Hit Songs In The 80s – Warning: Best of ’80s playlists are best enjoyed in fried-tipped mullets, leg warmers, sweatpants, and colored pants. The style was questionable, but the music of the time was anything but. From kids’ jams to underrated classics, here’s the only 1980s playlist you’ll ever need.

I believe this is what the kids call “culture change”. Janet served up the choreography, style and voice of this smash hit, promoting a message of equality.

Hit Songs In The 80s

Hit Songs In The 80s

One of the greatest songs ever made. The opening guitar sequence, the playful bass line, Vandross’s lush vocals, the heady romantic lyrics, and the black and pink ensemble the singer wears in the music video are all amazing.

Ep. 16: Top Songs Of 1984

Before it became a Kanye West saga, Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire” was and still is a love song. The high waist of the music icon will sweep you off your feet and make you swoon.

Produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the Ross disco hit is full of celebration, joy and self-love. Although the singer didn’t realize it at the time, it has been recognized as a gay anthem since its release.

This song by Australian rock band INXS is recognizable from the first few seconds. Once that guitar riff starts playing, you know you’re in for a new wave.

, has completely stood the test of time and continues to empower women to this day. The song is so influential that even Destiny’s Child sampled it.

All 80s Afterparty Playlist

A perfect duet for those who take their karaoke parties too seriously. If you can get those high harmonies down, kudos.

Little Anita Baker is helpful. And this ’88 single is an especially rich selection.

You can’t go wrong with Stevie. There’s an endless discography of musical greats to choose from, but this ’82 ballad is an unmistakable, timeless choice.

Hit Songs In The 80s

Thanks to the late Biz Markie, one of the funniest lines to sing (or scream) along to is “You, you got what I need, but you said she was just a friend.”

Of Adam Ant’s Hit Songs From The 80s

Among Patti LaB’s many legendary hits, don’t overlook this duet with Michael MacDonald, the perfect post-breakup solo.

When Earth, Wind, and Fire tell you to groove, you listen. With a track like this, you won’t be able to resist.

Shalamar’s perfect ’80s holiday anthem will make you want to get up and dance. If you’re not getting out of your seat when you change the keys, what are you doing?

James Ingram gives advice on your next romantic move to a Quincy Jones song. You won’t run out of ideas.

S Songs Party Game Picture Scramble

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Hit Songs In The 80s

But which 80s songs are the best, you ask? Well, here’s our (completely subjective and probably incredibly biased) list of bops that you should add to your favorite playlist immediately. Some of them are love songs of centuries. Some of them are the biggest dance hits of all time (yes, I said it). Some are really weird and wonderful “songs”. All of them? One hundred percent great.

Unsung Pop Songs Of The 80s: Lovestar, Brian: 9781539791607: Amazon.com: Books

It was hard work, but it had to be done! Instead of reminiscing about the greatest hits of the 80s, we’re working hard to use our hairbrushes as microphones and channel our energy into truly singing while dancing in our bedrooms. These scientifically proven songs will instantly put you in a good mood. I kid you not!

This weird and silly music video is perfect for the song, tbh: It’s both nonsensical and deeply questioning the dangers of consumption and the problems of aging (brain explodes).

A late addition to the 1980s music canon (it was released in August 1989), it may seem like classic bop today, but it’s also known as the very first house song in the US ~Historic!~

And it’s not just because you hear Michael Jackson in the chorus—it’s catchy because it’s paranoid and fun?

The Top 10 Music Acts Of The 80s From Germany

(takes a deep breath) “It’s the heeeeeeeeeee of the time!” Sing while you buy your cookies. Honestly, this song isn’t

Despite the singer’s controversy, there’s no denying that the line, “He ain’t got no mother,” sounds just as great now as it did four decades ago.

I mean. Who hasn’t 1) got this song in their head on a random Monday and 2) started singing it to themselves? Bonus points if it’s on the subway.

Hit Songs In The 80s

, but if so, watch this George Michael video immediately. It’s hard to make the perfect lil pop song, but this one is amazing.

Songs Released In 2016 That Have Sampled 80s/90s/00s Hits

Forever a fashion icon, Blondie is the voice of singles who want to stop ghosting them. Replacing “call” with “text,” “message,” or “slide to my DM” is 21st-century perfection.

Never underestimate the power of Diana Ross-inspired (and on this list, obv) “I Want To Reach Out And Hold You,” which will definitely get stuck in your head for hours on end.

You probably know the remake of this song, but give the original a spin. Nothing says the 80s like a nearly 2-minute long synth performance or seeing a movie theater play an instrument.

A very late 80’s hit (released in June ’89) 90’s kids, myself included, instantly played it a million times in a row.

Rock Band Chicago’s Best Songs Of The ’80s

You can literally feel the hope in every vibration of this song and it’s irresistible. And this 2019 cover of Whitney Houston and Kygo is straight fire.

Listen, if you’re not belting out this song while dancing with your friends, you’re missing out on pure enjoyment!

Oh, the songs David Bowie blessed us with. It’s almost impossible to listen to it without moving some part of your body.

Hit Songs In The 80s

Ran, so “Stacey’s mom” can run too. Honestly, who hasn’t imagined themselves as Jesse’s daughter in this scenario?

Nonstop 80’s Hits

Passion, strangers, street lights at night…whether you’re a romantic or not, you have to admit that this song makes you feel something.

Spirit icon Tina Turner walking around New York City in jeans, a leather miniskirt, and big hair in this music video is a level of awesomeness I want to reach. Plus, this song scores.

When you think about it, this song is really heavy. “Welcome to life / There’s no going back,” you really loved the first line.

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Hit Songs In The 80s

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