Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Letter – I can’t believe it’s been four years since I first held you in my arms. The moment you came into this world, it was incredibly clear that you were a beautiful force to be reckoned with – two tiny hands linked into fists that were thrown into the air, big marble eyes and perky ears that listened to everything around you . To this day, that is exactly who you are.

I am so grateful to have watched you blossom into such a loving, intelligent, strong, determined, empathetic, bubbly, funny little girl. You walk into a room and instantly grab everyone’s attention with your bubbly personality and charismatic sly smile. You always know what’s going on – you literally never miss a beat! You have it and you own it and that my dear is what I love most about you.

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Letter

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Letter

In the last four years, I’ve learned to be more me than I’ve ever been before, and I have you to thank for that. You have shown me the satisfaction of caring for someone more than I care for myself. You have inspired me to find humor in the most aggravating moments. You have pushed me to find and practice patience. You have made me find strength on the days when I thought I was too weak. You’ve even forced me to be braver (Yup! I almost got bitten by a venomous spider because you cheered “You can do it, Mama!).

Sweet Birthday Prayers For My Daughter {plus Images}

My heart echoes your name all day and it is because of you that my heart dances. Waking up to your bedhead and groggy “Good morning, Mom!” makes me feel like the luckiest person alive. And even though it’s sometimes the most stressful time because I’m always nervous that I’ll be late, picking you up from school is still the most exciting part of my day. You know how you feel when you see a rainbow? That’s exactly how I feel when I see you!

Every birthday feels like the most emotional of all, but this year feels especially emotional since it’s our last birthday just you and me (and dad of course, but you know what I mean.). By this time next year, you’re well into big sisterhood. Your excitement for your new little sibling (AKA baby dolphin) is the cutest thing ever. The way you let me into the house first so “baby dolphin doesn’t get cold” and the way you check in… “how’s baby dolphin, mommy?” makes me melt. You are truly the sweetest and most caring soul I know. And although I know that there will be new challenges and new feelings once the “baby dolphin” arrives, I also know that being a big sister is something that you will be hugely successful at.

This year, my birthday wish for you, my love, is that you are forever able to recognize how special you are. I hope you always feel confident enough to be you! That you never stop owning your power and that you keep dancing to the rhythm of your own beat. And I promise to always keep reminding you if you ever forget.

I love you, Lennox Mae. Thank you so much for choosing me to be your mother! Life just wouldn’t be as bright if it wasn’t for you.

A Letter To My 5 Year Old Girl

5 Books to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Confidence Top 10 of 2018 5 Books to Read When Pregnant The love between a parent and a daughter is a bond that holds endless wonder and joy. As your daughter’s birthday approaches, it’s a perfect moment to celebrate the remarkable young woman she’s becoming and express your deepest feelings through a heartfelt birthday letter.

In this article, we will explore the art of crafting a meaningful and touching birthday letter specifically for your daughter. We have prepared a number of templates to inspire you and guide you in expressing your love, admiration and hope for her future.

Join us on this journey to celebrate your daughter’s life, recognize her strength and nurture her beautiful dreams. Let’s create a birthday letter together that will be a cherished reminder of your unwavering love and support throughout her life’s journey.

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Letter

My whole life has changed when I found out that I was expecting you, my beloved [insert name of daughter]. Knowing you existed brought me immense joy, and that joy inspired me to strive to become greater every day to make you happy.

Letter To Daughter On Her 10th Birthday

The very first note I give you is greetings on your birthday and I wish you might be the right one for you. This is also a special occasion for me as we can commemorate another year since your birth, which was the happiest day of my life.

I consider myself very lucky to be your mother because you are a remarkable young lady. Always remember that you have my full support in whatever you choose. Your hopes and dreams are my hopes and dreams, and your happiness is also mine.

Thank you so much for being so nice and caring, for giving me a hand when I needed it, and for being so responsible at your young age. I imagine you having fun with dolls, developing your imagination (if that counts as creative slime making!) and discovering new concepts and adventures.

I also sense another side of you emerging on the threshold of an upcoming season of life, only about a teenager, maybe not a child. The last days of primary school are drawing to a close, and with them comes the excitement of secondary education and new opportunities.

Happy Birthday, Marine Corps

Hey darling! How are you feeling? Are you eating well? Your father and I really miss you. We wish you a very happy and engaging marriage. I know that [name of son-in-law] is a very good and humble person. He will always make you happy no matter what. But sometimes I feel really empty in this house. Anyway, I’m writing this letter to wish you a happy birthday, but I’m giving you my sadness. I’m sorry!

When you were born and handed over to me, I was in absolute shock to have such a sweet little life in my arms. I felt so tense thinking how I was going to manage to make this little life into a really good and successful person! But by God’s grace you have grown into such a wonderful young lady. I’m very happy for you, honey.

[Mention son-in-law’s name] Make a dinner plan after your work. So this letter will probably reach you after your birthday party is over. I have attached your favorite [mention the name of the gift she wanted]. Please click a picture with it and send it to me.

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Letter

Please don’t worry about your father and me. We are really happy to do gardening and cooking all the time. You must live your life to the fullest without worries. I love you, baby.

Happy Birthday Wishes For The People In Your Life

Among the most exciting aspects of becoming a mother for me has been finding out how much I disagree with traditional parenting language/expectations. And one of them is the “terrible twos”, I suppose. And I understand that it is unusual to be two. Some of your younger friends speak in full sentences while you barely have a few words. You don’t have the words to express the intense feelings that come up, and that’s fine.

And just on cue, your favorite word has suddenly been transformed into “no”. But the way you say it makes my heart melt and I don’t care. You prefer the green plate to the blue plate and constantly explore/exercise your sense of self and inner power. While it may seem “terrible” to some, when you have a to-do list, it’s actually one of the coolest things to watch unfold.

Despite this, we discovered a way forward that made perfect sense to us. You made several of the most wonderful friends. Friends who literally beg their parents to take them to the park every day to see you. You would never guess what was going on in the world watching you all play.

Happy Birthday dear! I love you a lot. Be happy and grow well. You are too little to read and write. So you will not be able to read this letter now, but I will preserve it and give it to you when you can read them.

Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

Today, on your fifth birthday, I am filled with many thoughts and feelings. You are my first child. The one who teaches me everything I know about motherhood. You are the experimental child because, as you know, you came first, and because there is no guidebook for this parenting thing, you, daughter, are unfortunately the one who bears the brunt of all my mistakes. Please accept my apologies in advance.

You probably haven’t noticed or understood, but this year has been difficult for me. We’ve had some curveballs, and for the first time on this parenting journey, I’ve been challenged to be your strongest advocate.

In doing so, I discovered strength in myself that I did not know

Happy 4th Birthday To My Daughter Letter

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