Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages – You spend most of your days with co-workers. If they’re turning one, share funny birthday wishes for coworkers to make them laugh.

5. Thank you for always filling in for me when I need to use the bathroom. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

13. We know you could spend your birthday with anyone. But aren’t you lucky you can spend it with us at the office?

Funny Birthday Wishes: 30+ Funny Happy Birthday Messages For Friends And Loved Ones • 7esl

15. Happy birthday to that coworker whose birthday matters to me more than eating birthday cake.

19. Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

26. Happy birthday to my amazing coworker. I wish you a fun night and a great promotion next year.

27. Happy birthday! We still don’t know his age. Only you, God and HR know your true age.

Funny 60th Birthday Quotes

38. Happy birthday! I’m giving you free coffee. I hope you like instant coffee because you’re in the break room.

39. Happy birthday! Don’t worry about going the extra mile today. Our boss has the skills to bring you back.

40. Happy birthday! I hope you get a raise, but not much if you don’t share a cubicle with me anymore.

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

46. ​​​​Happy birthday! May you live until you are so old that the very sight of you terrifies babies and ex-lovers.

Hilariously Funny Birthday Wishes And Jokes

David Em is the founder of Humor Living. He launched Humor Living to create a destination for you to visit whenever you need a laugh. Whether you’re looking for jokes, puns, memes, or funny stories, Humor Living is the place to be. Funny Birthday Wishes! Have you ever struggled to find the right thing to say to someone on their birthday? If you are looking for the ideal birthday wish with a dash of humor, then this article is for you. Let’s take a look at some funny birthday wishes to send to those people who like to laugh a little on their special day.

Sometimes it’s important to send a sentimental birthday wish to the people we care about, but other times we may find it appropriate to send a more humorous birthday greeting. Birthdays should be a time full of fun and laughter and what better way to do that than by sending a funny birthday wish?

Many greeting card companies print birthday cards full of jokes, ricks and prank-filled birthday greetings, but how about coming up with one of your own? If you find it difficult to find the right words to create the perfect funny birthday wish, why not take a look at the ideas below for inspiration.

These ideas can be sent in a card, text message, or email, or said directly to the person on their birthday. Birthday jokes tend to focus a lot on age, but they can also be related to the person they are sent to, for example, jokes directed at a father on his birthday or jokes directed at a co-worker on his birthday. Let us now take a look at some funny birthday wishes that are sure to make you laugh.

Funny Birthday Card Messages To Send To Make Them Laugh

A funny birthday wish can be a really effective way to make someone smile on their special day. There are many different things we can say to someone on their birthday to make them laugh and these ideas are a great place to start. You can decide to send these wishes in several different ways, such as a birthday card, a text message, or a phone call. But however you decide to do it, you can be sure that these funny birthday greetings will make their day a little more enjoyable.

Is a complete English language app and resource website dedicated to providing users with the best tools and materials to help them improve their English language skills.Start here to see the funniest birthday wishes on the market! In a world where birthday cards are often filled with kind words, meaningful sentiments, and ways to delight the reader, there’s always a chance to go a different route—the funny route. If you like cheeky charm, funny quotes and total hilarity, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is full of wishes, quotes, and jokes for anyone in your life who would like a light-hearted joke in their birthday card this year.

Say goodbye to generic, common and boring birthday wishes; you can stand out from the rest with a real touch of humor. Transform your ordinary birthday card wishes and take a unique approach that will leave everyone laughing. Buy a card, grab your pen and get ready to surprise your loved ones with these great wishes, quotes and jokes.

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

Whether you’re looking to tease, tickle, or leave the birthday star in fits of laughter, we’ve got the perfect words to help you create birthday card magic that will leave everyone in stitches. Let’s turn that birthday blues into a burst of laughter!

Happy Birthday Card For Husband

When a sentimental message just doesn’t do the trick, these hilarious wishes will seal the deal. No matter how you send one of these funny wishes, you’re sure to brighten up their birthday and make them laugh out loud!

Use these links to jump to a specific section or scroll down to see the entire collection of funny birthday wishes and quotes.

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If you believe that the best way to celebrate another year of existence is with lots of laughs, you’ve come to the right place. These humorous birthday messages are sure to tickle your funny bones on your birthday!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Coworkers

Happy birthday, you old fossil! You’ve officially reached an age where your back hurts more than you do!

A wise man once said, “Forget your past – you can’t change it.” I would like to add: “Forget your gift – I didn’t buy you one.”

How old are you?! Better take that cake outside to light the candles! Have a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

Don’t stress about vision loss as you age. It’s nature’s way of protecting you from the shock of passing through the mirror.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Mother In Law That Will Make Her Day Amazing

You have more than half a century of accumulated knowledge and wisdom! It would be amazing… if you could remember anything.

Don’t think of it as turning [insert age]. We are here to celebrate the 10th anniversary of your [insert age -10] birthday.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have more live longer! (But don’t overdo it, too many can be fatal.)

They say you lose your mind as you get older… what they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it much!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister || Blessings, Long, & Emotional

Age is like underwear; he approaches you when you least expect it. Have a hilarious birthday!

Short enough to fit in a text message and funny enough to leave the birthday star laughing! These funny little birthday wishes prove that sometimes less is more.

These short and funny quotes are perfect for cards, messages, or even a quick birthday toast. Whether you’re looking for a giggle, a laugh, or to start a funny conversation, you’ll find the perfect phrase here.

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

When I have a birthday, I take time off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.

Get 75+ Funny And Witty Birthday Wishes For Your Girlfriend

A man reached middle age when he was told to slow down by his doctor instead of the police.

When your friends start complimenting you for looking young, it’s a sure sign that you’re getting older.

You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.

As you get older, three things happen: the first is your memory and I can’t remember the other two.

Funny Birthday Cake Messages To Make Your Friends Laugh

Birthdays are the perfect time to enjoy some good old-fashioned laughs, and what better way to do that than with short, funny wishes tailored for your special day? Check out this delightful array of short and funny birthday quotes designed to make her laugh.

Age is just a number, and in your case, it’s a closely guarded secret. Have a fantastic birthday!

Happy birthday to the woman who ages like fine wine and smells like a bouquet of roses!

Happy Birthday Funny Text Messages

Happy birthday! May your day be filled with so much joy that it makes you forget that you are another year away from retirement.

Best Funny Birthday Wishes

Whether you’re looking for a witty message for a card, a hilarious text to send to your friend or significant other, or a funny social media post to go with an embarrassing photo, these humorous wishes are designed to make your special day a riot of laughter !

If someone calls you old this birthday, just hit him with your cane and throw your teeth at him.

Happy Birthday daddy! When I grow up I want to be just like you… but hopefully with more hair! Love, your son.

What did the bald man say when he got a comb for his birthday? Thank you, I will

Funny Birthday Wishes For All Your Favorite People

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