Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours – Travel only with family and friends! During these unprecedented times, you may want to upgrade any of our Grand Canyon adventures (except train tours) to a private adventure for just $100 more (plus tax) per guest. Enjoy our scenic tours with a private party and our fun, safe and informative guide.

Tour Highlights: Complimentary pickup from Sedona and select Flagstaff hotels and resorts – Narrative tour with professional guide – Oak Creek Canyon (from Sedona) – Historic Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation – National Park Entrance Fees – South and East Rims of the River Grand Canyon – Grand Canyon Village – Dinner at the Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours

Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours

*Please note:  In Sedona, Village of Oak Creek and Flagstaff we provide free pickup from all hotels within Flagstaff city limits only.

Sedona To Grand Canyon: 10 Best Road Trip Stops & Routes

Grand Canyon Sunset Tour See the Grand Canyon at its most spectacular… at sunset! Join us on this luxurious and all-inclusive day! The awe-inspiring sunset views at the Grand Canyon are one of the most breathtaking sights you can see!

Your Grand Canyon tour begins with a scenic drive from the Red Rocks in Sedona, through Oak Creek (one of the top 10 scenic drives in America) and the towering Ponderosa Pines in Flagstaff. After meeting Flagstaff guests, we drive past the dormant volcanoes that make up the San Francisco Peaks on our way to the Navajo Reservation.

We will stop at the historic Cameron Trading Post, originally built in 1916 and one of the best places to shop for authentic Native American souvenirs. You can also visit the Gallery, which houses many breathtaking works of historical Native American art and crafts. This is also a great place for lunch before heading to the National Park (we recommend the Navajo Tacos!).

On the final leg of your journey from Sedona or Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon, you’ll see the western edge of the Painted Desert and drive along the Little Colorado River Gorge. Once you enter Grand Canyon National Park (entrance fees are included), you’ll get your first view of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River at Desert View. Climb to the top of the Watchtower Observatory, one of the crowning achievements of architect Mary Colter.

Grand Canyon And Sedona Day Trip From Phoenix

Walking along the rim of the Grand Canyon, we will visit other scenic and historic points along the rim and then enter the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. Here you will receive a free dinner at Grand Canyon Village.

Depending on the time of year, before or after dinner, you will be able to admire a magnificent sunset at one of the best spots along the canyon. You will be delighted with the richness of colors and depth that you must see with your own eyes! Take your camera with you for this special visit.

*Note:  In Sedona, Village of Oak Creek and Flagstaff we provide free pickup from all hotels (within city limits only)

Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours

Throughout your journey with us, you will enjoy interesting, informative and entertaining narration from your guide. Our most popular way to take our guests to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Tours

For cancellations made 48 hours before departure, we offer a full refund, with the following exceptions:

Antelope Canyon tours require cancellation within 72 hours and guests must have good mobility. Colorado River Boat Tour: 7 days notice of cancellation, no exceptions.

We recommend travel cancellation insurance to all travelers. Cancellation details for any non-standard tour program will be included in the group contract. Please see the contract for details. Cancellations must be submitted in writing or by fax to Arizona Tour & Travel Group. A Sedona to Grand Canyon road trip is the perfect way to add a bit of adventure to your Sedona vacation.

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is located 3 hours north of Sedona, making it a relatively easy day trip or road trip. Believe me, if you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before, it’s really worth it.

Sedona Grand Canyon Adventure

Once you arrive at Grand Canyon National Park, you’ll have plenty to see and do, even if you’re only planning to visit for one day. I’ll outline my favorite Grand Canyon attractions below, but I’m sure once you get there you’ll have no problem filling your day.

So if you’re ready, fill up your car and let’s hit the road from Sedona to the Grand Canyon.

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Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours

A few quick notes on the route from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. This post assumes you have already spent at least one day in Sedona (hopefully more) enjoying all it has to offer.

Grand Canyon & Sedona: Epic Drive

If not, I encourage you not to miss Chapel of the Holy Cross, Bell Rock, Red Rock Crossing, Red Rock State Park, Sedona Airport Lookout, or night stargazing.

It’s a good idea to start the day of your trip to the Grand Canyon early. I leave no later than 7:00 a.m. to ensure you have all day to explore the park and enjoy a few stops along the way.

The drive north on State Route 89 is absolutely beautiful, so I’m including a few stops between Sedona and Flagstaff in case you want to take a closer look.

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive, you can also take a one-way Grand Canyon Railroad tour from Sedona. It’s a little pricey, but it’s definitely a unique experience.

Full Day Grand Canyon Tours From Sedona, Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon has been described as a “mini Grand Canyon” of sorts and is located about 12 minutes north of Sedona. If you haven’t visited Oak Creek Canyon while exploring Sedona, now is the perfect time to stop and take a look.

As you drive north from Sedona, you will pass the Midgley Bridge shown above. Just after the bridge, you will find a small parking lot on the left. Try to find a spot and go down the stairs to the viewpoint.

Slide Rock State Park is another easy stop that is totally worth the extra effort. The park is home to the famous Oak Creek Swimming Pool. What’s more, there’s an 80-foot sandstone water slide, which, of course, gives the park its name.

Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours

Even if you don’t have time to swim or play on the water slide, this part of Oak Creek is worth seeing.

Grand Canyon Tours, Guided Tours From Sedona, Az

Park your car in the park’s main parking lot and head onto the paved walkway to the right of the ranger station. You will walk along this paved walkway for about 10 minutes until you see steps leading to Slide Rock on your right.

At the bottom of the stairs you will be able to continue riding over the rocks towards the pool and slide down the rock.

I estimate this stop at Slide Rock State Park will take about 30 to 40 minutes. If you’re in a hurry to get to the Grand Canyon, you can easily stop in half that time if you move at a brisk pace and don’t linger too long at the pool.

Once you arrive at Grand Canyon National Park, walk through the Visitor Center and find a parking space.

Grand Canyon Tours Archives

At the Visitor Center you can get information about the park, Grand Canyon tours, and use the restroom after a long trip. This stop will also allow you to reach one of the best canyon viewpoints in the park. This stop will be next.

The views from Mather Point Lookout are amazing and it is one of my favorite viewpoints of the Grand Canyon.

The downside is that it is also one of the busiest places due to its proximity to the Visitor Center and the Grand Canyon Village. A little later you will have the opportunity to escape from the crowds. For now, just enjoy the view.

Grand Canyon And Sedona Tours

The Grand Canyon Village is where you’ll find most of the park’s hotels and restaurants. If you are staying overnight in the park, you can be checked in to your room. If not, you can have lunch at one of the park’s restaurants.

Visit Arizona With Kids|sedona|the Grand Canyon|antelope Canyon

You can also walk around the village and see historic buildings and the old Grand Canyon train depot. The Grand Canyon Railway is still in operation, with trains running between the Grand Canyon and Williams, Arizona.

Once you’ve settled into your room or eaten lunch, return to your car so you can drive along the canyon rim to other viewpoints.

The Desert View Watchtower is the easternmost viewpoint in Grand Canyon National Park and my favorite place to return to.

I find that this side of the park is usually quite sparse and you can’t beat the view.

Sedona And The Grand Canyon One And Two Day Tours

Once you find a parking space, walk to the left of the guard tower and find a place to sit along the edge of the canyon. Don’t worry, it’s not a steep drop, but be careful.

This place is really peaceful, I could sit here for hours. If


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