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Introduction: Technology is a growing issue worldwide causing negative effects on young people. Technology affects the socialization, health and higher education of youth. Technology has grown tremendously over the years and is most commonly used by people ages 13-17. Background: Technology has had a negative impact on the socialization skills of young people, as many people in their youth do not know how to socialize properly, and look at nothing but their phones. Second, technology causes physical and mental health problems in adolescents because cyberbullying is a huge issue and can lead to depression and anxiety. Along with mental health, physical health is also a flux, because child obesity is increasing as children spend less time outside and more time in technology. Finally, technology is relevant to the education of youth and education. Children sit on their phones in class and don’t pay attention, dropping notes and taking longer for people to graduate. With this, disorders such as ADD and ADHD are becoming very common in children. “The CDC says 11 percent of American children, ages 4 to 17, have attention deficit disorder.” Mood disorders are caused by a lack of focus due to staring into the darkness all day. Or in other words, children begin to be wasted and fast, and loose focus on things that do not care. Presentation of the proposal: Therefore, technology is an issue worldwide that is causing a negative impact on young people. Technology affects the socialization, health and higher education of youth.

Effects Of Technology On Teenager

Effects Of Technology On Teenager

Technology affects children’s social skills greatly. In today’s society, children do not know basic social skills and lack manners. “Technology can affect the social development of children by giving them empathy, compassion, a sense of human relationships, affecting their focus and closeness with family.” Instead of going out to socialize, children talk to friends and family over the phone. Although connecting with people is much easier, at the same time people also lose connection because we forget what it feels like to connect with a person in real life. With this, fear of encountering people also becomes a common issue. Teenagers in today’s society can more easily say things over the phone that they would never say in person. This kind of thing can affect relationships with friends and family, and it can also affect job opportunities because many children already lack basic social skills. After all, youth loses emotional connection and grief takes away emotions. People care more about their phones and social media than about other people. Commentary: Technology will connect us more closely because it is easier to connect, but our generation has taken it too far and we have taken the moment outside the connection.

Parents, Monitor Your Teens Social Media Usage To Improve Their Mental Health

Topic Opinion: Technology affects not only social skills in young people, but also affects mental and physical health. Mental health is more prevalent in today’s society and is very important in young people. Comment: Physical health is so important that technology leads to pain during adolescence. Current evidence suggests that screen media exposure leads to obesity in children and adolescents through increased binge watching; exposure to high-calorie, low-nutrition food and beverage marketing that influences children’s preferences, purchase requests, and consumption habits; and the duration of sleep. “Social media is something that affects mental health as much as cyberbullying, which can lead to depression and anxiety, but social media can also affect physical health as young people now have an unrealistic body image in mind. Commentary: Unrealistic body image occurs mostly in young girls, because they see models on social media and think it’s important to be seen as beautiful. This can lead to anorexia and bulimia, which causes long-term health problems. Testimonial & quote: “Each 20 million Americans and 10 million Americans will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime , and a large part of the affections of adolescents”. Children do not like to play outside anymore, which leads to no physical activity, because they seem to be spending time on technology. Commentary: Additionally, what many people do not know is that they are on phones and computers all day, which can affect their eyes. Testimony & stating: “Exposure to blue light hours during the day helps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. Excessive exposure to blue light late at night (via smartphones, tablets and computers) can disrupt the wakefulness and sleep cycle, leading to sleeping problems and fatigue during the day”. Things like “Just Dance” and “Wii Sports” are a few game systems that help kids have fun playing games, but also being active. Things like this should be used more often, but the exercise is slower because the kids don’t care.

Topic: Finally, technology affects the higher education of adolescents in terms of the way they learn, and the way they are promoted. Education systems are having a hard time keeping up with these changes in society, and they want to take care of their students’ concerns online. Students pay more attention to their phones in class which prevents them from focusing on teachers and what they are looking at on their phones. In addition, students no longer do homework because they are devoted to technology, paying attention very quickly when it comes to working on the game. Finally, online websites don’t always put out the right information or in other words, not everything on social media is real. This causes students and young people who use technology to get wrong information and believe things that are not true. “Teachers who were not in the surveys echoed the findings in interviews, saying they are working harder to get and retain students.” (Richtel, 2012) Commentary: Therefore, the teachers have seen a change in the engagement of students so well and it was a growing event that students preferred to use their phones over listening to the teacher.

Conclusion of the paragraph: In conclusion, technology is a growing problem worldwide causing negative effects on young people. Technology affects the socialization, health and higher education of youth. People in today’s society are growing up very exposed to technology, which means that when defining a young person today, technology and social media is a big factor. Young people in today’s world have forgotten social skills and connecting people. Second, mental and physical health are very sensitive factors in social media and technology. Technology can lead to anxiety and depression, as well as anorexia and severe pain. Finally, children care less about leaning and more about their phone and lose focus in class very quickly. Unfortunately, Technology has only been observed to grow and it is clear that it is having a negative effect on the growing youth. Technology is out of control and the results are increasingly having a negative impact on young people around the world. References

It should follow the form of an “inverted” triangle, meaning, the writer begins to be broad and should introduce the text and the author or topic into the discussion, and then arrive at the presentation of the statement in more detail.

Ways Social Media Affects Teen Mental Health

It provides a fundamental perspective, outlining the historical context and introducing key information that will be explored further in the essay, setting the stage for the topic to follow.

The corner of the essay, presenting the central argument that will be developed and supported by arguments and analysis throughout the rest of the paper.

A topic sentence is the main idea or focus of a paragraph in an essay, summarizing the main idea that will be discussed in that paragraph.

Effects Of Technology On Teenager

The body of each paragraph makes an argument to support the argument, citing information from sources as evidence.

How Technology And Social Isolation May Affect Mental Health

After each piece of evidence has been provided, the author will explain how and what evidence to support in the complaint.

The proper part to follow is that the shape of the triangle, its meanings, and its particulars are to be mentioned first as a confirmatory thesis, and then more broadly on the subject at hand. Finally, leave something for the reader to think about and think about once the agenda is read.

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The Question We’ve Stopped Asking About Teen Agers And Social Media

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Effects Of Technology On Teenager

This is bad news in a country where more than 90 percent of teenagers use social media and play video games, two of the most addictive forms of

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