Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles – Looking for the best dance studios in LA? Here is a list of Los Angeles dance studios that you should take dance classes at! Whether you live in the area, or are visiting the city – this list of dance studios in LA is the most useful guide to getting some quality dance training.

Known for its industry and commercial classes, EDGE PAC is open 7 days a week 350 days a year, with a great variety of classes. From hip hop to jazz to salsa to ballet, EDGE is a great place for students who are aspiring dancers in the industry or dancers who just want to take a class with some of the best choreographers out there.

Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles

Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles

In addition to drop ins, studio space is available for rent. Not to mention, the schedule is STACKED…So instead of reading this on the edge of your seat, free your booty and go take class!

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If you have seen any video on Youtube with the red walls and the wooden floor, then you have seen Millennium Dance Complex.

From regular daily class schedules to multi-star tuition classes, Millennium offers a huge range of classes and styles in NoHo AND Orange County!

You can rent studio space at Millennium 24/7. In addition, there are accommodations for dancers who are coming to train from around the world.


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Offering tons of styles including Bollywood, voguing, and krumping, Debbie Reynold’s classes are available 7 days a week.

If you don’t take a class, then you’ll probably end up dancing normally, and let’s face it:

Their studio in North Hollywood is beautiful, bright and clean. And their classes range from master classes with top dancers as well as many foundational classes in all different styles. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!‍

Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles

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Best Dance Los Angeles Classes

After opening at the end of April 2015, Snowglobe Perspective started as a series of workshops + a dope Youtube channel with an endless collection of dope dance videos. With their recent opening, they’ve stacked their classes with dancers all over the community! In addition to the weekly lineup of instructors, they also host late night, pop-up classes from instructors who don’t normally teach in the area. You can find out who is teaching through daily flyers on their Instagram!

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Boogiezone started in 2002 as a way to nurture the community of dancers by offering master classes and workshops around the world.

The studio, Boogiezone Utopia, was then born, and now offers dance classes of all styles. Their location in Torrance has 5 studios in the building. In addition, they offer accommodations for dancers! Boogiezone Utopia

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After much anticipation, The Kinjaz opened their own studio in Monterey Park in 2016. Kinjaz Dojo is a dance studio in Los Angeles that offers classes Monday through Friday. With only one main dance space and an exclusive line-up of instructors, the classes here are more about quality than quantity. Their class schedule is a comprehensive mix of training elements. These include urban choreography, break dancing, body control, house, pop-up Master Classes, and more!

The Lab Creative Arts Studio in West Covina is the place, not only to dance but also to dance, work, flip, and more. You’ll find classes for this Los Angeles dance studio on their website. And be sure to catch up on their Instagram for special announcements!

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Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles

Don’t you live in Los Angeles and don’t have any dance studios around? Studio is a great way to take a class from home! You can train anywhere, anytime, with the dopest choreographers.

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‍Of course there are many more dance studios in Los Angeles, but these are the ones we frequent and recommend. If you spend any time on YouTube, you’ll know Playground’s iconic red “PLAY” letters. The studio on Melrose, created by Kenny Wormald, star of

; and Robin Antin, creator of The Pussycat Dolls, is anything but another LA dance floor. With millions of views on YouTube and Instagram, and consistently sold-out classes of up to 100 dancers at a time, the hip new space is home to celebrities, professional dancers and local novices alike.

“Literally, it’s like a playground for dancing!” explains Antin. “It’s more of a playground than ‘the playground’,” laughs Wormald.

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Antin came up with the name after being inspired by the fun opportunities presented by the empty space on the famous Melrose Avenue of Los Angeles.

Wormald admits he never had plans to open a studio, but when Antin asked him to look at the space and found it was on Melrose, he said, “Okay, now I’m in the conversation, now I’m interested. ! Melrose is a cool place, really amazing, and then you throw a little dance studio into the mix, and it’s exciting.”

“It’s a risk and a challenge and it’s fun, but the culture of the class has just started,” explains Wormald, “and now the studio draws dancers from all over the world.”

Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles

“Kenny and I have known each other since the end of 2002,” explains Antin. And Wormald laughs, “I used to be a boy sailor at the Pussycat Dolls shows.”

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But all those years ago, Wormald caught Antin’s eye. “He was so sweet and good-looking, and the best dancer,” Antin remembers. “He’s been in the dance industry forever and he’s done so well and been very successful. We both came from these big worlds of dance and success. But when we got together to do this, we were like, ‘Well, he created all this time, and I created all this time, but getting together to make a dance studio is another thing! We were looking at each other like, ‘What are we doing?! We brought our two worlds, which are different worlds, together and collided, to make something really cool happen.”

The studio, unlike most of the studios we are used to, is a boutique, in fact it is just one big room, with a glass front facing the street. But boy, is there a “vibe in the room,” says Wormald. Such a vibe, in fact, that when the next room became available, they demolished the wall and expanded the space.

“Suddenly, we went from 50 capacities to now around a hundred. Like literally, it just doubled!” shouted Antin.

But Wormald explains that the greatness of the big space, and the videography that we have all been enjoying on the internet, do not take away from the feeling of community. “Although it’s like the flashy kind of Instagram class, it’s very grounded,” he says. “Everyone is there to dance. It’s not a high pressure thing. We found a way to do the camera thing but it should still be about the dance and respecting the class culture. If you’re intimidated at first because you only see it online, when you get in there, just dance and have fun!”

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Playground LA is known for fierce classes in sexy heels and hard-hitting hip hop, but the studio now also offers classes for beginners and even fitness classes like hip hop cardio. “People just want to dance!” says Antin. “Honestly, hip hop cardi is so good. You have no choreography, and anyone can do it, and it’s the best training ever.”

“There are all shapes, sizes, ages, everything,” adds Wormald. “We see all these people who are not trying to be professional dancers; they just come and have a blast. And it’s like they’re addicted to it now, and all their friends are coming over now. They are living this moment for a second, and then they can go back to any of their days. It almost brings more joy to teach those kinds of classes, because you see people having fun!”

But serious dancers are also advancing their careers through training from industry leaders at Playground LA. Wormald pays special attention to his “Playground Boys” whom he mentors, including Charlie Bartley and Chris Tsattalios, both of Australia.

Famous Dance Studios In Los Angeles

Fame back in Australia, and both now teach at the studio. “A bunch of the Playground Boys are Australian! Charlie Bartley has been dancing with us and now he’s working with Usher!” Wormald explains. “They’re all doing things they’ve always wanted to do, and it’s good for them to have a home base or ‘playground’ where they feel comfortable. And I can give them an opportunity and employ them in all the jobs I do.”

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“Kenny transforms the dancers,” adds Antin. “Like, honestly, they come in, and all of a sudden, they grow, grow and grow.”

Antin and Wormald are obviously jumping at the opportunity to give back to the industry they love


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