Fast Furious Order Of Films – Perhaps it is the moving continuity that allows these separate characters from different films to return to the scene whenever they want. Or maybe it’s the sublime shifts in subgenre, tone, and locale.

I think it really is: in recent years, this once self-serious street racing melodrama has moved into the 21st century. that it has become in the century

Fast Furious Order Of Films

Fast Furious Order Of Films

Features a friendly multicultural crew who engage in intense (but lighthearted) car-based adventures while wearing their big dumb hearts on their sleeves.

The First Fast And Furious Movie Is A Modest Time Capsule Of The Early 2000s

I’m sad to report that the latest entry in the 14-year-old franchise is the weakest of the bunch. To some extent, the film was a victim of circumstance. Of course, Paul Walker’s tragic death during a break from filming in late 2013 gave the film a grim look. The series took another major hit with the departure of veteran director Justin Lin, who was largely responsible for reviving the once stalled franchise into a worldwide critical and commercial success.

), is a skilled director when it comes to horror, but woefully ill-equipped to tackle large-scale action. Wan makes up for his lack of blockbuster experience in the same way that Marc Forster handled his famous 2008 James Bond blunder.

Style quick cuts, flashy camera movements and slow shutter speeds, leaving piece after piece empty and empty, wasting multi-million dollar action sequences in bursts of color and noise.

To make matters worse, key cast member Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is sidelined for most of the film due to scheduling issues with the busy cast. Jason Statham, as the villainous Deckard Shaw, is wasted, his real-life martial arts prowess lost to the wind in Wan’s perpetual spin.

Fast & Furious Only Makes Sense As A Clash Of Movie Star Egos

It’s not all bad news, though. Kurt Russell is hilarious in his small role as a secret agent with a penchant for Belgian beer,  Chris Morgan’s script gives the growing actor plenty of jokes to chew on, and the movie does well by giving Walker the right fit. in the final minutes of delivery.

Best Scene: The film’s long list of recaps aside, you’d have to be made of stone not to appreciate the tribute to Paul Walker at the end. It is the only moment in the film that feels like it has been touched by human hands.

Scariest Conversation: The one Iggy the Cover starts in his short pity cameo. Did I mention Iggy Azalea is in this movie?

Fast Furious Order Of Films

In the picture, a boisterous American teenager Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) finds himself moving in with his navy father in Tokyo and almost immediately angers the Yakuza who have gathered in the underworld of Japanese auto racing. Unfortunately, unlike

Fast Cars And Family: A ‘fast & Furious’ Newsletter

, the film sticks to the basics of the series, with Sean instead tricking the Yakuza into wearing stonehenge-inspired Halloween masks that kill them and turn their bodies into worms.

The cast is new, including Han (Sung Kang, excellent), the wrinkly-faced Uncle Yakuza (Sonny Chiba, not the character’s real name) and Twinkie (Bow Wow’s stiff attempt at acting). With the single exception of Patrick Swayze, whose quiet swagger is so strained that subsequent sequels would be twisted into a time-space pretzel to allow for his return, the new characters are utterly forgettable.

Although this black sheep of the franchise has its supporters, I am not one of them. From the high school setting to non-participation”

With cars” storyline, the stakes seem too low compared to the rest of the series.

Fast & Furious Rewatch Guide: The Key Movies To Watch Before Fast X

The silver lining comes in the form of Sung Kang and new guy Justin Lin in the director’s seat. Lin has a clear knack for action filming and would do wonders to not only resurrect this dead horse of a franchise, but manage to do it retroactively.

Most touching conversation: “The winner…gets me!” – An American high school girl emerges as a street racing trophy in an uncomfortable moment of self-inflicted misogyny.

Failing that, it looked like we’d be left with a trilogy of low-margins. Three years later, the Fast & Furious trailers: “Vin Diesel! Paul Walker! Michelle Rodriguez! Jordana Brewster!” The entire original cast was pulled in and the marketing dictated a lot of how much the fans wanted that to happen. Not only that, but two good items

Fast Furious Order Of Films

(villain Sung Kang and director Justin Lin) were back in action. In other words, it was hard for me not to be excited about this movie when it was released in 2009, even though it was meant to be a “title”.

