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Great Inventions And Their Inventors

Great Inventions And Their Inventors

While doing some research to create a new quiz on inventors and their inventions, I decided to search for people by country. I almost always do image searches since that does a good job of filtering out pages that only mention the topic of interest. My first Google search was “American inventors.” I was expecting the familiar faces of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, George Westinghouse, Marie Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington Carver, Edwin Armstrong, Hedy Lamarr, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Goddard, Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Samuel Morse, William Shockley, etc. Those are the names that came to my mind first, and admittedly the list is dominated by White men. Imagine my surprise when the Google search results made me believe my opinion. Look (left) at the first few pages of results to see what I mean. Note that the search results will change over time, so you may not find the exact same set as shown here.

Inventors And Their Inventions

Then, I moved on to an image search for “Canadian inventors.” Then I tried “English inventors” and “French inventors.” Then came “German inventors,” “Chinese inventors,” and “Mexican inventors.” Is it just my imagination, or is there a very clear difference between the results of American inventors and the results of all other countries? Are our historical records being altered to fit your favorite political narrative? Are we being denied essential, real information? Similar results were found using Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go search engines. Winston Smith, call your office…

RF Cafe began life in 1996 as “RF Tools” in a webspace with the screen name AOL of 2 MB in total. Its main purpose was to give me easy access to formulas and reference material commonly needed in my work as an RF systems engineer and circuit designer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems sped up to 14.4kbps while connecting your phone line, and a nice lady’s voice announced “You’ve Got Mail” when a new message arrived…

All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other proprietary rights to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

All trademarks, copyrights, patents and other ownership rights of images and text used on the RFCafe website are hereby acknowledged. Ask the children to name famous inventors, and you might get Thomas Edison or Henry Ford as an answer. And while they definitely belong on this list, they’re just the beginning of the innovators and inventors kids should know about. Some of these are household names, while others have earned more recognition for inventions that are essential to everyday life.

Free Famous Female Scientists And Their Inventions Coloring Pages

For each, you’ll find resources for more information and hands-on activities to help children learn more about their achievements. Perhaps they will be inspired to become famous inventors themselves!

Known for: Gutenberg was the first European to invent the printing press. The movable type he used made mass printing a success and brought books and reading to the masses.

Try this: Visit thrift stores to find an old panini press, then turn it into a printing press.

Great Inventions And Their Inventors

Known as: Da Vinci was the original man of the Renaissance. He was a talented artist, but he also created a wide range of technologies. These include the aerial screw, which gave rise to modern helicopters, and an underwater diving suit which was the forerunner of today’s scuba gear.

Great Inventors And Their Inventions Study Guide

Try this: Da Vinci was fascinated by flying machines. Learn how to build your own Da Vinci-style ornithopter with household items.

Known for: This Founding Father was an innovator in more ways than one, and was among the most famous inventors in history. His inventions include the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove.

Try this: Franklin is famous for experimenting with electricity. Try one of the child-safe electricity experiments to follow in his footsteps.

Known for: When he wasn’t writing the Declaration of Independence or being president, Jefferson loved to tinker. His swivel chair was an instant hit, and he also invented the dumbwaiter system.

The Top 35 Inventions That Changing The World Forever

Known for: Fulton got his start as an artist, but it was his interest in steam engines that turned him into one of the most famous inventors. He used and improved the technology of the time to make the first commercial steamboats.

Known for: In his work as a professional scene painter for opera, Daguerre began experimenting with a camera obscura to paint large backgrounds. Over time, he worked to develop the daguerreotype, the forerunner of modern photography.

Known for: At a time when most Black men in the United States were slaves, Jennings was born free in New York City. He was the first African American to hold a patent for a process known as “dry scouring”. Today, we call it dry cleaning.

Great Inventions And Their Inventors

Known as: another artist turned inventor, Morse is best known for developing the electric telegraph, which allowed people to communicate over long distances almost instantly. He also developed Morse code: a system of dots and dashes used to send these messages.

Incredible Inventions From Our Prehistoric Ancestors

Known for: Edison is one of the most famous inventors of all time. He was prolific, but his most famous inventions include the incandescent light bulb, phonograph, and early film camera.

Try this: Learn how to make your own incandescent light bulb with a glass jar and a battery.

Known: The rivalry between Edison and Tesla is well known. Tesla invented and proposed alternating current, which was ultimately more reliable than Edison’s direct current. He also created the Tesla Coil, induction motors, and neon lights, among other inventions.

Known as: The Lumière brothers gave us one of the most popular inventions of all time: the movies! The Cinématographe was a three-in-one machine that could record, develop and project films to an audience.

Influential Inventors Who Failed Multiple Times Before Reaching Success

Known: Ford not only invented the automobile, he also brainstormed the assembly line. This allowed for the mass production of his Model T and other very popular cars.

Known for: Although often credited with inventing peanut butter, Carver’s many accomplishments did not include that popular product. Instead, he introduced the world to the concept of crop rotation. His methods were so successful that they produced an abundance of peanuts, soybeans and sweet potatoes, for which he spent much of his life coming up with new uses.

Known for: When a medical condition caused her to lose much of her hair, Madam Walker devised a treatment system that completely revolutionized Black hair care. She was the first Black female millionaire in the United States.

Great Inventions And Their Inventors

Known as: When the Wright Flyer took off from Kitty Hawk and flew for 12 seconds, the Wright brothers made history! Their flight was the first engine powered manned aircraft.

Great Inventors And Their Inventions (unabridged)

Try this: Try building paper airplanes to see which design performs best in flight. Here are some basic designs to get you started.

Known for: Marconi changed the way people communicated by developing the first effective radio communication system. He sent the first radio transmission across the Atlantic Ocean in 1901.

Known for: One of the most famous inventors around, Bell gave the world the telephone. Many of his other inventions were aimed at helping the deaf, which inspired his desire to help his wife Mabel, who lost her hearing at the age of five.

Known: Blood clots are a common sight these days, thanks to Dr. Drew. He invented a way to process and store blood plasma, eventually managing two of the largest blood banks during World War II.

Free Printable Famous Female Inventors And Their Inventions For Kids

Try this: Build a model of blood using beads or candies to learn about all the ingredients in blood.

Known: When Hopper first started working with computers, they took up entire rooms. But she believed they would one day be used more widely and were one of the earliest computer programmers. She invented the first compiler, a program that translates programming code into machine language.

Try this: Check out the Hour of Code program to find out how kids of all ages can learn computer coding in fun and easy ways.

Great Inventions And Their Inventors

Known as: If you love a good Netflix binge, thank Philo Farnsworth. Television became one of the best pastimes in the world because of its electronic television system.

Great Inventors And Their Inventions Ebook By Frank P. Bachman

Try this: Find an old CRT TV or monitor and learn how cathode ray tubes work using a strong magnet.

Known as: Do you have a home security system? Well, you can thank Marie Van Brittan Brown for it. She filed her patent in 1966, and it includes innovations that are still in use today. She is also known for her invention of closed circuit television.

Known as: Although the kids might not be familiar with Baer’s


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