Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl – Kickstart your night by toasting Downtown Las Vegas while drinking at 5 different bars and playing poker on your smartphone at the bar-repo. Visit the following venues between 11am-11pm Monday-Sunday*, collect your hand at a virtual five-card slot and grab a drink. Enjoy!

Start at the new Circa Hotel & Casino. Go to the second floor and use your app to check the Overhang Bar to receive your first virtual playing card. Show the waiter the app to drink your cocktail, beer, or wine. rejoice!

Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

Head down to the first floor of Cirque and go to the MEGA BAR. Check-in, get 2 virtual playing cards, and get your drink.

Junior League Las Vegas Celebrates 75 Years With A Vintage Vegas Themed Bar Crawl

Walk straight down Fremont Street to the Golden Gate Casino to Bar Prohibition! Check-in, get your 3 virtual playing cards, and get your drink.

Club One. *Pro Tip: Sign up for the FREE Club One Player’s Card next to Bar Prohibition! to get a free $25 Play Match. good luck!

Leave the Golden Gate Casino, do the right thing, and walk among the most iconic and fun places in the world – The Fremont Street Experience! At the end of Fremont Street is the Used D Hotel & Casino. Outside the American Coney Island escalator to the 2nd floor, go past Vue Bar, hang a right, and you will find Bar Canada. Check-in, have your 4 virtual playing cards, and your drink.

Go down to the first floor of The D, and you will walk into the LONGBAR. Stop-in, have a final virtual card game, and drink your drinks.

Try A Pub Crawl Tour During Your Stay In Downtown Las Vegas

Now you will have all 5 playing cards that make up the starting hand! Put your hand in the competition against everyone else, and the top 3 hands will win prizes. GOOD LUCK!

* SECRET MENU ITEM * Go to Coney Island at The D. Show your Royal Crawl app to get free fries with your meal! Alcohol bar crawls bar crawls bar hopping beer bars best wine garden in downtown las vegas book booze news Chicago cold cocktails weekend weekend las vegas downtown las vegas bar drinks drinks dtlv dtlv street party famous dtlv murals football trap hospitality las vegas las vegas activities las vegas bar life beautiful liquor letters martinis pub crawl pubs reno rooftop pools rum superhero tequila vegas bar vegas drinking vegas pub crawl pub crawl vodka winter fashion

You probably stumbled upon the Vegas Pub Crawler while in search of something to eat in Las Vegas. Congratulations! You’ve definitely found something to do in Las Vegas. More specifically, in the city of Las Vegas, where the drinks are cheaper and so much fun. This is where the Vegas Pub lives.

Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

The Vegas Pub Crawler is the only pub crawl in Downtown Las Vegas. They operate 7 days a week and offer 2.5-hour tours at noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm on a 15-foot pedal boat. We go bar hopping and the drink specials are mostly bar and range from $4-10 per drink but drinks are cheap compared to Downtown Las Vegas.

The 9 Best Pub Crawls In Las Vegas

This is the perfect way for your group to have fun together, whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate outing or just because it’s Tuesday. Private parties can have up to 15 people, but all private party seats must be reserved.

Private only. The price starts at 11:45 pm, just before you turn into a pumpkin. I experience the middle of many crowds at night.

With groups smaller than 4 people, we will have another party available for you to add. Just text us your name, the number of people and the dates we expect to ride with us, check availability. We need a minimum of 4 people to tour the clinic.

The response from the community has been very positive as people of all ages find time to party with us in DTLV. Teachers, nurses, emergency responders, etc. – even people from out of town are priority visitors to the Pub Crawl!

Fremont Street Bar Crawl In Las Vegas, Nv, Mar 23, 2023

If you’re local and looking for new Vegas activities, you’ve probably shared with us before. If not, why are you waiting? Email us @ RideWithUs or BOOK HERE! We spent a week in Las Vegas this past May. Some people feel like a week in Vegas is too long, but I really like that it’s not long enough. There is literally so much to do! You’ve probably been there about 20 times (this was our 3rd trip together) and every time I go I try to do new things and things I haven’t done there before. My husband has never really gotten a chance to experience a Las Vegas weekend, so we decided to check it out on this trip. When they think of downtown, they think of Fremont Street and the old hotels, but that’s it! So on Mother’s Day when everyone else is blushing, hit up this DIY bar in downtown Las Vegas.

The easiest, cheapest way to get into the city is by bus. We stayed at the MGM Grand so it was definitely not walkable and I can’t even imagine how much it would cost to take a cab. There are 2 developers to choose from, Deuce or SDX. They are easy to arrange because the Deuce is a double decker bus and the SDX is only one. We both rode for a week, but decided to take the Duke in town. You can get a 2-hour bus pass for $6, a 24-hour pass for $8, or a 3-day pass for $20. You can purchase a pass from a ticket vending machine found at most bus stops and it’s good for either Deuce or SDX. Be sure to keep your boat in your transit, and in a safe place, easily accessible. Deuce 4 stops in downtown Las Vegas. We went to the second stop of the Fremont Street Service (on 4th St), located at Carson and 4th.

I had a list of places I wanted to visit in mind ahead of time so I had all the addresses in hand and ready to go. Then I just enter the email in my Google Maps app on my mobile phone and turn in the walking directions. Easy to make pie…or in this case…DONUTS!!

Downtown Las Vegas Pub Crawl

Our first stop was the Donut Bar just two short blocks away! This place is a MUST in downtown Las Vegas!!! They are open on Sundays from 8AM until Noon and they sell out so you will want to get there early! The menu changes daily so even if you’ve been here before, it’s worth a second trip. It is their second location, the first of which can be found in San Diego, CA. They are the most award-winning donut shop in the USA, and have also been named Top 10 Donut Shops by USA Today and Thrillist. How is that documented? My sweet tooth, healthy Achilles, so I’m beyond excited to start the day here! The entrance leads you straight into the line and you imagine yourself in front of a glass showcase displaying all the donuts available. They also have an overhead menu of all the flavors written in chalk. I’ve experienced that I’m more of a specific and drool person when it comes to picking my donut. Moving the fast line is almost as bad! Tomorrow he needs time! Look at me a little longer. But…I want everything! In the end we decided to go with these two gems…The Big Poppa Tart and a Creme Brulee donut. Straight through the back door will lead you to the cutest little thing out there right now. Oh, I remember the staff of my friend! I guess I would be happier if I was surrounded by lots of donuts in the morning. Future career kick???

The Best Bars On Fremont Street

The Big Poppa Tart donut is a must! This thing is HUGE!!! And…I got the last strawberry one that day!!! Look at all the jelly fillings that are overflowing with delight. You are sure to put this one on your donut bucket list!

The creme brulee was equally impressive! The top is caramelized to perfection. It was pretty special when we ran into this one! The top was the perfect thickness and easy enough to crack, revealing a very full custard filling inside. Magic prices are so pretty, a Big Poppa Tart will set you back $4 and only $2 for a Creme Brûlée. You can’t really go wrong with either, but I’m guessing that every donut at Donut Bar will leave you just as happy. Next time I’m definitely going to visit Vegas again to find out!!

From there we went to the continent of Orcus. The entrance is about a 5 minute walk from the Donut Bar. This place is pretty cool and completely different from anything I’ve ever been to. It is an airy shopping center filled with retail shops, unique restaurants, and live entertainment that can be enjoyed


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