Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time – Almost summer we get a letter from Bart’s cousin and his wife. It says something like, “We’re on our annual road trip! What are the best road trip audiobooks?”

Then Bart and I try to reminisce over the years by reminiscing about our favorite audiobooks.

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

Another friend asked for suggestions last week, and I thought, “Why isn’t my list of favorites compiled?” I thought.

The Best Books On The Best Audiobooks For Kids Of 2022

(I can’t think of any good answers (well, I finished this post and came back to answer this question – because it took me a long time to put it together)).

I listen to a lot of audiobooks (usually 3-4 a month) and it’s really hard to find the stars because you need not only a good story and good writing, but also good storytelling. Finding a good paperback book is not enough.

But when an audiobook is good, there’s almost nothing better. If there’s an excuse for me to listen more, I’ll gladly wipe the rag.

So here are the best audiobooks of all time (in our opinion, of course), broken down by category (links go to my full book review):

Best Audiobooks To Listen To This Month (april 2022)

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If you liked this post about the best road trip audiobooks, you might also like these posts: , a 30-year-old bimonthly magazine dedicated to covering and reviewing audiobooks, named its best audiobooks.

Editors recognize audiobooks in nine categories each year: fantasy, fantasy and culture, mystery and suspense, memoir, biography and history, science fiction and fantasy, romance, young adult, children and family listening. To sum up,

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

According to founder and editor Robin Witten, the magazine’s editors sat down with the magazine’s list of 2,500 audiobooks for 2022, featured the magazine’s Earphones Award winners, which recognize special audio, and whittled the list down to about 250 titles. further refining and categorizing titles.

Audio Books For Beginners: The Ultimate List

“AudioFile’s list may share the same categories as other ‘best of’ lists, but our list is all about audio performance and the listening experience,” Witten said. “We consider narrators to be the creators of audiobook magic, so they are noted on our list,” and “variety of styles in audio programming is also an important criterion.” This year, Witten noted, the editors decided to include a “non-traditional audiobook program”:

Lake Bell, interactive exercises and games along with other supporting materials. According to Witten, this audiobook may represent a new trend in audio programming.

A few names behind the ‘Mick podcast, narrator interviews and more. Based on the label’s multimedia approach, the magazine released a Spotify playlist

Golden Voice storytellers Edoardo Ballerini and Julia Whelan tell simple, extraordinary short stories.

Staff Picks: Best Audiobooks For Road Trips

T. Boyle | T. Boyle, Cheryl Smith, Jason Culp, Derek Perkins, Jeremy Arthur, Steven Mendel, Jonathan McClain, Evan Chung, Pete Simonelli, David de Vries, Nan McNamara, Rex Anderson | Harper Audio 8.75 hrs.

Narrated by the author and a talented cast, this audiobook presents a cornucopia of Boyle’s vivid dreams. His sad stories laced with memorable narratives make for a satisfying listening experience.

Narrator Catherine Ho gives a wonderful performance as Joan, a first-generation Chinese American ICU doctor. Ho’s masterful approach pairs beautifully with Wan’s penetrating writing to draw listeners into Joan’s journey of self-discovery.

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

Maggie O’Ferrell | Read Genevieve Gaunt, Maggie O’Ferrell [Afterword] | Random audio | 13.5 hours

Best Audiobooks Of 2023 (so Far)

Genevieve Gaunt’s mesmerizing performance illuminates this historical novel set like gold leaf in a beautiful manuscript set in Renaissance Italy. Hear the story of Lucrezia de’ Medici of Florence, who married Alfonso d’Este, Duke of Ferrara in 1559.

With Jonice Abbott-Pratt’s empathetic understanding of this novel’s complex characters, especially in the dialogue she delivers, she creates one of the year’s most moving and emotionally intimate audiobooks.

Marin Ireland presents an adroit and heartfelt performance of Emma Strube’s clever time-travel novel that explores the meaning of life. Ireland’s welcoming voice and speed draw listeners in completely with a clever, generous plot.

Robert Petkoff L.A. A TIMES reporter talks about Pringle’s years-long anti-corruption investigation. Petkoff conveys all the author’s passion, anger and sense of justice.

The Best Audiobooks For The Whole Family

As Gabra Zachman speaks with remarkable timing and thoughtfulness, listeners learn much from Proulx’s long-term focus on the wet world. Proulx’s prose sparkles, and Zachman’s witty delivery encourages listeners to absorb his powerful message.

