Gun Ranges Near Las Vegas – Founded in 2012 by special events industry veteran Eric Brashear, Shoot Las Vegas was designed to be quite different from a typical cookie cutter indoor range. Set in a picturesque box canyon just 40 minutes from the strip, you shoot in a natural desert setting at dozens of steel targets ranging from 25 yards to 250 yards. You shoot from the comfort of our climate-controlled firing lines because as everyone knows, Las Vegas gets hot, but it can also get pretty cold. So we air-condition the firing line in summer and heat it in winter. There is no other outdoor shooting range like it in Nevada or Arizona.

Instead of telling you what guns you’re going to wield, you can choose 3-gun, 6-gun, or 9-gun, up to 21 gun packages that allow you to choose from 70 of the guns you want to wield. Want to shoot. Guns available. Not sure what to shoot, we associate all guns with popular movies and have posters showing guns in your favorite movie to help you decide. Still can’t decide, we have packages for some of the most popular guns or our range safety officers are always happy to make suggestions. After making your selection you move from one station to another at your own pace. Start with the full-auto station, then move up to handgun or sniper if you prefer. Want to relax by the fire pit, no problem as no one is rushing you there.

Gun Ranges Near Las Vegas

Gun Ranges Near Las Vegas

As soon as you shoot, our friendly range safety officers show you how to hold the guns properly and let you know what to expect, and they are with you every step of the way to make sure you Are safe. Thousands of first-time shooters have reported how comfortable and safe they felt. As you are shooting, the RSO will take a photo or video of you shooting each of your guns. Then you can download them for free from our website after a day or two. You and your friends are welcome to take as many photos and videos as you want.

Shooting Range With Wwii Guns In Las Vegas: Book Tours & Activities At

Want to go a little bigger, try some of our optional add-ons like the Barrett .50 cal Sniper Rifle, the “Ma Deuce” .50 cal Full-Auto, or “The Gun of Rambo” M60. We also offer some other optional add-ons such as the M249 SAW and the very unique TrackingPoint Sniper Rifle.

Once you finish shooting you can relax around the firepit or in the lounge area while you wait for your friends to finish shooting before heading back to the Las Vegas Strip. Out of this world of shooting, ATV, helicopter, muscle car, Harley Davidson, sniper and other adventures. A Las Vegas “must do”.

Our range is located in the heart of the Lake Mead recreation area – just minutes from your hotel, the largest outdoor range in Las Vegas.

Because of the adrenaline rush, awesome guns, monster trucks, ATVs and helicopters. Click here to see all the adventures we have to offer.

Extreme Sniper Adventure

The ultimate outdoor adventure awaits you! This adventure is exclusive to Las Vegas and not available anywhere else in the world! Your once-in-a-lifetime outdoor shooting adventure will begin with pickup from your Las Vegas hotel by one of our Master Tour Guides in a luxury shuttle. Travel through the beautiful Mojave Desert and Las Vegas as your guide tells the history of the weapons. Continue your journey to our private outdoor range set in the stunning desert landscape. We set ourselves apart from all other Las Vegas ranges with our unique ‘Desert Storm’ environment and military-style bunkers. Shoot a wide variety of fully automatic machine guns and special .50 Cal weapons. Click here to view all of our available guns. Our 50 cal. Selections include the Barrett Sniper Rifle, the Browning BMG .50 cal (‘The Deuce’), and the Desert Eagle. We also have actual firearms used in many Hollywood hit films including Jumanji and Rambo II. Your group will have your own private range at our facility with a certified ex-military firearms instructor. We operate as a special guided tour, so we don’t mind if you take your time and we encourage you to capture video and photos of the adventure. If you wish, your guide will happily act as your cameraman during the shoot. And what’s more, lunch is included inside the world-famous Arizona Last Stop restaurant located onsite. You’ll get our world famous All-American burgers, fresh cut fries and soda. The All American Burger is guaranteed to be the best hamburger you have ever eaten. After a unique dining experience, your tour guide will take you back to your Las Vegas Strip hotel with memories that will last a lifetime. Helicopter and ATV combination packages are available with any shooting package.

