which I then answered on each sticky note).

This is another love note I left at the same time as the sticky paper mirror. Simply trace or freehand a heart onto a large piece of pastel colored cardstock and cut out. Write a message like a “conversation heart” with a red marker. And bonus points if the message is specific to your relationship or a funny inside joke.

Sticky Notes Kids Stock Illustrations

I found this sweet print at Something Turquoise. Go print it out, cut it to size and make a simple card out of it for your significant other. Then head over to the Calculator website to find out how many days you love them (or how long you’ve known them, dated, etc.) and fill in the number with some fun 3D stickers like these.

If you have an old deck of cards lying around, turn it into this fun keepsake for your loved one. (I’ve also found super cool decks of cards at the dollar store or in the dollar section at Michael’s). Make a cute “cover” card (use one of the jokers if you can) with scrapbook paper, stamps, or stickers. . Then write your “whys” on the face of each card with a fine Sharpie.

Also, how cute would this be for your family cards with different features you love for each child?

Cute Sticky Notes For Her

This love note is super easy, and your significant other gets an added bonus after eating it. I recommend making small words or phrases (or abbreviating words in “text language”). Unless you want to buy more candy, which is never a bad thing. 😉 Also, stick to wrapped confetti.

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Jared and I just found a giant bag of pink Starburst at Walmart over Christmas and it was the most exciting thing ever. (For Jared, because now he didn’t have to sort orange and yellow. For me, because now I’m not stuck with just orange and yellow.)

In case you were wondering, I love my super cozy blanket and duvet cover. The blanket cover is easy to wash, but we also keep a blanket when the pup is with us to keep it white (I learned my lesson after the first muddy paw…).

Write short love letters on small pieces of paper, wrap and tie with string or ribbon and store in a mason jar. You can even make these 365 love letters for the next year, once a day. Or “Read when…” love letters (“read when you’re sad,” “read when you’re lonely,” etc.).

For a fun love note that your significant other will be sure to see, cut the letters out of cardstock, attach to yarn or ribbon, and string between the door frame. To make the letters, download a free outline font and print on card stock. Or use a stencil. (Or just freehand like I did because I was in a rush.)

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tag Printable Sticky Note Tag

And there you go. I hope you get a chance to make one of these for your husband or boyfriend/girlfriend. They will love your thinking.

What are some love notes you’ve given in the past? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below. How special will your husband feel if he wakes up and walks into the bathroom to find you’ve written 100 reasons why I love you? There are many occasions when you can look for a creative way to let your spouse know that you love and adore them. Birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day are perfect occasions to shower your loved one with love. Or, maybe your spouse is having a really hard time and can reach out to me. No matter the occasion, we’ve got a creative, fun, and easy way to let your spouse know you love them by sharing not just one, but 100 things you love about them.

I’m sure you’ve heard of making a 100 things I love about you jar, right? Well, the jar is still a great idea, but imagine your husband waking up in the morning to find the mirror covered in brightly colored sticky notes and filled with your words of worship. 100 handwritten things you love about your husband. There is no way they can see that and not feel so loved. I recently made this for my husband’s birthday (which also happened to be during a rough time for him) and this was just what he needed. She was absolutely thrilled and it’s been a week and she still hasn’t taken it off.

Cute Sticky Notes For Her

If you really want to go the 100 things I love about you jar route, you can easily print them out on plain paper, cut them out, and put them in the jar. That way, your spouse will be able to take their time going through them and open them one by one (rather than seeing them all at once). Both ideas have fun benefits, so you can decide which one is best for you.

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The best part. It’s really easy to do! We were lucky that Carisa from Messes to Memories dreamed up beautiful designs that you can print directly onto 4×4 sticky notes. Each design includes a prompt that makes it super easy to list 100 things you love about your spouse.

Then all you have to do is fill out the form with all your personal reasons why you love your spouse. The bullets under each template add up to 100, so be prepared to write a lot. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to complete it. In fact, one of my responses was on a sticky note. “It’s easy for you to complete 100 things.”

If you need a little inspiration to get your wheels turning, you can find a collection of over 150 ideas here.

Finally, and this is my favorite part, you can place the sticky notes in a heart shape. We’ve even included a diagram to show you how to do it. So easy and special!

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And be sure to show off your sticky note surprise by tagging us on Instagram @datingdivas and #datingdivas

I met my husband in a beginning ballroom dance class at age 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to date) later we got married. Together we enjoy traveling the world and of course going on creative dates. I am a former theater teacher who now stays at home with a little boy. I love dancing, partying, photography, organizing and chocolate. In the spirit of showing a little extra love in February, we asked ourselves: What can we do after Valentine’s Day to continue showing love to our partners and loved ones? In today’s digital world, we are constantly connected. We can text or call almost anyone at any time. Heck, we might even shout them out publicly via social media for the whole world to see. We agree that these connections are valid and have truly improved our relationship and life for the better.

But what if we wanted to keep things a little more private? There’s nothing better than feeling like you have your own little secret or tradition with your partner. Special things that only you two know about.

Cute Sticky Notes For Her

We often see this top in feature ads and romantic movies. What if we applied this to our daily lives? How much fun could it be to hide little sticky notes all over the house for your loved one to find during the day? Like a little love note scavenger hunt. This creates excitement for the writer and sweet surprises for the finder.

My Wife Includes Little Notes In My Lunch When She Packs It. I’ve Been Saving Them In My Desk. These Are Some Of My Favorites.

Whether you need to add some spices again

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