Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter – When your favorite teenager turns 14, he’ll need a sweet birthday greeting! I bring you the best 14th birthday wishes for teenage boys and girls anywhere on the internet!

You’ll find plenty of sweet wishes for a 14 year old girl or boy, and these awesome 14th birthday messages will help you create the perfect message for your loved one!

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

You can send it as a text message or put it in a nice greeting card to make your birthday gift more unique.

Birthday Wishes, Texts, And Quotes For A Daughter From Mom

1. “As the sun rises on this special day of your life, it is a sign of the brighter journey of your new age. I wish you the best in everything. Happy 14th birthday!”

2. “Life is so wonderful, sometimes crazy, sometimes fun. Your growing up was fun and crazy. You turned 14 today! I wish you a happy and joyful day.”

4. “You just turned 14 today. May your birthday bring you as much happiness as you have always given us. Keep calm and enjoy your cartoons.”

7. “Blow out your candles and cut into the birthday cake. Share a slice of cake with everyone and make a wish. Happy 14th birthday!”

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8. “You are growing into someone I can be proud of and look up to. You are a hero in my eyes. Have a lovely day.”

10. “Just like yesterday, 14 years have come and gone. You’ve really grown up, you’ve grown into a kind, smart and gentle individual.”

13. “I’ve been looking and I doubt I’ll ever find a 14-year-old girl with a heart like yours, make your mark and don’t be afraid to be yourself. I love you!”

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

14. “May God bless you with all the good things in life. I pray for good health, success, happiness and long life for you. Happy 14th birthday!”

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16. “Congratulations on turning 14. Good luck with school, but don’t forget to have fun next year.”

17. “Our blessing is always with you. May God bless you and your family. May God give you good health and knowledge. Happy Birthday.”

19. “As a teenager, you displayed excellent character worthy of an adult. I am so proud of who you are. Happy 14th birthday!”

20. “No matter what happens, you’ll always be the 14-year-old I’m most proud of, speak your mind, have fun, and most of all, learn what you can. Happy Birthday!”

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1. “As you approach the second year of your teenage years, I wish you complete greatness and may all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, 14 years old!”

2. “You have been a blessing since you came into our lives. My sweet baby, happy 14th birthday. Be the most beautiful Snow White who finds your prince.”

4. “You turn 14 today and you’re well on your way to becoming every boy’s heartthrob! Warmest birthday wishes to the most talented superkid.”

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

8. “You are sparkling like a morning star, beautiful like a rose of the valley, and an awesome kid. Happy 14th birthday my daughter. Let this be a special year with lots of love.”

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1. “I can’t believe how big you are now! I was able to pick it up just a year or two ago. Happy 14th birthday!”

5. “May God always pour his blessings on you. Enjoy success, good health and long life. May all your wishes come true. Happy 14th birthday with lots of love.”

7. “Today is a big day for the family, as we are celebrating the birthday of our unique and fast-growing son. Enjoy your special day.”

8. “Happy 14th birthday! It has been a pleasure to see you grow into such a wonderful young man.”

Heartwarming Letters For Your Mother

1. “We are blessed to have such an amazing daughter and every year we celebrate the amazing young woman you are. Happy birthday dear.”

2. “Happy 14th birthday to a special 14-year-old girl, you’re growing up so fast, but I’m glad I don’t miss a moment of your remarkable transformation!”

3. “May the Lord continue to bless me and keep me safe as I reach my 14th birthday. Have fun celebrating this wonderful birthday my daughter!”

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

4. “I still remember the day you were born and how cute you looked. Even after all these years, you are my perfect daughter. Happy Birthday!”

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5. “Sending kisses, hugs and well wishes to celebrate your 14th birthday. As your mother, I give you the best gift, unconditional love. That you can grow in health and success. Happy Birthday.”

6. “People fall in love wherever you are, anytime. You are a very sociable person and one of the best people I have met in my life. Happy 14th birthday!”

7. “Today is a day of joy because it is my daughter’s 14th birthday. Enjoy every moment of your life, every day. Happy birthday to you, my sweetest apple pie.”

8. “I consider you the greatest 14-year-old who ever lived, you love, you hurt, but most of all you pick yourself up and smile, that’s why I love you, have fun!”

Sweet Happy 14th Birthday Wishes For Boys And Girls

1. “I saw you grow from my little boy into a young man, and I couldn’t be a prouder mom. Happy Birthday!”

2. “I know you hate it when we say it, but we love you so much, son. Happy Birthday!”

3. “Happy 14th birthday, son. You are my most priceless jewel and I hope you enjoy yourself on this special day, my love.”

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

4. “Life is in different stages. For you, this is like the beginning. I pray it brings great things into your life. Happy 14th birthday!”

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5. “Big dreams come from humble beginnings. I am sure that as you grow up, you will discover more and more in life and unlock its potential.”

6. “I felt happy today when I saw that you are really growing up. I sincerely pray that you will grow up to fulfill all your potential. Happy 14th birthday son.”

7. “As you settle into your teenage years, I reflect on the journey you’ve been on and what a blessing you’ve been to me and the positive impact you’ve had on the lives of everyone who’s ever known you.”

8. “Days like this take me back to when you were little and I held you in my arms. You’re 14 now, but I still see the fragile little kid I loved from day one, have fun on your birthday!”

Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom And Dad

2. “You were not only an obedient child, but you were also a great source of motivation for us. I truly wish you the best for the rest of your life.”

3. “Happy 14th birthday to my beautiful grandson! May your 14th year be full of happiness and excitement.”

4. “As you turn 14, I want you to remember how special you are. Always believe in yourself and never stop following your dreams. Have a nice day!”

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

5. “Never lie to your parents. But every time you need to get out of trouble, you can always call your grandparents, which saves you from the earth. Happy 14th birthday!”

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6. “We just want you to know that it’s so amazing to see you grow so fast. Happy 14th birthday my grandson. Be toothless like grandma.”

7. “I will always love you more than words can say. Perfect for my grandson – happy birthday!”

8. “Your grandma and grandpa wish you a very happy 14th birthday! Your birthday party is sure to be a big hit. We wish you and your friends a lot of fun!”

1. “You gradually transition from being a teenager to being an adult. I pray that you have the best days for the rest of your teenage life.”

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3. “With all the love I can share, I want to show how much I care. All the best, hoping my favorite grandson has a great birthday!”

6. “You mean the world to us and we are so happy that you have grown into such an impressive young man. Have a brilliant birthday!”

8. “On your birthday, my dear granddaughter, I want great things for you. Let there be happiness and great joy in all that you do!”

Happy 14th Birthday Daughter Letter

1. “Best wishes and lots of love to my sweet niece. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. May the coming year bring you eternal happiness and blessings.”

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2. “She has grown into an amazing young woman and I know she has just embarked on an amazing journey to achieve her goals and dreams. Happy birthday my dear niece.”

3. “Congratulations to the birthday girl! I am very proud of you and happy to celebrate another year with you. I wish the best!”

5. “I will forever be blessed and proud to call you my niece. Have a really nice day.”

6. “My beloved niece, may your birthday be the beginning of this year full of rich, promising opportunities

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