Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness – “And when he [the Holy Spirit] is come, he shall convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment: of sin, because they believe not on me; of righteousness, because I go to my Father and you see me no more; of judgment, for the ruler of this world will be judged.”

Are you one of the many believers who wonder how to distinguish between the condemnation of the enemy and the “conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit”? This is a question that confuses many believers, and the answer is really simple.

Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness

Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness

Now pay attention to today’s scripture for it will set you free. The bottom line is that the Holy Spirit never convicts a believer of their sins

Article Ii C Of The Baptist Faith & Message 2000: God The Holy Spirit

He never comes to point out your mistakes. I challenge you to find a passage in the Bible that tells you that the Holy Spirit came to convict believers of their sins. You won’t find any!

The Body of Christ lives in defeat because many believers do not understand that the Holy Spirit is actually within them to convince them of their righteousness in Christ

Even when you fail, He is always present within you to remind you that the blood of Jesus has made you fully forgiven and eternally righteous. That is the Holy Spirit.

Remember that it is important to always read Bible verses in their context. Many people misinterpret Bible verses because they don’t. One way to read Bible verses in their context (and this is a central tenet of Bible interpretation) is to figure out who the verses are talking about. This is how Jesus spoke about believers and unbelievers in John 16:8

It’s A Spirit Thing: John 16:1 15

When Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would come to “convict the world of sin” because they did not believe in him, it was clear that he was referring to unbelievers because they come from “the world.” And note that the Holy Spirit does not convict the world of “sins” (plural). There is only one “sin” (singular) that the Holy Spirit convicts the world of, and that is the sin of unbelief, the sin of rejecting Jesus and not believing in His finished work.

But when people take John 16:8 out of its proper context, they begin to mistakenly believe that the Holy Spirit is here to convict believers of their sins. Jesus says that the Holy Spirit “convicts you of righteousness, because I am going to my Father and you will see me no more.”

By using the second person pronoun “you,” Jesus was clearly referring to his believers with whom he was speaking. This tells us that the Holy Spirit was sent to convict believers of righteousness and not of sin!

Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness

Are you now justified by your works or by faith in Jesus? By now you should know that you are made righteous by faith, for righteousness does not mean that you do right, but that you stand right before God because of your right faith!

Faith Is The ‘hand’ That Receives Christ. But It Is Not A Hand That Works To Merit Justification, But The Hand That Humbly Receives The Proffered Gift |

So if you miss it, the Holy Spirit comes to convict you and remind you that you are the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ

He is present to remind you of the central tenet of the new covenant—that God will have mercy on your iniquity, your sins, and your lawless deeds and will be remembered no more (Hebrews 8:12).

Beloved, the Holy Spirit is your helper (John 14:16). He was sent to live in you, to help you, not to harass you and to show you all your faults. Nobody can live with a complainer.

The Holy Spirit is not a complainer. No, he was sent to help you by convincing you of your eternal righteousness in Christ. God’s inexhaustible grace in your life and the power of the cross can only be understood through the revelation that the Holy Spirit brings.

Following God: The Holy Spirit — Church Of The Living God

Right now you need Him to show you that even though you have just failed, you are still the righteousness of God in Christ. For this reason the Holy Spirit is called the “Comforter” (John 14:26 KJV). He is here to comfort you and point you to the cross of Jesus every time you fail. The only thing He will convict you of is your righteousness in Jesus Christ!

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This Month’s Offer Unlock Your Inheritance in God’s Word. Discover how it is also available. Give Me This Mountain Book “By the law,” says the mixed-faith preacher. “By God’s law we are condemned. If you sin, the Holy Spirit will remind you of God’s holy commandments and show you the path you must take.”

Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness

The mixed faith preacher says that the law shows us the way to life. But Paul said the laws are ministers

Bite Size Bible Study: When God Looks At You, He Sees You, Sins And All

The mixed-grace preacher describes the Holy Spirit as a spirit of law, but the writer of Hebrews said he is the Spirit of grace (Heb 10:29).

I have heard people say that when they read the Law they were convicted of sin and that it caused them to run to God in repentance. These experiences testify to the true ministry of the Law—it helps us recognize sin and our need for grace.

But the law is not the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of grace does not give you law.

The ministry that brought death… was engraved in letters on stone… If the ministry that condemns men is glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry that brings righteousness! (2 Corinthians 3:7-9)

We Believe In The Holy Spirit: In The Believer

Look in the mirror of the law and you will feel judged every time. That’s what the law does. It points out your mistakes and failures.

When you sin, it doesn’t take faith to look into the mirror of the law and admit that you’ve made a mess. It takes faith to listen to the Holy Spirit and agree that you are just as righteous and holy in Christ as He is!

This is the good news that turns sinners into saints. This is the surprising revelation that empowers you to sin no more.

Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness

We are not subject to the law, but to grace. We don’t need the law to teach us how to live.

Five Works Of The Spirit In The Life Of The Believer

But how can we please the Lord without the guidance of the law? How will the Holy Spirit put us on the right path? Or to use a recent example I read on Charisma News: How do we know that stealing from Walmart is a bad idea?

A law-minded preacher defines condemnation as finding fault and rebuking. But an interpretation of conviction that is more consistent with the gracious character of the Holy Spirit is

How does the Holy Spirit convict us? By turning on the light. He does this not to shame you (Jesus bore your shame), but to show you the way to life. Ian Thomas described it like this:

The Holy Spirit is like a man with a lamp entering a dark and dirty room, and what you have learned to live with in the dark becomes repulsive in the light.

What Does John 16:8 Mean?

Think of Saul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:3). By his own admission he was the leader of the sinners. Then the lights came on and he became a different man.

We need a new covenant definition of conviction, one that highlights not your wickedness but God’s goodness and grace.

The Holy Spirit will never convict you of your sin. When you sin, your conscience may condemn you, the law will condemn you, the judge and jury may condemn you, the religious may condemn you, and the devil will certainly condemn you, but the chorus of condemners is opposed by the sweet Holy Spirit defends you and draws you to mercy.

Holy Spirit Convicts Believers Of Righteousness

The conviction of the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with your sin, but only with the grace of God.

The Holy Spirit & You: Understanding The Holy Spirit’s Work In The Believer /unbeliever

It’s not about the bad you’ve done, but the good He wants to do in you now. When He comes, He will prove to the world that it is wrong about sin, righteousness, and judgment: New Living Translation

And when he comes, he will convict the world of its sin, of the righteousness of God, and of the judgment to come. English standard version

And when he comes, he will judge the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment: Berean Standard Bible

And when He comes, He will convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment: Berean Literal Bible

Holy Spirit Counsels Me.. Last Week Idea: The Holy Spirit…

And after he is come, he shall convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment: King James Version

And when he comes, he will rebuke the world of sin and righteousness

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