For shooting, all shooters should be 12 years of age and 5 feet tall. All children under 12 years of age can participate in this adventure as non-shooters.

– You are not allowed to participate if you are a convicted felon. We require you to sign a document stating that you are not a convicted felon at the time of pick up.

Gun Ranges Near Las Vegas

– Please make sure to eat before your scheduled time. Food or drinks are not allowed on the tour shuttle. Lunch is included in all packages and will be served after the conclusion of your activity.

Top Shot Las Vegas: All You Need To Know Before You Go (with Photos)

– If you are staying at a hotel off the main strip, there will be a $100 transportation fee if you want to be picked up from your hotel. We do not provide pickup from Air B&B locations. Supplementary pickup is available from our corporate office. LVSC is located at Nevada’s oldest major indoor shooting range and one of the largest gun shop locations in town! In return for your money, we have the best prices in town, and are a short distance to the Las Vegas Strip for your shooting convenience.

To make it even better, we offer free transportation to and from any Strip or Downtown casino (call us for details).

At Las Vegas Shooting Center, your safety is our #1 priority. We provide all the necessary protective gear to make you feel safe and comfortable. In addition, our highly trained range staff will provide you with the professional supervision you need every step of the way through your experience here with us.

You will be provided with practical instruction and supervision designed for first-time shooters and shooters with very little to moderate experience. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, they will get you achieving your goal in no time.

Shooting A Chrome .50 Cal Machine Gun On The Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has become the capital of the machine gun experience and with us you will find yourself controlling some of the most powerful firearms ever on the market. Choose from our diverse inventory of firearms and packages and feel the power as you center yourself, set your sights and pull the trigger. Leave the casino and go where the real action happens – Battlefield Vegas! Find out for yourself why we named this shooting range the #1 choice in Las Vegas. Hint: It’s not just because it has the largest collection of American and foreign weapons available for public use in the United States!

Located just one block from the Las Vegas Strip, Battlefield Vegas is a 5-acre military-style complex that includes an indoor firing range, a 120+ acre desert training base, and over 1,000 fully automatic machine guns (and the only M -134). Mini-Guns in Las Vegas) to use for indoor and outdoor entertainment. Driving a tank, shooting from a helicopter or testing your skills with a handgun, they have it all.

As if that wasn’t enough action, they also have over 30 military tanks, APCs and helicopters that you can see for free in their military museum. You have to visit this place on your next Vegas vacation.

Gun Ranges Near Las Vegas

Firing a mini-gun in Battlefield Vegas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t want to miss! This gun is still used by NATO troops because it is an effective weapon with a high rate of power that can be fired from aircraft or vehicles. A Battlefield Vegas Range Safety Officer (RSO) will monitor the proper condition and operation of this mega machine to ensure the safety of use.

Featured Experience] Las Vegas Real Gun Indoor Shooting Experience (upgrade Package Can Be Purchased)

Battlefield Vegas is the only Las Vegas gun range that has a mini-gun (aka M-134) available for public use. If you’ve never seen one in action, check out this video and then contact Battlefield Vegas to find out how you can shoot their mini-gun.

Assault and Battle Rifles Customize your Vegas firing range experience by choosing from dozens of types of assault rifles to shoot, ranging from the world famous AK-47 to the lightweight M16.

Sniper Rifles This adrenaline-packed experience is customizable so you can choose a variety of snipers to shoot at, including the AR-15, FN SCAR-H and Mauser 98K sniper rifle.

Sub Machine Guns You select sub machine guns to shoot to create your own “Call of Duty” experience which may or may not include the Uzi SMG or the “Swedish K”. the choice is yours.

Las Vegas Shooting Activities And Adventures

Machine Gun

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