Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Skywalk – The deep Grand Canyon is truly amazing. But when you add to that grandeur the horseshoe-shaped glass bridge, suspended over the Colorado River below, which stretches its path 10 feet wide and 70 feet over the edge, you have a thrilling experience. you’re the happiest in the world!

The Grand Canyon Skywalk opened in March 2007 and was certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s highest observation deck at 4,000 feet above sea level.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Skywalk

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Skywalk

Fortunately, the most popular tourist attractions of all of the Grand Canyon are easily accessible by those traveling from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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Walking through the transparent glass floor of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, seeing the earth fall away from beneath your feet while overlooking the Colorado River below, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those adventurers and explorers.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk took over four years to build and cost about $30 million. The Grand Canyon Skywalk opened in March 2007, and had more than one million visitors in 2015. The Skywalk is truly an engineering marvel. The reinforced structure consists of 1.2 million pounds of steel and glass, nearly 50 feet deep in the rim of the Grand Canyon. That’s why the Skywalk is strong enough to hold seventy fully loaded 747 passenger jets! The floor of this amazing bridge is constructed of four layers of low-grade steel glass, which provides a completely transparent view of the canyon floor and the Colorado River 4,000 feet below you. The U-shaped bridge extends 70 meters beyond the edge of the cliff, where visitors can swim for a breathtaking 180-degree view of the cliff’s surface. Although the Grand Canyon National Park is the more “famous” place, this anti-gravity bridge is only found on the Grand Canyon West Rim, owned by the Hualapai Reservation and work.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., with extended hours during the summer months. Entrance fees vary depending on whether you purchase tickets in advance or on the day of your visit. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a popular attraction and can get busy, especially during peak hours. It is recommended that you arrive early to avoid the crowds.

Visitors should also note that there are restrictions on the types of items that can be carried on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Personal items, including bags, cell phones, cameras, food, or beverages are not allowed. Lockers are provided for personal belongings before entering the Skywalk glass. In addition, visitors must wear special shoe covers before entering the Skywalk, to protect the glass from damage and keep it safe for future visitors.

Tips To Explore Grand Canyon West Rim Including Skywalk Experience

The Hualapai people have lived in the West Grand Canyon and Peach Springs, AZ area for centuries. The Hualapai Tribe, a sovereign Indian nation that has been federally recognized since 1883, holds the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River sacred. Tribal members share their culture, tribal heritage, and traditions in the Grand Canyon West leading to the American Village of Eagle Point. This place also has a nice gift shop. When you visit the Skywalk, it is important to remember that you are wandering in ancient land, and you must respect the peaceful nature of these friendly people.

The Skywalk Bridge is about an hour and a half drive from Kingman, Arizona via US-93 N. Follow US-93 N and Pierce Ferry Road for 58.8 miles to Diamond Bar Rd. . After 23.6 miles on Diamond Bar Rd, turn left onto Eagle Point Service Road and continue straight until you reach the Skywalk.

The distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West is a short two and a half hours. Take 515 S to US-93 S to US-95 S. Then take I-11 S and US-93 S for 46.6 miles to Pierce Ferry Road in in the Mohave area. Follow Pierce Ferry Rd and Diamond Bar Road for 52.4 miles to Eagle Point Service Road, where you will end at the Skywalk Bridge.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Skywalk

Of course, you can skip the car altogether and get to the West Rim in half the time if you travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon by helicopter or plane! With ‘S West Rim of the Grand Canyon Tours you can find a package that includes all the great viewing opportunities that the Grand Canyon West Rim has to offer. With the Grand Canyon Skywalk Experience, your flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West includes access to the Skywalk Bridge and plenty of time to roam and explore.

Grand Canyon Skywalk: All You Need To Know Before You Go (with Photos)

Visitors are not allowed to drive their own vehicles to Grand Canyon West. Instead, guests arriving at Grand Canyon West Airport, or those driving themselves to the West Rim, take a free, hop-on, hop-off, air-conditioned shuttle to see the point along the Grand Canyon West Rim. Along the way, you can visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Indian Village at Eagle Point, and take in the beauty of Eagle Point and Guano Point, both of which are among the most spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. Entire canyon.

Offers tours to explore the Western Grand Canyon from top to bottom, such as helicopter tours of the canyon floor with boat trips along the Colorado River. Best of all, guests will skip the line to enter the Skywalk tour.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a photographer, or an adrenaline junkie, the best way to get to the Skywalk Bridge from Las Vegas is by helicopter. Along the way you’ll see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, Black Mountain, and Grapevine Mesa. This Grand Canyon Skywalk helicopter tour is a solo adventure – but there are still surprises waiting when you reach the West Rim, home of the Skywalk Bridge.

Maybe you’re interested in driving from Las Vegas to the Skywalk – but you don’t want to do the driving. The Grand Canyon bus tour takes you in a state-of-the-art tour bus complete with sound system, plush seating, and large windows to view the scenery as you pass by. Travel through the beautiful desert to the West Rim, with headset narration available in multiple languages. If you’re a fan of scenic routes, the Grand Canyon Skywalk bus tour is for you.

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You can also travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West by plane. These small planes offer passengers headset narration, sound systems and great views of the surrounding landscape. Imagine a bird’s eye view of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and the Grand Canyon before descending just minutes from the Skywalk. Take your Grand Canyon Skywalk experience to a whole new level with our state-of-the-art skywalk!

The Skywalk Bridge may be a favorite stop for visitors, but it certainly isn’t the only activity waiting for you in the Grand Canyon West. Explore breathtaking viewpoints like Eagle Point and Guano Point, watch a Native American show, shop for gifts, or send your adrenaline pumping on a rafting trip or ziplining experience! It’s the personal touches that make a Grand Canyon tour unforgettable. A helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon floor includes a champagne toast with the option of upgrading to include a boat trip along the Colorado River. Other upgrade options include privatizing your helicopter, access to the Skywalk with front entrance, and additional flights over the Las Vegas Strip.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk usually takes 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the size of your group. Located on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, it’s a great way to get amazing views of the area. The glass bridge stretches 70 meters beyond the edge of the cliff and offers a 360-degree view across one of nature’s most majestic landscapes.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Skywalk

Lines on the Grand Canyon Skywalk vary in length depending on the day and season. Lines are longest during the late June – August season.

The Ultimate Guide To Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk

Never fear! When you book a West Rim Skywalk tour, you’ll receive a free VIP pass to skip the lines at the Skywalk. With , you will always win the crowd.

Without booking a tour through , the lowest price to visit the West Rim and experience the world famous Skywalk is $79.00 per person.

Included in a world-class Skywalk helicopter, plane, or bus tour, you’ll receive a free pass to the Skywalk. In addition, you’ll find amazing views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon West Rim, and more. That’s an unbeatable price!

The price of each visit to the Skywalk in the Grand Canyon is listed online next to the reservation point. With what you see is what you get. Lowest prices available online – taxes and fees included!

Go City: Grand Canyon West Rim Day Tour & Hoover Dam Photo Stop With Lunch From Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon Skywalk allows visitors to see amazing views of the canyon, with nothing blocking the view. The Skywalk is a unique experience, as visitors can walk along the edge of the cliff and look directly into the depths below.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, located on the west rim


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