Funny Happy 50th Birthday Gif For Her – Social media platforms, especially Facebook, provide the easiest way to remember all your friends and family’s birthdays (assuming they entered the correct day!). Since I appreciate nothing more than a good “meme dump” where everyone shares their favorite memes in the same thread, I thought I’d share my favorite funny birthday memes that I keep in my meme arsenal for the occasion!

I have over 50 of my favorite funny birthday memes ready to share with you today! Since I harvest memes like a Florida orange farmer, if there are any that I missed, please share them in the comments below.

Funny Happy 50th Birthday Gif For Her

Funny Happy 50th Birthday Gif For Her

And may the targets of your funny birthday meme missiles appreciate your festive birthday wishes with high effort! I mean, really, why send birthday cards or birthday cake when you can send funny birthday memes?!

Year Old Veteran Spends Birthday At Gym

**Shudder** I remember having to go to the library or praying that you had the corresponding letter book from your $2000 encyclopedia set. This one might be my favorite funny happy birthday meme!

I once made a “cat litter” cake for a party. I bet you can’t guess what I used Tootsie Rolls for.

I’m glad I’m finally getting the praise I deserve. This happy birthday meme is perfect for sharing on social media!

Since Batman is holding a bomb, I’m not sure if this meme is really for a friend or a foe.

Funniest Happy Birthday Meme

I think you send this on Facebook the day BEFORE your target’s birthday. That way you seem so much better than all their other friends and family because you were the first to send them a simple, digital, funny birthday message!

These guys are hilarious! Seriously, I saw a documentary about how intelligent they are and it blew my mind. One was filmed carrying a mop and angling it in a corner of his enclosure so he could climb out with it. That’s like the intellect of some ‘velociraptors from Jurassic Park’. I’m pretty sure they’re better at solving puzzles than me…

I hope you enjoyed this collection of funny birthday memes! Which birthday meme was your favorite? You might also enjoy the collection of flirty memes and sex memes, a great way to keep the spark alive in your marriage!

Funny Happy 50th Birthday Gif For Her

I just found this because it’s my sister’s birthday and I just have to say so funny you put this collection together you are amazing

Super Funny Happy Birthday Mother In Law Wishes

These are hilarious, thanks for sharing! Memes are such a fun way to send someone happy birthday or cheer them up. I love memes!

These are very true and funny. I like the one about waking up when you went to sleep earlier


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