Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her – If you are trying to figure out how to make a girl happy and fall in love with you, I have a simple solution that may surprise you.

I’ve compiled a huge collection of the sweetest text messages to get your daughter in the mood to make her smile from ear to ear.

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

Never underestimate the power of words, especially when it comes to seducing women. They say men are visual creatures. Women are a little different; We pay close attention to what we hear and what is said.

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To help you save time searching for the perfect love text, I have handpicked 150+ sweet messages and sultry texts that you can use to start a sweet text conversation and win her heart.

Send her one of these beautiful love messages to get her in the mood and the rest will fall into place.

Check out these incredibly sweet and flirty text messages to get you in the mood that will instantly put a smile on your face!

2. “Just thinking about you in the middle of everything I do is enough to make me smile.”

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11. “I never knew hugging and kissing you would make me feel this way. “I want more every day.”

13. “I wish I were with you right now. I don’t know how much longer I can wait to see you.”

Make sure you are on his/her mind even on the busiest days. Hit her with one of these cute text messages to get her in the mood and drive her crazy for you!

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

2. “I never thought I had a one-track mind until I met you. It must be your corrupting influence.”

Flirty Texts To Make Her Blush, Smile, And Fall For You

3. “Once again, thoughts of you helped me get through the toughest moments of my day.”

4. “When I’m with you, I feel most like myself and the person I want to be. You may know the best in me. And I can’t help but think to myself, “Wow.” “Look, here it is!”

5. “The most romantic thing in life is to see your eyes falling asleep and my body hugging you every morning. “I need you more in my life.”

6. “I’m a thousand miles away but it still feels like you’re here with me. I love you honey.”

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7. “You stole my heart and made me fall in love with you. Now all I want from you is to be mine forever. I will love you with all my heart.”

8. “I love the way you look at me, your eyes shine and sparkle with love. “One of the best moments of my life.”

11. “Forgive me for being cheesy, but you are the first person I think about every day when I wake up.”

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

12. “I was comfortably numb here until you came and woke me up. “From now on, I want to wake up with you every morning.”

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13. “I see a lot of beautiful girls around me. But a beautiful lady is rare. I am happy that I met a beautiful lady like you in real life, not in my dreams!”

14. “All you have to do is enter the room and everyone else disappears. Or I wish they did.”

15. “I realized how ready I am to do something crazy and risk everything as long as I can do it with you.”

16. “I love talking to you. Nothing is off limits or strange. You are as good at challenging me as you are at listening to me.”

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17. “My greatest goal in life would be to love you and make you feel special. “I want to make you feel that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

18. “I feel like I can conquer the world when I’m with you. You are everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

19. “If I can’t see you for even a minute, my entire body system becomes unbalanced. I’m worried because I can’t imagine my life without you.

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

21. “Your magnificent eyes can pierce a thousand guards in a single blink. And my heart was just soft heart tissue. How can I resist falling in love with you!

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22. “I want to hug you and then kiss you to check if you are really made of sugar. Because you’re so cute!”

23. “There are so many wonders in this world but I wonder how you’re still single! Have a wonderful day, beautiful.”

24. “I intend to make my life spicy and full of romance. I’m going to start calling you baby from now on. What do you think, beautiful?

25. “I’m sure Aphrodite is jealous of you. “You are what they call ‘divine beauty’ and there is no doubt about it, I promise.”

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26. “You stole my heart, my sleep, and my thoughts. You have little idea what you’re doing. Come to my house tonight so we can discuss ways you can make it up to me!

Here are more cute and flirty text messages to get her in the mood that you should definitely check out!

2. “Just a quick note to remind you that I am in love with you. I look forward to reminding you in person.”

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

3. “All I want for a lunch break is to have a picnic somewhere with you – ideally with a two-person tent and a sleeping bag.”

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4. “If I haven’t told you before, you look amazing today; you look even more beautiful every time I see you.”

5. “We spent the whole day together and you know what? I still want to see you.”

6. “You’re so lucky that being gorgeous isn’t a crime. “If it were so, you would be the first woman brought to justice, and I would be the one to hand you over to the law.”

7. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you; “I want to be the prince who holds your hand on your wedding day.”

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8. “If I were a girl, I would be very jealous of you because of your beauty. But I am a man. How can I stop myself from falling in love with you! How could I not want you during my sleepless nights?

9. “I opened my mouth to say a word and then quickly closed it. I found myself so stunned in your presence.

10. “Even in my thoughts, I get distracted from you. Can you stop being so hot for a moment?”

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

11. “Some people try to stifle the light they perceive in others. You take the slightest shine you can find in me and turn it into a rainbow. I’d like to see what you see.”

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12. “I don’t think about a lot and I don’t think about it for very long, but when I do it’s always about you.”

13. “Whenever I think of you (which is most of the time) I think of that grin of yours and it turns me upside down.”

14. “Your face was a little red and I was wondering if I had suddenly grown hair in my ears. I left my fly screen open in my rush to get your number. It’s a funny world we live in.

15. “I can’t stop thinking about how amazing you looked last night. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

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16. “I’m not so weak that I fall into your arms the moment you say my name. “You’d really have to be here for this to work on me.”

17. “You make me want to run home from work every night just because I know you’re there.”

18. “I wasted so much water in the shower because I was thinking about you all the time.”

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

19. “It’s amazing being your man. I love the way you talk, the way you smile, how you blush when I say something nice and how you laugh when I act stupid. I love everything about you, baby. I love you.”

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20. “Today is a wonderful day and the only thing that can make it better is having you by my side.”

21. “What’s so special about dreams you can’t achieve? I dreamed of holding you in my arms. Now I want to make this a reality. Will you help me with this?”

22. “I wish I could be your pillow so I could feel your warmth every night. I wish I could be there to give you pillow talk. “Sleep well, my beautiful.”

23. “Good morning. I can’t imagine your last and first thought of the day being you. It’s crazy and I like it.”

Flirty Text Messages For Her

24. “No matter how bad a day I’ve had, all my disappointment and sadness seem to melt away when I see you. “I’m so grateful to have you.”

25. “I want all of you. Your flaws, your mistakes, your flaws. I want you and only you.”

26. “Your eyes have the ability to create a tsunami even in the calmest sea. Has anyone ever told you what this can do to a man’s heart?”

Funny Flirty Text Messages For Her

27. “You really give me the teenage feeling of being in love. You can really be mine

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