Film director Lake Bell says he is “obsessed with sounds”. Packed with extensive material, this direct-to-audio book explores anatomical, social, political, and historical issues that he believes connect the human voice.

English actor Leighton Pugh’s haunting voice, clear and warm, is the perfect accompaniment to watching Adam Nicholson’s life in between rock pools. A gentle ode to nature.

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

Bob Dylan | Bob Dylan, Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Oscar Isaac, Helen Mirren, Rita Moreno, Sissy Spasek, Alfred Woodard, Jeffrey Wright, Renee Zellweger | Simon & Schuster Audio | 6.5 hours

The Best Audiobooks Of 2023 (so Far)

This landmark work takes listeners into the emotional stories and cultural ethos behind seven decades of pop songs. It’s hearing Dylan take on iconic songs, and the rest of the incredible cast members all narrate the story with engagement and charisma.

Poetry is meant to be heard, and this detailed explanation of pistons and gears finds its natural form as an audiobook. Narrated by Kevin R. Irek gets the job done with ease, precision and accuracy.

With a South Indian accent and lively characterization, The Golden Voice narrator Soneela Nankani portrays a lively listening experience. New bride Kaveri begins an investigation in 1920s colonial Bangalore when she becomes involved in a murder case.

Kelly Armstrong, Ace Atkins, J.J. Box, Allison Brennan, S.A. Cosby et al. | Lisa Flanagan, Nicky Endres, Fred Berman, McLeod Andrews, Justice Bolding, Cary Heath, Helen Lazer, Amanda Dolan, Dan Bittner, Julia Motyka, Eunice Wong | Sound, Inc. | 9 hours

Best Audiobooks For Kindergarteners And Preschoolers

Harlan Coben encouraged fellow authors to produce short audio-original thrillers inspired by Birds of Prey, and the result is a fun and diverse collection of mini-thrillers.

Richard Osman | Read Fiona Shaw, Richard Osman, Steph McGovern [Interview] | Penguin Audio 11.25 p.m.

The great Fiona Shaw’s third appearance on Thursday’s Murder Club is a joy in many ways. Osman’s technique is flawed when he delivers the deliciously funny dialogue of his aging characters. A comic wonder.

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

Narrator Lauren Ambrose follows Molly, a hotel maid, who discovers a dead body while cleaning a suite. All data points to it. Ambrose’s story is perfection as Molly tries to solve the case and save herself.

Of The Best Audiobooks In 2022, Fiction And Nonfiction

This audiobook is the edge of your seat. Wilde is a lonely hero who lives alone in the forest as a child. The story rockets as family members are found, disappear, and bodies begin to pile up. Narrator Stephen Weber is a wizard at bringing the characters to life. High octane fun.

Matthew Lloyd Davies’ performance is smart, honest and powerful in this exciting story full of spies and surprises. Davis’ flexible voice and characterization are believable thanks to her excellent acting, and she captures all the emotions packed into this haunting audiobook.

Actor Viola Davis’ memoir captures the voice of a woman with a fascinating, heartbreaking life experience. He is an actor and narrator, perfect for an audiobook. Her voice is soft but powerful, and the result is electric.

This wonderful audiobook is a special treat for those who know and love actor, writer and director Harvey Fierstein. He describes himself in That Voice, and his singular, often angry attitude reflects his art. Must listen.

Top 20 Most Recommended Fiction Audiobooks Of All Time

Amy Bloom’s memoir moves slowly between anecdotes of her past with her husband, Brian, and the last trip the two took together to Switzerland. A lovely gift, and Bloom’s story is wonderful.

Javier Zamora tells his memoir with strength and calm, beautiful humanity. The story of his childhood migration from El Salvador to the United States gives listeners a heart-wrenching experience.

Rebecca Hall, Tyler English-Beckwith Read DeWanda Wise, Chanté Adams, Jerry Johnson, Bahni Turpin and the full cast | Podium Audio 1.75 hrs.

Greatest Audiobooks Of All Time

Sandra Cisneros’ performance of poetry is amazing. Her voice is a wonderful tool for conveying her intent in these deeply personal poems, which explore the life of a woman of a certain age in Mexico and the United States with humor and sadness.

Best Audiobooks Of All Time To Pick Next

It is definitely the best and best of the year

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