Gift For Long Distance Relationship – I didn’t set out to be an expert on long-term relationship gift ideas, but here we are! My boyfriend and I are in an international long distance relationship between the UK and the USA. Thousands of miles are hard, but we work.

One of the ways we recommend it? Great long distance gift giving! Below I’m sharing a list of 30+ of our favorite ideas for long-term relationships. These are items that we have gifted each other and recommended, or items that are on our wish list.

Gift For Long Distance Relationship

Gift For Long Distance Relationship

And Friendship Lights are why they are #1 on this gift list! With Friendship Lights, you get lights, which can be sent directly to any friend. Once you connect them, when one person touches their lamp, the other person’s lamp will light up in the selected color!

Long Distance Relationship Survival Kit Gift

I bought this for Dan and I and it’s really fun. We also created our own little versions. Plus, I was very impressed that they were able to work on our 4,000+ mile range!

Bond Touch clothing is designed for long-distance relationships. They come in pairs, and have the same philosophy as Friendship Lamps.

Every time you touch your bracelet, your partner’s bracelet vibrates or lights up (depending on the settings), regardless of where they are in the world. Unlike Friendship Lanterns, you can take them with you wherever you go.

Having been in a long-term relationship, you probably know what it’s like to be “homesick” for someone. Perhaps, this includes our lack of space! My friend is from England, and I live in Michigan, so anything British always reminds me.

Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Homesick Candles had the brilliant idea of ​​creating candles with scents reminiscent of other places. They have every U.S. state. including many countries. This makes a great LDR gift if your loved one lives in a desirable location.

Do you and your partner enjoy game nights? One of the most popular posts on this blog is the long distance dating game guide. In this post I shared about the Ultimate Game for Couples and how to play it in the long run. We have this card game with many questions and expectations. It’s a fun way to fill an afternoon and a great LDR gift!

This Charles-Hubert dual-time watch has room for two timepieces – one for you, and one for your long-distance partner! This is a men’s watch, but in my opinion the understated, elegant look works for both men and women.

Gift For Long Distance Relationship

The pocket hug sticker is a great and thoughtful gift. Every time your partner touches it, they think of you. There is an option to write with your initials.

Long Distance Friendship Gift Long Distance Card Long

This long distance relationship map can be customized to include all your locations, with hearts and dotted lines connecting them. The artist can render any country, region, or country in the world!

I just love a pillow as a gift. There are many LDR themed pillows out there but I find most of them bland and poorly designed. I looked online and this is my favorite. It says “if you miss me hug a pillow” in a very nice, simple way. None of the above – that’s right!

This gift is a beautifully designed book of inspirational letters to send your long-distance love. Open Letters When a book has instructions like “open it when you want to laugh,” “open it when you want to make a big decision,” etc. There are also two blank letters for you to write your own!

This funny card is sold on Etsy and is a great gift for long distance couples. If your LDR is anything like ours, there’s a lot of texting involved. This “my favorite information” card is so much fun!

Love Knows No Distance

These BoldLoft cups come in pairs – one for you, one for your partner. Each cup features a sweet design of someone saying “I miss you.” When the cups are together, they match. When they are apart, it is the only way to know that your partner is thinking about you.

Long distance relationships also involve less travel for reunion trips! A sweet and practical gift idea is to give your friend a suitcase – literally

After traveling to 30+ countries I have become a fan of hardside suitcases with wheels. The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Suitcase (carryon size) is my top pick for a stylish suitcase that can easily fit in airline slots and anywhere else you go!

Gift For Long Distance Relationship

If your loved one misses a hug, send them a body pillow. Its U-shaped design is perfect for getting into – even if it’s not as good as the real thing.

Cadore Gifts Long Distance Relationship Gifts, Photo Frame With Photo Upload, Custom City Map, Wedding Gift For Couples, Anniversary Gift For Couple Special (8×10 Inches, Black Frame)

What is love more than love poems? I am a big fan of poetry. A few years ago Dan gifted me this book and it was honestly one of his best ideas! The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda (Nobel Prize winner and one of the most modern love poets) are not beautifully designed, but they are filled with love poems that even non-poet lovers will enjoy.

Far apart, so the long-awaited reunion trips involve a lot of travel! Luckily, we love to travel… but redeye flights can be a little uncomfortable. The Trtl neck pillow is comfortable

I bought this a few years ago and it’s amazing. It has a unique design, unlike any other neck pillow. Now I can sleep even in a wheelchair!

This wooden keychain is made for long distance relationships. Against the written world map, it says “I love you more than the miles between us.” This is a great, simple gift with lots of 5 star reviews saying how great the quality is.

Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Cherish Treasured Memories

This matching key chain and necklace set is a fun LDR gift: the heart on the necklace fits perfectly with the heart cut on the chain! Keep it for yourself and give it to a friend. It can be customized with your letters on the beads and written on the keychain. You can also choose between different metals.

One thing that all of us in long-term relationships have in common is counting down the days until our next meeting. This digital watch is a great gift.

It’s a small size perfect for sitting on a desk or at night, it can be adjusted at any time of visit, and it has the appropriate words “counting the days.” All in all, it’s the perfect watch for reading LDRs!

Gift For Long Distance Relationship

Everyone knows truth or dare, but the Truth or Dare Couples game is designed to help couples get closer. It comes in a cute, small tin and is a great lightweight gift for long distance shipping. You can also mix things up and play the game with a friend from a distance via Zoom.

Good Vibes 1st Anniversary Gift For Couple, Long Distance Relationship, Custom City Map, 2 Location Map Poster, Personalized Street Map, Wedding Gift (framed) (11×14 Inches, Natural Frame)

This beautiful Fossil passport case is the perfect gift for a long-distance friend, especially if you’re in an international relationship like we are and reunion tours include passport stamps!

Like everything Fossil makes, it’s minimalistic and elegant. It’s also pretty gender neutral in its design so everyone will love this one! In addition, it is RFID blocking so your information will be safe.

Love Knows No Distance is beautiful and possible. Each half of the heart will have a city map of any place you choose that is meaningful to you. You can also specify colors, and choose from different sizes.

It’s perfect as a gift now, AND you’ll still want to admire it on the walls of your home long after you’ve moved away!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Boyfriend

You’re so serious about long distance relationships so it’s probably not an issue for you… LDRs are very expensive! Make saving for a reunion trip a little more fun by gifting a friend our Adventure Fund savings box.

This simple yet beautiful keychain can be customized to tell the distance between you and your friend.

Ah, great news in a bottle – but it’s a long-term relationship twist! This gift includes 50 pre-written messages of love inside capsules. Your loved one can wake up every day and think of you.

Gift For Long Distance Relationship

The book Eight Dates by renowned relationship author John Gottman is an excellent guide to dating relationships. Gottman is known for his research on long-lasting relationships, and this book contains eight ideas for the day and what motivates you to grow your relationship.

Best Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

This photo frame is one of my favorite items on the list of long distance gift ideas. A wooden sign can be personalized by the seller to have two states or US states written on it. Pre-print it with any 5×7″ photo of the two of you, and you have a meaningful gift!

Maybe it’s my joke but I think this candle is one of a kind


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