See Fast & Furious Stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson In Anniversary Posters

Unfortunately, this gloomy outing forgets to have fun. It is primarily about fugitive street racer Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Diesel) and his efforts to avenge the brutal death of a loved one at the hands of a drug cartel run by John Ortiz. The film gives fans the bare minimum of what they want as Dom finally reunites with old cop friend Brian O’Conner (Walker), but the gritty storyline means they remain stone-faced for most of the film and aren’t allowed to. Riff each other with ancient lineages. A major plot twist later in the movie makes Dom’s revenge seem irrelevant, and some dark car racing set in a dark CGI tunnel system certainly doesn’t help.

, mostly just pines for the days when these guys seemed to be enjoying auto racing.

Best Scene: Brian tracks down his old friend Dom, only to find him doing what he does best: hanging a Korean guy out of a window by his pant legs.

He came out the summer before he was in seventh grade. The film was surprisingly successful, especially for the crucial demographic of “12-15 year old males”. Later, my P.E. The locker room couldn’t stop talking about SICK.

The Lost And The Furious: Films That Tried (and Failed) To Ride The Fast & Furious

I know it’s personal bias, but every time I watch this movie, I feel like I’m back in that smelly middle school locker room.

That said, the original film is solid, despite almost being a scene-scene from Kathryn Bigelow’s immortal 1991 cult classic.

) infiltrating a group of extreme thieves (street racers/surfers) led by a charismatic folk hero (Dom/Bodhi) who fell in love with a troubled girl on the other side of the law (Mia/Tyler). After falsely accusing a rival gang (Asian gangsters/Warchild’s drug ring), Brian discovers the truth and must do his duty and follow his heart.

Fast Furious Order Of Films

The film hasn’t aged very well, but director Rob Cohen has a steady hand directing the action and the original cast remains engaging.

A Full List Of All Of The Fast & Furious Movies

Returning Characters: “This is the first movie, because! Doesn’t anyone come back from anything,  bruh!” – Or a street racer from this movie or literally any 7th grader in my PE; the class

” 12 years later, most fans of the series regard it as another dirty sequel, but personally? I love every minute of it.

Disgraced cop Brian O’Conner is in Miami, taking part in real-life games of Mario Kart 64 in his shiny Skyline. Then he’s calling the fuzz and saying, like, they’re gonna lock his punk ass in jail if he doesn’t pull some serious car tricks to put the drug lord (Cole Hauser) behind bars. They try to send Brian undercover with a sweet cop who knows nothing about tricked-out rides, but Brian tells him, “No way,” and hooks up his childhood friend Roman (Tyrese Gibson, perfect) with the job as they head down. which is essentially a $75 million episode

The franchise decided to ditch the gritty tone of its predecessor and take Brian out of the gritty surroundings of the original film and into a candy-colored fever dream filled with clowns, maniacs, and idiots in fast cars. While Vin Diesel (wisely) decided to sit this one out, Paul Walker has always been the heart of these movies, and Walker actually has better chemistry with newcomer Tyrese than Diesel. Not to mention that most movies of this era benefited greatly from the inclusion of rapper/thespian Ludacris.

Fast And Furious’ Movies In Order

The scariest conversation: “The pockets are not empty, because! And we are not hungry anymore!” – Brian and Roman in the finale as they take the money out of their pockets and we fade to black. This is seriously the last line of the movie before the end credits. This movie is incredibly stupid and I love it.

Genre heist series, complete with over-complicated schemes and a formidable cast of series veterans. Everyone was pissed off at this glorious transition, including me.

, Dom and his extended family of hooligans are living in South America, even though they want to get back to Dom’s crappy house in East LA. Suddenly, super cop Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, perfect). in addition to those films) comes in and reveals that an important team member, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), is not as dead as she seemed two films ago. In fact, he’s working for an international terrorist group led by Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), who mirrors Dom’s group of rough bikers. Before you say “

Fast Furious Order Of Films

“, this train of idiots pulls out of the station and we roll with the crazy acrobatics, no-jokes, and timeline twists we’ve come to expect from this franchise.

Fast & Furious Movies In Order: How To Watch Chronologically Or By Release Date

It’s a tough act to follow and it can’t help but feel like a kickback with some extra spice added.

Scariest interview: “This is us.”

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