Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend – Coming up with a truly inspiring, yet equally sweet and sentimental birthday wish for your guy who is celebrating his special day miles away from you can be a challenge.

Luckily, there are hundreds of great long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend online. I have selected the best ones.

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

My long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend collection contains the best birthday quotes and birthday wishes.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

I have also included funny long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend to bring a smile to his face.

Once you find the one that suits you best, you can share it in a text message or post it on her social media account.

You can even put it on a birthday card, I’m sure it will make his special day even more special.

So, scroll down and read my long list of birthday wishes for my boyfriend.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend 2023

1. “Baby, I miss you every day, but I miss you so much today because it’s your birthday, and I don’t want you personally. Happy birthday to my hero! Come back soon.”

2. “Don’t be surprised if the sun shines a little brighter and the moon looks a little nicer today, because I asked them to do it for you. Happy birthday, my love.”

3. “It’s lost in the night, I wish you were close. For your next birthday, I want to be in your arms. Even though we’re miles apart, I hope you feel my hugs and kisses with this special birthday card! “.

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

5. “There are seven billion people in the world, but the only person I want to be with right now is you. I can’t believe I’m not with you on your birthday. I wish I could change it. I miss you, I love you, and happy birthday.”

Romantic And Special Birthday Wishes For Lover

6. “My heart is for you. Days are like months with a thousand miles between you and me. Hope to see you soon baby. Happy birthday.”

7. “I hate that I want you by text instead of by kissing. Happy birthday.”

8. “You may be a thousand miles away, but I can feel you right next to me. I want to hold you and hear you whisper “I love you” in my ear. Baby, I love you. Hope to see you soon. Happy birthday.”

9. “As long as we are under the same sky, you and I are one. Happy birthday! “.

Funny Happy Birthday Him

10. “I still remember the days when we held hands under the moonlight and counted the stars in the sky. It seems like yesterday, not so far away. Happy birthday! Enjoy it one last time without me.”

1. “No one has touched my heart like you have. I am blessed to have you in my life. I hope you have a great birthday even though we are far away.”

2. “Happy birthday to my cool, handsome, loving boyfriend. happy birthday Come back to me soon, my sweet love, as I miss you more than I can say.’

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

3. “Thank you for my mood swings and temper tantrums. Come back soon and celebrate your next birthday. Happy birthday!

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend To Make Him Cry

4. “I want to spoil you with lots of virtual kisses because today is my birthday to enter my life. I love you so much. Happy birthday.”

6. “I can’t wait for you to kiss me again. It’s been so long and the last one is still alive! Can’t wait to refresh my memory. Have a blast, happy birthday.”

7. “‘Knock, Knick…’ Oh!” My heart reminds me that only my love is celebrating his birthday. Have a great party and enjoy your day.”

8. “It made our relationship stronger. But look at us! Crazy love as always. Happy birthday to the love of my life. Thank you for coming into my life and appreciating it.”

Boyfriend 30th Happy Birthday Card

9. “Open your arms and be ready to receive the warm hugs I am sending on the warm breeze. Happy birthday! “.

10. “It’s amazing how well our long-distance relationship works. No matter how far you are, I will always love you. Happy birthday, baby! Sending you a thousand kisses! “.

12. “I want the warmth we felt when we were together. Happy birthday, dear. We hope to celebrate together soon.”

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

13. “I hate myself for being away from you on your birthday. I wish I could show you how much I adore you. Happy birthday, my love.”

Sweet & Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

14. “Cheer up, I’ll make a cake for your birthday. Drink lots of beer, get a ton of presents, party with your best mate… Happy Birthday! “.

15. “Happy birthday my dear. On this special day of your birthday, I thank God for his creation. Thank you for being born, thank you for loving me. I love you! “.

16. “Life would be so boring without you. Have a wonderful and fulfilling birthday and come back to me soon.”

17. “I’m feeling lonely as I lie in this darkness. I long for the day when we can be together. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday, my angel.”

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

18. “Happy birthday to the one who holds my heart. If instead of fighting you, my heart will sing your name. “I love you so much.”

19. “A million ‘I love yous’ will never be enough to express how much I adore you. Your love is the reason I breathe and live. Happy birthday my love”.

20. “Happy birthday to your boyfriend who cooks better than me. I have a new recipe that will satisfy your taste buds in one bite. Come quickly, I can do it for you.”

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

1. “I may not be with you this birthday, but I promise to be with you for the next 100 birthdays. May God bless you and grant you all your wishes today. Happy birthday! “.

Best Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

2. “On your birthday, I felt my feelings for you deepen. Spend your birthday away from me for the last time. Happy birthday my love.’

3. “Life seems so boring without you. Pull you into my arms and hold you like this forever. Happy birthday my love! “.

4. “You’re like sugar to me, sweet and addictive. Staying away from you is nothing but torture. Have a great birthday and come back soon so we can both have a crazy party.”

5. “It’s Mr. Cool’s Birthday, the Ever-Grumpy One.” Remember, you have to treat me first when you get back.”

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend [best Love Messages]

6. “It’s been over a year since I last saw you. But I can’t help but look everywhere around me. Happy birthday, my dear.”

7. “Even through video chat, I can feel your warmth and smell your fragrance. Here I am with you in mad love. Happy birthday my dear.”

8. “I bought you a new nightgown as a birthday present. Get back to me soon if you want to see. Happy birthday, Mr. Love.”

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

9. “This year is the best because you get to celebrate two birthdays. One without me and one with me. Have a great birthday.”

Happy Birthday Wishes For The People In Your Life

10. “Happy birthday to my boyfriend. Divided by distance, but connected by hearts, may our love for one another always grow.”

11. “I miss you so much, I’m thinking of learning to fly so I can visit you whenever I want. Happy birthday my only love.’

12. “All the birthdays you’re away from me, I can spend time looking at our old photos and videos and reminiscing about the best moments of my life. Happy birthday sweet baby.”

13. “I’m so used to waking up next to you that my hands automatically scan the bed before I even open my eyes. I miss you! Happy birthday! “.

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

14. “Two people living in two different countries are very excited today. It’s your birthday and you know I’m excited. Happy birthday! “.

15. “Going through the day without you is like going underwater without an oxygen cylinder. It feels awful to miss you today. But I will be strong. Enjoy your birthday and have a great time.”

16. “Every day, I think of a million ways to not miss you, but at the end of it all, I miss you more than ever. Happy birthday, my love. I never thought I’d miss you so much. Come back soon.”

Happy Birthday Texts To Boyfriend

17. “Time stopped when you left me to pursue your dreams in another country. I can only move forward in life when you come and kiss me awake. Happy birthday, prince! “.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend With Images

18. I wish I had wings to fly. I would have fallen into your arms instead of this message. Happy birthday.”

19. “Every day you and


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