Day Trip From Las Vegas To Antelope Canyon – Antelope Canyon has long been on my must-see list in America. So, when I visited Las Vegas in 2019, just before the disaster, I was happy to find out that I could easily make a day trip from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon. What surprised me was that when I checked my favorite booking site, for an Antelope Canyon day trip, there were several options. You can see Upper Canyon, Lower Canyon, or Canyon X. So, which is the best Antelope Canyon to see? I will share the results of my research and why I chose to visit Canyon X in the next section. I hope this helps in your decision as well.

In the beginning, I looked at the pictures of the three canyons and compared them. One thing is clear from the photos, no matter which one you choose, Upper, Lower, or Antelope Canyon X, you are guaranteed some amazing views. Every canyon is beautiful. So, it just comes down to what kind of experience you want to have. Let’s talk about the differences between these dogs and what you can expect from each of them.

Day Trip From Las Vegas To Antelope Canyon

Day Trip From Las Vegas To Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon is the most famous of the slot canyons in Page, Arizona. Notably, the upper Antelope Canyon is known as the “sunlight watch” that shines from the roof of the cave, as shown in the photo above. These trees make for some of the most beautiful pictures in the canyon and I was so tempted just by the view. However, capturing these trees in a photo can be a matter of luck, timing, and weather conditions. In order for the light to appear, it must be a clear day, and the time of their appearance is usually midday. Therefore, if you are visiting the canyon on a cloudy winter day like me, you will probably miss the “flash of light” phenomenon.

How To Plan A Trip To Antelope Canyon

The Upper Canyon is a good choice for people who don’t want to climb the stairs and steps that you will need to do in the Lower Canyon. The downside to visiting Upper Antelope Canyon is that Upper Antelope Canyon is usually more crowded and more expensive than other canyons.

Lower Antelope Canyon is a good choice for people looking for less people. A bit of an operative word as the Lower Canyon is rapidly gaining popularity and the population is steadily increasing in this channel as well. The entrance fee to the lower canyon is also more expensive than the upper canyon. The disadvantages of visiting the lower canyon is that the lower canyon is narrower than the upper one and you have to climb down a series of stairs to reach the canyon. An average person, however, can easily use these ladders and ladders.

Antelope Canyon X is the least populated of the three canyons at the time of writing this article. Since this is a new canyon opened to the public, it has not yet gained the popularity of the other two canyons. However, it is so beautiful.

I gravitate towards hidden gems when it comes to travel. So, out of the three, I chose to visit Antelope Canyon X. Below, I will provide a detailed account of my trip. If you want to skip the description and buy the tour, here is the link

Weekend Guide To Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon — Sugar & Stamps

For the day trip from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon X, I chose a small group tour of no more than 15 people. The tour is picked up from many hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The tour was an early start at 5:40 am. I’m an early riser, so this wasn’t much of a problem for me.

The 12-passenger minibus quickly arrived at the hotel. After checking our confirmation and saying a brief greeting to the passengers, the driver proceeded to pick up other passengers. We were lucky that almost everyone on the tour was on time and ready when the minibus arrived at their hotel except for one person. This person was not only ready to go, but he was drunk when the driver called him. He didn’t even remember booking the trip! To the relief of everyone on board, after 10 minutes of waiting, the driver decided to leave.

The driver was mindful from the start and most of us probably preferred the quiet ride through Antelope Canyon. He spoke only when there were interesting things to see along the way, but he did not feel the need to constantly recite unnecessary facts or jokes to “entertain us”. This was fine in my opinion and just the type of tour I prefer.

Day Trip From Las Vegas To Antelope Canyon

On the way, we stopped at a gas station for some coffee and snacks. Although the tour description said there would be snacks, fruit, and water, we were not offered any snacks on the trip, nor did we ask for them. If you are purchasing a tour through, the canyon entrance fee is already included in your price. However, if you have purchased the same tour from other websites, you will have to pay the driver, the entrance fee in cash. If you don’t have cash, there is an ATM at the gas station.

Plan Your Visit To Antelope Canyon

The lunch stop was on the subway. The price of a 12-inch Subway sandwich with a large drink and chips is included in the tour price. I enjoyed the 45 minute stop for lunch. There was just enough time to eat a sandwich and stretch our legs before continuing.

On the way to the Canyon, the driver promised us two amazing stops that weren’t technically part of the tour. The first stop gave us a view of Lake Powell in the distance. Although the catch here doesn’t do it justice, this was a great stop. The driver encouraged us to take a slow motion video as he jumped, which I didn’t post here because it didn’t come out well. However, I had a lot of fun jumping into the video.

Second stop was Glen Canyon Dam which looks like the Hoover Dam. The most interesting view, in my opinion, was on the other side of the road where you can see the Colorado River. I have to admit, however, that this sight that excited me so much this time, was dull compared to when I saw the Horseshoe Bend. It was still worth the stop though.

After about 6 hours on the bus, with a few stops in between, we finally reached our destination, Antelope Canyon X. The Antelope Canyon X, like the Upper and Lower Canyons is owned by Navajo Indian Families. So, at this point, your minibus driver/tour guide leaves you and the Navajo Indian guide takes over.

Day Tour: Sedona, Monument Valley, And Antelope Canyon, Las Vegas, Nv

First, at the parking lot, you transfer to another minibus. This minibus will take you to the entrance of Antelope Canyon. Then, the guide leads you up the stairs to the caves. The steps here, as you can see in the picture, are not as steep as the steps in Lower Antelope Canyon. There is also a dirt road next to the stairs. Whether this road is suitable for a wheelchair, I have no idea.

There are two open canyons in Antelope Canyon X within a short distance of each other. Both are beautiful. The Navajo guide who led us into the canyons was friendly and helped everyone take pictures. He also taught us some great photography tips to get the best pictures of the canyon.

Since the Canyon was not full of tourists, we had plenty of time to get some great shots and explore the canyon at our leisure. If you are visiting in winter, there is snow on the ground and the temperature is colder than outside. Therefore, remember to wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

Day Trip From Las Vegas To Antelope Canyon

There are wide and narrow areas in the river. However, even tight spaces are not too much of a squeeze. It’s a pleasure to walk through.

The Best Day Trips From Las Vegas

After 45 minutes of exploring the two slot holes, we were ready to head back to our minibus. I was very satisfied with the river cruise and had a great time.

If you thought this was the end of the day trip, you are wrong. There was another wonderful place to explore i.e. Horseshoe Horseshoe. The drive from Antelope Canyon to Horseshoe Bend was about 20 minutes. Once there, we had to walk a little, about 15 minutes to reach the Horseshoe section of the Colorado River.

The view that awaited us was amazing, to say the least. The Colorado River wound its way around the Canyon carving the Horseshoe shape which was a sight to behold. I know that the scene before you is so beautiful that you are bound to forget about caution. So, I say

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